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General Motors Company, commonly referred to as General Motors (GM), is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Detroit that designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes vehicles and vehicle parts, and sells financial services, with global headquarters in Detroit's Renaissance Center. It was originally founded by William C. Durant on September 16, 1908, as a holding company.

According to the reports of CNBC newspaper, "Federal prosecutors have charged retired United Auto Workers Vice President Joseph Ashton, a former board member of General Motors, as part of its corruption probe into the union. Ashton, who resigned from the GM board in December 2017 after reportedly being linked to the investigation, was charged with fraud and money laundering conspiracies. Money laundering is punishable by up to 10 years in prison, while the fraud charge could be up to 20 years."


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Current Employee - Senior Software Developer says

"Leadership indifferent to delivering quality solutions. No innovation going on here"

Current Employee - Unskilled Labor says

"Mostly everyone hates to be here cause you are treated like a number and good luck getting help from the union you pay to help you"

Former Employee - Computer Programmer says

"I don’t like the hours"

Current Employee - Group Leader says

"No work-life balance, very political, do not have your best interest in mind."

Former Employee - Team Memebr says

"sexism, racism, harrasement degrading pay no ac"

Former Employee - IOS Engineer says

"The people managers that get hired have 0 experience in actually managing people. You're likely to end up with someone managing you that has no idea what the product you're working on actually does. In order to actually get a promotion you're compared to every other employee at the same level, so if you end up on a project that's not making as many moves don't expect to get a promotion. The managers will say that no one is going to get cut from your team and what do you know the next week your team has been cut. I would avoid this company at all costs, there are a variety of better tech options for developers in Austin. Do not even come here as a last resort, it's just Dell light."

Former Employee - IT Manager says

"Political, No advancement unless your a favorite and they will throw numbers in your face of all the friends being promoted."

Current Employee - Software Developer says

"You get placed randomly into a department/team as a new college hire. The 3 week long mandatory training is worthless and you'll have to self-teach yourself a lot to prepare for the work you'll be doing. You'll either find yourself doing nothing most of the time or stuck into doing things you've not been prepared/trained to do. There's an odd social hierarchy formed on job positions. Us "lower level" employees sit there and listen while the higher position employees talk above us in conference calls. Weirdest social environment I've ever been in. Depending on the team you get placed on it can be toxic. There's very little room for professional/career development with a lot of folks still not promoted or moved up after they put in years. If you have other job offers, I suggest you weigh out the pros and cons because you will not learn, develop, grow, or move up in GM unless you become friends with upper management. At the minimum, you have to stay 3 years for full benefits (401k contributions and to nullify relocation package recollections)."

Current Employee - Production Supervisor says

"Work-Life Balance Happiness Vacations Duties and Responsibilities Large amount of Paperwork"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management does not care about associates"

Sales & Leasing Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I thought by selling 3 different brands I'd make money. There was to muhc favoritism and not enough people coming through the door. I am very disappointed on how management handled everything. Working with nice customersNot enough customers, Too much favoritism only 1 person gets all the deals"

Mechanical Assembler (Current Employee) says

"They will throw you on a job an expect u to get it in 24 to 48 hrs. They have no trainers or good team guilds to help an management does not support you when u have questions or ideas. The worst place to work."

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"It’s a very divided hostile work environment management is out to get you it’s like a battle between uaw and non uaw aka all of management there’s a lot of rough people there most workers are lazy as can be as a temp your the dirt under everyone’s feet there employees make 32 cap some 33 as leads there lazy as heck and are to good for anything and love to complain constantly but make 32 a hourGm discount only for new vehicles 2 years or olderHostile environment"

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"This is a once great company that has been tainted on every level by corrupt labor leaders and greed. As a new "temporary" employee you will be told from the beginning that you will never be a full time employee of General Motors. You can consistently work much harder than your "seniority" peers for literally half the wage, show up everyday on time and still be laid off with little notice due to dirty closed-door union deals. It's a sad day when company managers are a more reliable employee liaison then the employees appointed labor representative(s). As the world transitions towards electric vehicles casting facilities such as SMCO become a thing of the past. This review was written to serve as a warning to potential employees; don't waste your life or your future with a dying dream and a failing company!healthcareunequality, corruption and lack of job stability"

