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GeoEye Inc. (formerly Orbital Imaging Corporation, or ORBIMAGE) was an American commercial satellite imagery company based in Herndon, Virginia. GeoEye was merged into the DigitalGlobe corporation on January 29, 2013. The company was founded in 1992 as a division of Orbital Sciences Corporation in the wake of the 1992 Land Remote Sensing Policy Act which permitted private companies to enter the satellite imaging business.

User "charlottepenna" writes a critic comment on a YouTube video of GeoEye-1 posted on "GeoinTV" channel 6 years ago:

"While people are dying, how come you receive 4.8 billion according to Snowden"


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Robotics Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I've never before had a job that literally had me sitting on my butt ALL day long. I've never before had a job where I had so LITTLE human interaction. I've never before had a job that just IGNORED my ambition and had me work with HORSE blinders. So BORING! However, just like EVERY job I've ever hated, when FORCED to attend a BORING MEETING, the only challenge I encounter is staying AWAKE.Free soda, coffee, candyNo parking, not even for your bicycle, Literally!"

lead analyst (Former Employee) says

"there are zero reasons to work for DG. it's all about money, delaying your promotions for months over a fraction of a cent an hour, 3 days off if an immediate family member dies, mediocre at best insurance, you'll be expected to work 10 hour days but you'll only get paid for 8, and god help you if you ever need anything from the company. just don't do it. it's awful and you'll waste your life. oh, and by the way, i wasn't some peon either. i have 4 degrees and was a team lead.none.everything."

Senior Manufacturing Engineer (Current Employee) says

"The company has been purchased and merged with another corporation, it is now part of MAXAR. Constant re-organizations and lack of pay increases have created a bad work environment."

Principal Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Typical day at work: Meetings to discuss technical details and then summarizing it in email documentation for C.Y. A. What I've learned: The paperwork involved in designing and building a satellite and the reason why the costs are astronomical. Management: A lot of engineering efforts are paralyzed by various parties in management jockeying for manpower, funding, and a bigger empire at work. Workplace culture: focused on what has been done in the past. New and different ideas are often viciously attacked and discredited. The hardest part of the job: lack of coherent direction from management. The most enjoyable part of the job: free coffee and tea.Free coffee and teaLow compensation compared to cost of living"

Lead Mechanical Technician (Current Employee) says

"The people here make it worth working here. But the management make life difficult. No room for advancements. You only move up if you are part of the buddy system. Hard to make it a career here. Good stepping stone for new grads to get into aerospace.NoneManagement, work life balance"

Business Systems Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Worked for SpaceImaging, not Digital Globe. Digital may have purchased SI, but I did not work for the company once acquired. My experience was with SI.NoneNone"

Sr. Quality Technician (Former Employee) says

"Having spent nine years working in most of the Quality groups, and after supporting numerous areas in all types of manufacturing and test operations: I cannot recommend Space Systems Loral as a place of employment."

Energy Derivatives Broker (Current Employee) says

"The technology, engineers, and tools available are amazing. We can now market imagery at an amazing resolution of .31 meters. There are many applications to apple geospatial analysis across the capital markets. I have enjoyed being able to serve as a consultant to the company, and continue to be excited at the prospect of creating value added solutions."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company is like the Titanic....ship is going down fast....jump off...DO NOT JUMP raises for three years straight. Management only cares about money and NOT the employees. New ownership from Canada are hosersnothing I can think ofPoor Senior Management, Poor management and an I DONT CARE CULTURE"

cajero-vendedor (Former Employee) says

"en esta empresa aprendes solo lo que los demás empleados como tu te enseñan no hay ninguna forma de capacitación alguna. muy exigente, pero eso es algo bueno aunque por todo lo que nos ponen ha trabajar que claro no es algo que este relacionado en nuestro contrato nos obligan hacerlo. la direnccion/gerencial: mal uvicada los trabajos mal altos lo tiene mayor mente la familia del dueño.hacer y elavorar todo lo que nos indicantodo el trabajo lo hacemos los empleados, pues la mayoria son familiares"

finance manager (Former Employee) says

"Management has been slow to react to market. Company continues to lose good employees both voluntary and involuntary due to lack of long term company strategy.noneno vision or direction"

