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Gay's the Word is an independent bookshop in central London, one of only three specifically lesbian and gay bookstores in the United Kingdom and the only one in England. Inspired by the emergence and growth of lesbian and gay bookstores in the States, a small group of people from Gay Icebreakers, a gay socialist group founded the store in 1979. Various locations were looked at, including Covent Garden, which was then being regenerated, before they decided to open the store in Marchmont Street in Bloomsbury, an area of the capital with rich academic and literary associations. Initial reluctance from Camden Council to grant a lease was overcome with help from Ken Livingstone, then a local councilor, later Mayor of London.

Carl G from Melbourne, Australia shares his experience visiting Gay's the Word in a review published by TRIP ADVISOR: "Would have loved to engage more with the guy behind the desk about the books but the whole place has a rather exclusive air that made me give up. Then the books are not really promoted very well and the sections (being a small shop I understand) are crammed together so that themes don't jump out. There isn't any point of sale or using an issue to draw people inside. Once there was a closed sign and they were having a book reading, but why not open the door and let passers-by inside to listen?"


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