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"They barely give you any training, have no concern for your safety but if you hurt yourself they will find every way under the sun to blame you. Union is useless. You’re underpaid and overworked all while not even being treated like a humanNothingEverything"

Operador de Produção (Former Employee) says

"Empresa onde a única coisa que não prevalece é a méritocracia. Nunca vi um lugar com tantas atividades inúteis, apenas para preenchimento de indicadores que muitas vezes são falsos, apenas para apresentação para os gerentes. Gerentes sem capacidade de gerenciar, líderes sem capacidade de liderar, indicações de cargos atrás de indicações, política sexista onde igualdade de gênero não existe (mulheres estão sendo privilegiadas descaradamente seguindo a política da CEO). Muitos bons talentos estão indo embora por não se sujeitarem à situações ridículas de "puxasaquismo" e por terem amor próprio mesmo."

Release Engineer (Former Employee) says

"If you have a high IQ. If you are the best and the brightest. I'd pass and move on from a GM job offer. General Motors is only interested in its own internal politics. Cronyism and nepotism are what matters, NOT IQ, talent or work ethic. I don't work for GM anymore. Actually, I have NEVER "worked" for GM because I was STUCK as a contractor. I graduated with HONORS in Mechanical Eng. and GM destroyed my early career. Endless contract job! I wasn't from the industry, and didn't realize that there was NO chance of being hired after accepting a contract job. This is a scarlet letter. This is NOT A FOOT IN THE DOOR! No paid time off, no bonus, no raise, forced holiday time without pay, terrible benefits, the list of terrible is endless. Here's a story- My first job out of college is in flint as a contract engineer for GM. I didn't realize I would not get paid for Christmas break. It was such a surprise!!! In my work cloths, looking like a 16 cheerleader, I had to go downtown FLINT and stand in the unemployment line, IN PERSON. I mean. . . . I was surrounded by really scary people! I remember thinking, "HEY! Didn't I just get 110% on the Fourier transform test? Didn't I just graduate with honors in Mechanical Eng?" Look, I'll hang with anyone, I am not a snoot. Seriously, this was an eye opening moment of understanding that I was NOT perceived as the best and the brightest. A few months later, 2 engineers were dragged out of a Cadillac and bludgeoned to death a block away."

Truck Driver (Current Employee) says

"If you want to work for a company that will work you 7 days a week 10-12 hours a day with little to no time off or even understanding that you have a life outside of work then this is the place for you. GM cares only about what you can produce, you are not seen as a human to them but a statistic."

Technician III (Former Employee) says

"The more you know the less hours you flag because you are always doing diagnostics under warranty for advanced drive ability and electrical problems. Hard watching people doing simple jobs make more money then you because they have high hours from easy tasks."

IT Developer/Requirements Analyst (Former Employee) says

"During my tenure, it was a rough time but I learned a great deal while there. I think there are structural and fundamental enhancements opportunities that GM could implement and possible have since I was there."

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"You will pour your blood sweat and tears into a company that will never value you as an equal. You’ll be breaking your body down day by day and not receive full benefits or pay. Do not quit your full time job for GM, because You will never be hired on permanently. We are currently working 7 days a week ..... mandatory for the next 4 years without any raises as a temp. Not worth the stress and trouble if you ask me. Oh..... & expect unexpected layoffs.None as a temporary employeeYou are nothing more than “the help”"

Operador de Produção I (Former Employee) says

"Muito bom no começo depois vai ficando difícil Trabalho intensoPprNenhum"

Team leader (Current Employee) says

"Do not apply! Stay away! High turnover! Very hostile atmosphere among union workers! Lots of drama and fake stories made against people! Union does nothing! Management is ran backwards! People are very miserable to work with! Very negative! If you’re someone that has a head on your shoulders and are ambitious to start a career somewhere, do not work here! This job isn’t for smart,positive minded people. . Even though everything is seniority base, people still try to Screw you. I also watch people jam Machines on Purpose to gain A free break.. get my point?!"

Auto Assembler/Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"General Motors the company is far different than working with Unifor which is owned & operated by the Local 81/Freemasons. The union has zero respect for new comers, and they will try to shoot their own guys. If you are lucky enough to be targeted by union you will experience threats that regarded your home, family, and whatever else those goons can use to scare you. The union targets hard working young people, and anyone who knows what is really going on in there knows that young women will be harassed by the men regardless of how good they look."

