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Prison Leistikowstrasse is a pre-trial detention center of the military service to prevent military espionage by the Soviet occupation forces, it is now a museum.

The building was originally built in 1916–1918 by the Evangelical Church Relief Society (EKH). After the Potsdam conference in August 1945, about 100 houses in the Nauen suburb bordering the New Garden were sealed off by the Soviet occupying powers and renamed "Military Town No. 7". The headquarters of the military counterintelligence was located in the secret service city, which from 1954 as an independent III. Main department belonged to the KGB . The headquarters was in the former girls' boarding school at Kaiserin-Augusta-Stifthoused. The building next to it served as counterintelligence headquarters for the interrogation department. Right next door in Leistikowstrasse 1 (until 1945 Mirbachstrasse 1), he used the residential and commercial building of the EKH, in which the Evangelische Reichsfrauenhilfe was based, as a central transit and remand prison for the SBZ and GDR.

A tourist writes " Not my thing. Bunch of pornographic images calling itself art. Would never go again. Would never take family or children into this place. It is disgusting. However, if you prefer to enjoy and discuss art without being shoved by impatient tourists, or screamed at aggressively over a crowded room by the (extremely rude) guards for pointing at an area of a painting, then the best is to avoid."


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