Remote Sensing & Geospatial Analyst (Former Employee) says

"When I started they hired a bunch of other people because they had lots of work. I assumed this would be a long term position as it was never mentioned otherwise. For about 10 months I worked a schedule 6am-3pm for day shift while others had to work 3pm-12am. No one else in the company had to do this beside for us as new hires. As you can imagine this was a tough schedule to have and there was no flexibility to to work later if morning shift or earlier if night shift because you had to share a computer because the company would not buy more software licenses or computers despite having plenty of space. Management was terrible and we didn't hear anything for months from our leadership until I started pushing for meetings. We constantly asked for opportunities to get a security clearance and get experience with GIS so we could develop our skills but we were ignored. Many employees took advantage of our work schedule/environment by lying about the hours they worked. I was not one of those people but I was given less than two weeks notice that I would be laid off. Also for the people already there ( The original 5) they always got all the new opportunities for leadership and development. Our department of mostly new hires was treated very different from the rest of the company when it came to raises etc. TLDR incompetent leadership and no opportunities for growth and development. Lots of favoritism.10 Holidays, 10 Vacation Days and 13 Sick DaysPoor Leadership, Communication and Development"

Robotics Design Engineer (short contract job) says

"It's a horrible place to work. Everything is done through "Remote", so it really hard to contact people when you need. They have needless meetings and yes they promote from within, but being a contractor there doesn't mean "you're in". They are owned by a Canadian company and the bulk of the significant brain work is done there. They do no share the better aspects of the job with their US counterparts."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Unfortunately, with drastic changes to the culture, the good ole boys club prevails and not talent. People managers are not true people managers, but those looking to only better their own careers at the expense of others.Better work life balance, the company has done a great job in this areaAgain, everyone for themselves. Trust no one"

Senior Systems Engineering Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Company is good to work for if you want work-life balance while raising a family, but not good if you are seeking career advancement and growth opportunities. You get to work on complex and challenging satellite payloads with very knowledgeable and friendly people, but it becomes extremely difficult to advance beyond a certain grade level, which can be extremely frustrating. There is definite bias shown in terms of preference shown for certain race and age groups.Good, supportive & collaborative work environment, good benefitsPoor pay, raises and bonus; little to no growth opportunities"

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Cloud Services department is a very hostile work environment. The developers run the show and the management isn't very supportive. I expected so much more of this company. Honestly this has been one of the worst experiences. I hear in other departments the people are very happy and it's very different."

Whipping post (Current Employee) says

"Poorly managed, and not much hope for advancement. Labor "pool" is about the weakest management decision I have seen in a Corporate environment. Have been told "be lucky you have a job", which I laughed at..... more people leaving than coming. Executive level management has openly said to the workforce that ," stars come and go"..... meaning when they get good help they do not try to hold onto good talent. This place is a stepping stone at best for a blank spot in your resume..... new interns/grad students understand this quickly and leave with a job offer on the table with a simple "no thanks"..... and immediately get paid double elsewhere. Old ways will eventually die out here...... as the ship sinks...... I think I hear the band playing now...... time to grab a life jacket. Don't waste your time here..... PLENTY of better opportunities.40 hours a week40 hours a week"

Simulation Software Engineer Associate (Former Employee) says

"The Geo satellite industry is always in flux and the software part of it even more than that. The people were great for the most part and the environment wasn't bad but there are a lot of people there that have been there for their entire careers that do not like change. I wouldn't recommend this job to a recent grad."

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The first two years I worked here, the company was great. Excellent manager, trusting environment, team setting. I would have given the company 4 stars at that time. After two years, a coworker, with no managerial training or experience, was prematurely promoted to our team's new manager, as was another manager promoted to team director. Both were distrusting, emotionally unbalanced, and paranoid. Huge promotional mistakes. Distrust abounds here; it's common at this company that if a manager doesn't physically see you working, they just assume you weren't working. One week I would be praised for my work ethic, and the next week, without changing a thing, I would be reprimanded for poor performance. Depending on the mood of my manager, I was either fantastic or failing; it didn't matter what the metrics showed. There was just no winning. The stress became too much. I was constantly sick due to it and I later resigned. Be warned: This place is a craps shoot. Depending on your manager(s), you'll either have a great experience, or this will be the job from Helle. Or, you'll get one of the bipolar managers, like mine, and have a great experience from Helle.-Good benefits, nice facility1. There was no clear path for advancement 2 Any employee advancement was based on politics, not employee's work ethic or value to company 3. Uneven pay (Analyst A made $40k, Analyst B made $54k, no justification to discrepancy)"

Mechanical Integration Technician (Current Employee) says

"Good place to work and small amount of people to work with. It is very challenging to learn how to build a spacecraft. you get to involved a complecated job with time management."

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