Laborer (Current Employee) says

"They treat temporary workers like slaves. There are temporary workers who have been there 3 to 5 years... With no paid vacation, no sick days, no vision or dental insurance.NoneNo benefits. No guaranteed work hours... Maximum of 32 hours a week."

Assembly line worker (Former Employee) says

"Terrible company with terrible work atmosphere run but a bunch of ignorant clowns. I would never recommend anyone buying there product and certainly wouldn't recommend anyone to work there. Once upon a time sure but it's a toilet company with grabage work."

Lift Truck Operator (Former Employee) says

"Wouldnt recommend this company to anyone anymore .You are walking on egg shells at work every day and it is high stressfull . Lots of other and better places to work . No job securuty any more"

WAREHOUSE WORKER (Current Employee) says

"They aint that grand of company to work for anymore they find every way to cut pay to there employess like right know they bring you in as a temp any when you get close to get permit employment they will let you go saying that you aint needed anymore and the union lets them get away with it"

Production Worker/Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"Would never recommend this place to anyone. They do not want to hire new people and use there temps til the end. The people that already work there may act like your friend but when it comes to money they don’t care about the temps that work right next to them. It’s all about what they get from the company while they lie to your face."

Purchasing (Former Employee) says

"No employee value, especially as you age. Discrimination against disabilities. Human Resources and Leaders do not support employees being discriminated against. Workload is piled on these employees."

Louis Banks says

"I purchased a GMC Sierra. 2013 SLE, one owner with 80,000 miles. I've had this truck for little over a year. Regularly scheduled oil changes and have even had a tune up done. One day last week I was driving the truck and the engine begin to tick. I took the truck
k to my local mechanic where he said what everyone else has said, the motor is junk. I have a lifter ticking as well as a rod broken. The engine is toast and GM is telling me that I have to move a vehicle that is not drivable to a GM dealer, unbelievable. GM customer service immediately asks for the vin number so that they can look and immediately remove all fault from GM and place the blame on the customer. They. will immediately tell the customer that its an out of pocket expense. Out of the first fifteen thousand reviews all fifteen thousand stated the same issue and concern with the GM motor and GM until this day 10/24/2020 has still done nothing to correct the engine problem. Even during this time of the pandemic era GM is still denying any blame or fault. I drive 68 miles daily to and from work. How am I supposed to make it to work now. GM hasn't even mentioned a loner or any assistance with the cost of the repair. I still have 17,000+ and 3 years left to pay on this truck and what does GM say? they say sorry its an out of pocket expense. I at one point loved and respected the GM company. At this point I will never think of buying another GM vehicle. And out of all the money that I have put in to my truck is now a complete loss. And do you know what GM says, they say its an out of pocket expense. There is no loyalty or any customer concern when it comes to the GM company. And then they put these people over the phone that sit in a call center all day and rehearse and practice their response to questions asked by the customers, You would expect the foreign companies to be the ones that take advantage of the American customers, but it GM an American company taking advantage of the American people, Americans taking advantage of Americans. isn't that what Americans do to each other. And then the representative tells me to take it to a GM dealer so they can communicate with the dealer one on one. And then mentions a loner car. But they are alo telling me that its an out of pocket repair, so whos going to pay for the loner? I guess I will be the one paying for the loner also right. These representatives are hired and trained purely for what wages they can be payed and not questioned. Almost the same as working in a sweat shop. I can hire people to answer the phones for me at a rate of one dollar an hour, I've done the research. GM may seem as though they are a reputable company to do business with, but they are not. The main concern of GM is the timely production and sale of their products. Once the vehicle leaves the dealer its an automatic out of pocket expense for the customer."

Edward Khoshaba says

"If you buying GM car general motors will they called now (Junk motors )
Do not make any mistake to buying Chevy blazer 2019 or 2020 You are making big mistake"

Joey Whitt says

"I have been trying to work with General motors for over a month trying to get my problem taken care of but seems like they don't care about their customers i have a dealership lie about fixing my truck then when the General motors guy that called and when I refused his offer off $100 off my next service and I explained to him that my truck only goes to the dealership for warranty problems that the rest of the service was useless to me he refused to answer when I asked his name and hung up on me so I called General motors again and they transferred my call to him again and when I told him that he disrespected me and I wanted his supervisor and name he hung up on me again General motors needs to do something about this situation"

David Hines says

"I don't know whose idea it was to design a star bolt into the rotor itself in between two studs and I really dont care. Your mother and father are brother and sister. Also why should you have to remove the entire caliper bracket in order to get the old rotor off. It's not only clear that your parents are siblings but your dad/uncle left the best part of you on the arm of the couch while banging your mom/aunt."

