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Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. or simply Generali Group is an Italian insurance company, the largest in Italy and third in the world. It has its headquarters in Trieste. In 2010, Assicurazioni Generali Group was the second largest insurance group in the world by revenue after AXA.


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No clear vision for the future, strategic priorities are therefore not clear. Generally poor communication and coordination between internal stakeholders. Having to work with conflicting messages is a regular pain."

Current Employee - Real Estate Analyst says

"Not the best enviroment Not meritocratic Very hierarchical and old-stylish Not competitive"

Current Employee - Case Facilitator says

"- miserable people (except for the claims department) - tedious, robotic work - ridiculous amount of office gossip and drama - terrible and unprofessional trainers - lack of job security/ stability - people can easily grow in this company if they get "connected" one way or another ;)"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This review is about Generali Worldwide Insurance Company, Hong Kong Branch in Wanchai: Unprofessional, unqualified and unethical management. Discrimination, racism and sexism in the work environment. Fast and increasing rate of customers leaving daily. No new business as the company lost the proper licenses. Low salaries and bad benefits. Unfair HR department. Poor knowledge and not abiding to Hong Kong Labour Laws. Unpaid overtime on a weekly basis, including weekends. Unqualified and weak team leaders and compliance management. Poor to none training. High rate of employee turnover and resignation within shorts periods of time."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I would be afraid I would be sued if I began. I did not have a good experience here. It says it needs to be more than 100 words but I have nothing else to add"

Former Employee - Part of the CIO Team says

"Lack of strategy for growth in Asia Frequent restructures If they don’t need you, they let you go Lack of budget for any project"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The strategy is confusing. Don't know what it is doing."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"It has all the pros.I would not recommened anyone to join this organization because once they hire you they do not have that visibility if they will keep you in this company or not . Moreover Stress full enviroment ,manager always ask you for more even join the company 2 days back too.. Work culture is damn bad ,i wont recommend any one of my friend. if you want your life should be free and stressful please do not join this company at all."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Their recruitment strategy is based on hiring fresh graduates for very low salary with a promise of performance-based raise in the future, and then squeezing from them as much value as possible and putting them into so much misery that they would not have the confidence, time and energy to actively search for a better work. - In their job advertisements they often mention about friendly environment. That's a blatant lie. The company promotes bullying and dictatorial culture. Conflicts, screaming, fingerpointing and blackmailing is considered very usual there. In fact, such an attitude is perceived as the only way to survive and win arguments. The most common phrases that you would hear would be "it's not my job", "it's your problem", "I don't have time", "I don't care", etc. The environment is so toxic that it makes difficult to accomplish even simple tasks. - They do not invest in innovation and do not give much opportunity for their employees to acquire skills that are currently demanded in the market. - The pay is miserable. Moreover, I have known people that worked there for around 10 years and they never had any salary increase. - An extremely high turnover rate, especially among juniors. The ones that have the opportinity to leave the job, typically do that within a year/year and a half after getting it."

Former Employee - Insurance Agent says

"Almost zero career opportunity, benefits just for close friends, girlfriends etc.."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I worked here years ago as a temp to hire, management provided a very large amount of information for us to learn in a short amount of time and rushed us onto the phones. Management is very impatient and selfish. The company itself has insurance policies that are intentionally misleading and scam a majority of customers out of their money, which results in you having to deal with mostly angry customers all day long. Their computer programs/systems are extremely slow and freeze regularly when you need it to do your job. The network is such trash that we even had to take calls on "backup" phones, AKA ancient flip phones without a headset while trying to perform tasks on a computer. I would never advise anyone to work there nor be their customer. They even changed their name in an attempt to escape their bad reputation, yet continue business as usual. This place is a complete joke"

RN (Former Employee) says

"Bad management, stressful, favoritisms, lowest pay, do yourself a favor and stay away from work for this company.They treat terrible their employees and do not encourage achievements, no opportunity for advancement.BenefitsAll"

Claims Representative (Former Employee) says

"Hard to advance unless you are family or friends with upper management. Their system is very outdated and freezes atleast 1 a week. You get alot of angry customers because their average time to complete a claim is 4 to 8 weeks."

OFFICE ASSISTANT (Former Employee) says

"I never felt so disrespected within a company like I did here. Management, well she didn’t know what RTS meant on mail, and she was my manager. That should say enough.Very considerate to your life outside of workCommunication was horrible, the management team is horrible trust no one in management"

Travel Sales Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Generali Global Assistance has pros and cons like every job. The highlight is a flexibility but with that flexibility comes very little communication.FlexibilityCommunication"

Oliver Campbell says

"Ripped me off over £30000. Avoid"

Morten Juhl Petersen says

"Dont invest with them - They will rip you off with high yearly cost on the offered funds"