Maico Cardona says

"I have had a lease with GM since 2005. I recently finished my last lease and was still trying to decide what vehicle to get. I have an extra vehicle and did not need it right away. Once I made my last payment I got hot with wear and tear for a vehicle that was in pristine shape. I had driven it 10,000 less than the lease agreement. In addition I got hit with a disposition fee. This means I turned my car in and we need to pick it up and clean it. Then we need to sell it so you have to pay. A total scam especially in the midst of a pandemic you would think they would not allow you to incur additional fees after 15 years of perfect pay. In any case do not sign any documents making you responsible for the things they need to do anyway! I will detract from GM as much as I can. Making me even angrier knowing we bailed them out and my tax dollars went to these scam artists. Never again will I lease or buy from GM!!!"

Jennifer Turner says

"Been leasing with GM for 8 years and will NEVER lease from them again. Took advantage during a pandemic to extend a lease and they sent it to collections. Never once missed a payment until their lease extension and their answer was, "yes we know it went to collections but in 30 days we will report it as a disaster....but we cant ensure that it will be removed from your credit report" I had made MULTIPLE calls to GM while deployed with the military at the time and was told that it was all taken care of. Then instead of my lease extension payment coming of my residual value of my lease buy out, they say it's more like I'm renting the car from them instead and my lease payment do not count towards my vehicle. GM is nothing but crooks and my family and I will never buy or lease from them again. BUY FORD! or at least Chrysler."

Reginald Nixon says

"Went in for minor repair a 2-hour repair so I was told car steals not ready or repair has not yet been done and it's going on the fifth day 2018 Denali Sierra"

Rachelle R. Vetter says

"I’ve owned 7 GM vehicles, but there will never be an 8th! Vehicle is subpar and their GM customer service is non-existent! My vehicle has been in service 2 months in the 12 month period that I’ve had it, and yet, there’s no resolution on their part, it took over 3 weeks to get a response from their corporate customer service, and it still is nothing but a total waste of time! NEVER AGAIN!!!"

Jose Orozco says

"I have a 2012 chevy colorado bought used ran good for about a day than it started throwing codes chain got replaced all good there p. poor engineering what a hard truck to work on do to design now it won't stay running it stalls at stop signs what a pice of s .this veacle I have put more money and parts on this than the purchase price I think gm it's not building anything good anymore I hate this truck with a passion can not describe with words how bad this truck really is now it needs a throtle body well replaced it still stalls fuel psi is good ignition good compression good no codes still stalls really how can this even be this thing is a night mare no one can tell me were the problem is not even gm techs what the heck this is by far last gm veacle I will ever buy new or used the are all just as bad in my opinion gm should close fire their engineers and sell peanuts on the side of the road that how bad their products suck if I had millions I would give money oway to people that did not buy the bailout gm cars or trucks mark my words gm will go broke. And close and be remembered as building grate cars in the old days and modern night mares that ran them out of business looks like I am looking forward to a Tesla all electric so we can shred all the gm garbage ."

becky reynolds says

"We love our Yukon LX, however, the customer service GMC provides makes it really hard for us to want to buy a GMC again. There have been several recalls on our Yukon, and when dealing with customer service, I am either "disconnected" not called back or emailed back. I am extremely frustrated! The customer service representative that I have talked to that have been absolutely no help at all are Crystal, Amber, Christina, and unfortunately I didn't get the others that have tried to assist me. I am highly highly disappointed in the customer service that is provided if at all with this company."

Chris Sands says

"This company does not stand by its product. The Captiva and Equinox have the same engine. There was a class action lawsuit against gm for oil burning where the Equinox was covered. They decided to exclude Captiva customers and now give them a run around on the phone. I will never go back to GM."

Dot Stein says

"The reply on your web site is unacceptable to Me and all of the other GM lease customers. Ford and other competitors offer payment deferments. If you do not show compassion and leniency in this time of Pandemic to your loyal customers, I can promise you, when my lease is up, I will go immediately to your competitor and show them my loyalty and cash.
You can just come get the vehicle as I can not make any payments until we are allowed out of our homes. My work has been canceled until the pandemic is over.
And by the way, GM KNOWS how it feels to need help and GET help: "The U.S. government lost $11.2 billion on its bailout of General Motors, according to a 2014 government report. The government invested about $50 billion to bail out GM as a result of the company's 2009 bankruptcy"

So THIS below is NOT ok and I shall bring it to light on Social Media unless you take action like ALL other Car companies are doing:
"Unfortunately, payment deferments are not available on lease contracts. However, you can make a late payment without incurring a late charge for payments due March 1 through April 30 (if it’s within 30 days of the original due date) and we will automatically waive the late fee. There is no need to contact us further, we will automatically waive that fee. Additionally, we will not report that payment as a derogatory payment to the credit bureaus if it is paid within 30 days, so there would be no need to contact us further. However, you will need to contact us if your payment is going to be more than 30 days late. We are here to discuss options with you""

Dan Grille says

"The Chevy 1500 Express AWD cargo van is a driving experience in excellent performance particularly in snow and ice where typical rear wheel vans don't fair nearly as well. However the above mentioned van has a fuel leakage problem and when fumes are exposed to any ignition source can cause a fire or explosion- which happened to me and thank God I was not in the van but at home in bed asleep when my wife woke me up to the blaze. Fire fighters put out fire from the engine that burned up to the front windshield bursting it to pieces. I immediately contacted General Motors for answers and they promised to investigate the charred van, it took them about 60 days from fire to completion of the investigation upon which I was told they could not identify what could have caused the fire and when I told them about the fuel leakage problem they dismissed it saying my vehicles vin number did not match suspected vans with this problem- as if there aren't more vans with this problem!!! I was not reimbursed or given any compensation for vans caustic and potential lethal fuel leak issue. But at this point my biggest concern is to warn people to STAY AWAY FROM THESE VANS"

Consumer says

"Really disappointed with GM customer service call GM headquarters been dealing with my 2017 Chevy Colorado in and out of the dealer for a whole year because of the eight speed transmission as we speak my Truck still at the dealer five torque converter‘s changed and one transmission and still having the same issue with the 8 speed transmission 2017 Chevy Colorado really disappointed never buy a Chevy again always been a Chevy Loyal customer"

Kathy Slates says

"I do like my 2015 GMC Acadia but, any rebates that are sent in to their rebate service centers is awful. I purchased 4 tires from our local GM Dealership this past November in thinking I was going to get a $100 rebate from them. I have not received my rebate so I called the rebate center. I talked with a manager and he put the blame on me for not checking back sooner. Well the paperwork says 6-8 weeks and it was over 8 weeks, so I checked to see. Apparently nothing can be done now as the rebate is over I was told in a very unpleasant way. I sent in the info online and received and email back that they received the information. This is all a scam on their end. You have to jump through hoops to get your rebate. This same thing happened a few years ago when I purchased tires from another GM dealership and I never received my rebate. I sent that one by postal service and they said they never received it. I called and they said rebate is over. Really???.... 2 times I was burned on their rebate. I called the dealership and they won't do anything, so I'm going to share my experience on the web."

Dorothy says

"Love GM vehicles but their commercials are ttargeted to caucasian people only. The last cadillac commercial especially due to only one race shown. What are they trying to say"

Yost Friedrickson says

"About 6 weeks ago i purchased a 2020 Chevy Camaro. During my 45 minute drive home, I noticed the cabin temperature kept fluctuating. I assumed it was some manipulation of the heating system i had not been informed of. The next morning however,
as my wife (her car) departed for work, she only made it 4 miles before the warning notice informed her the vehicle was overheating and to "pull over and shut down the vehicle". After a cooling down period, she managed to get to a local (not the one i purchased the vehicle from) dealer before it over heated again. Later that day, it was determined that a coolant line o-ring had been cut (likely in the assembly process) which was causing coolant to leak; resulting in the overheating condition. Four days later (Friday morning thru Monday night), we got our NEW car back, and the problem appears to be remedied. Throughout all of this "experience" both Chevy dealers were both apologetic and attentive (brought us a loaner car for the duration and pushed us up on the repair schedule to get the car fixed). Here is where GM fell FAR SHORT! Shortly after this "adventure", i sent a lengthy email to the Chevrolet Customer Relations folks and immediately received a confirmation that it was received. Approximately 10 days later i was contacted by CARL from GM Customer Relations. I explained to CARL that i felt GM should reimburse myself and my wife for time/wages lost from dealing with this issue. CARL was quick to tell me that GM does not reimburse for lost wages. I expressed to CARL that this was not about my inconvenience or time without my NEW car, it was about me LOSING money as a result of my NEW CAR PURCHASE. At that, CARL (in his condescending way) told me he would look into it and get back in touch with me. Three days later he called to "update" me on the fact he had no update. This occurred two additional times, then, ended today with the conclusion that GM would do nothing to compensate me for my losses. He did offer me an additional 90 days of warranty on my car; which i declined. I am a loyal GM customer (I own a 2017 Corvette, and this is my 2nd new Camaro) and have always been comfortable with their product reliability. Likewise, I understand that an issue of this nature may not easily be caught in their manufacturing quality
control checks. However, I absolutely do not believe it should cost me an additional $600 for the privilege of paying GM roughly $28K to purchase a NEW VEHICLE. Bottom line: As long as you dont have any issues with your new vehicle, all will be well. But if you do, DONT EXPECT GM to do the RIGHT thing!"

Mauricio Jalil says

"I purchase my brand new Silverado on May 2019. After using the car for couple of months, the entertainment system, screen, radio, Bluetooth, apple play stop working. I call my dealer Bomnin Chevrolet in Miami, FL to schedule an appointment. It took over a month to schedule a drop off date. After using the car without any of these features for months, I left the car for repair. It took almost a week to get my car back, but I was OK with that. For my surprise, just a month after, same problem happen. And again, it took Bomnin (Local dealer for GM) over a month to schedule my service, and again I was left without these features! Then General Motors calling me to told me that the car is fix, but NOT the entertainment system. (This is something very distracting while driving because the screen doesn't stop going on and off) I call GM two weeks ago and I was given a case number (9-5790648746), assign to a GM specialist named Andrew. GM has not call me from that date and my car has been in the local dealer for almost 3 weeks now! The all experience has been really bad, from the date my brand new truck stop working, to deal with GM employees and the local dealer, who they call me last Friday to let me know again that the car is fix, but not the entertainment system. I didn't want to pick up the truck until is fix, but unfortunately, I need the truck to work. So I'm planning on getting my almost new truck out this week and be left without the system. My main concern is the amount of distraction this system causes while driving, because you can not turn off the radio, either lower the volume!! A night can turn on by itself with full brig thing, and blind your self while driving. You can try to turn this off, but the malfunction would not allow you to do any command. This new entertainment system is in all brand new models, and they should make sure this is fix before selling the cars
This is my third brand new truck I had purchase from GM, never this kind of experience before!"

Reggie Newton says

"If there was a negative star that’s what I’d give them their customer service is horrible I purchased a brand new Corvette and it’s been in the shop more than I’ve even had the vehicle I had to hire a lawyer they sold me a lemon! Buy a car somewhere else they are garbage! Five repairs later and my car has been in the shop since November this is absolutely ridiculous have shown no interest in taking the lemon that they sold me back!!"

James says

"GM , Quality is bankrupt , commercials talk of Family and JD Power associates . First off if my Family sold me something that ends up being as bad as my GMC Sierra Denali , they'd be would be disowned . JD Power , only Selectively allows people rate GM products . Kinda like if you have any kinda of problems or complaints your not allow to give a REVIEW . No wonder they Give GM a high rating , they exclude the BAD , nice honest system ???
More and more People who have bought GM for most their lives are saying NEVER AGAIN . Been a GM customer / Product owner over 40 years , I now say NEVER AGAIN . GM can Keep their bad Quality and Unreliable Products , Just look at the recalls , for the last few years , before you buy . GM puts more effort into looks than Quality and reliability , If you want a Expensive Driveway Ornament , buy GM . Told my Neighbor not to buy one , but they thought my GMC Denali looked good , Now they aren't very happy . Buy with your head ( READ ALL THE 1-3 Star reviews to get a honest opinion ) not because you like the looks , cause those looks don't make the vehicle reliable or guarantee its quality made, no matter the amount you paid for it . JMO GM could careless about you , once you bought the vehicle"

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