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Gateway, Inc., previously Gateway 2000, is an American computer hardware company based in South Dakota and later California, that develops, manufactures, supports, and markets a wide range of personal computers, computer monitors, servers, and computer accessories.

An angry customer said this on SiteJabber "I had purchased a few items from Gateway for my outlet store and the package was delivered in a lifetime. Everything was in poor condition and it was impossible to communicate with the Gateway team. I strongly not recommend to anyone wanting to buy luxury fashion items. Garbage!".


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Former Employee - RBT - Registered Behavior Technician says

"I worked at Gateway Learning Group part-time for less than a year Cons: The BCBAs judge everyone and the company hires on students with the expectation that work is a higher priority than school."

Former Employee - Registered Behavior Technician says

"I worked at Gateway Learning Group part-time for less than a year Cons: 1. 40- Hour training is only $16 per hour not the full paid amount. You only get paid the full amount once starting on your own. 2. Hours are not guaranteed. Scheduling doesn't schedule you for the entire time, you send availability for. For example, if I am available from 9-4pm, they would schedule me from 9-12pm. It is quite irritating when you want a stable schedule. 3. Training is all done online and if you are a hands-on learner, good luck on remembering important information that is required on the RBT exam. 4. Lack of professionalism in some BCBAs. First orientation maybe rushed and you will be left confused and will need to figure things out all by yourself. 5. Payment is a weird setup. Although they say that you get paid the 5th and the 20th, the work you are paid for is from the 1st-15th and 16th-31st. -- all the work you end up doing should be paid with the $21 per hour not discounted."

Former Employee - Scheduler says

"I worked at Gateway Learning Group full-time for less than a year Cons: This company seriously lacks proper management. The office manger is never in the office and this company suffers from it. The backend and front end team members refuse to work together and tend to blame each other for mistakes. Also, this company has a high turn over rate which is the primary cause of the extreme chaos"

Former Employee - Behavior Technician says

"I worked at Gateway Learning Group part-time for less than a year Cons: -Scheduling team is an absolute wreck due to lack of good management -Hours for Behavioral Therapists are NOT STABLE ! You can go from full time, to BEARLY any hours especially if you are not on district cases or and RBT -Scheduling Department does not notify BT if they are being removed from cases till after the fact or if nay changes are being made -Mileage Reimbursement is tricky, they messed up by paying extra for months and now want money thats already spent to be paid back with <10 and hrs as a BT"

Former Employee - Behavior Technician says

"I worked at Gateway Learning Group part-time for less than a year Cons: Poor communication, lack of accountability"

Current Employee - Registered Behavior Technician says

"I have been working at Gateway Learning Group part-time for less than a year Cons: Poor management and communication, lack of employee support, poor value of employee work-life balance"

Former Employee - Senior Behavior Technician & Mentor says

"I worked at Gateway Learning Group full-time for more than a year Cons: I wanted to be thorough about this. My time with Gateway was valuable because it taught me how to value myself as a worker and how to manage a work environment without growth. Compensation and Pay for R/S/BT’s I started off in the SJ region (NorCal) with a starting pay of $22.50 then transferred to San Diego (So Cal). The most they would offer is $19.75 even though the cost of living differs by only 3%. They cut my pay by 13%. Keep in mind, the rate we are talking about is only the clinical rate pay. The pay is NOT negotiable. I have a bachelor's degree in Social Work with extensive experience working with all types of populations. You will have 3 different pay rates 1. Clinical rate: which is your highest pay. 2. Drive time: which is the minimum wage in your state. 3. Office time: which is 75% of your clinical pay rate. Lastly, you get paid mileage between clients, which is the state’s reimbursement rate for mileage. You do not get paid for your commute to and from your first and last session. You only get mileage for driving from one session to another. This is the same concept for drive time. Time Commitment and Flexibility of the Work Gateway expects that you will give your all if you want anything in return. I worked 9:30 am in La Jolla, which was 2 hours away from my house, and ended at 6:30 pm 45 minutes from my house (mostly because of traffic). You can set your radius for work, but you can’t expect to get a full-time schedule without making the sacrifice. Expect to put 10,000+ miles on your car a year if you work full-time for Gateway. The time demand grew to be too much for many of my co-workers and was why they left. Ultimately, I left because I started grad school. Still, Gateway changed its policy requiring BT’s to work 3 days a week between peak hours of 3-7, which I couldn’t commit to. I also don’t think they have done enough to protect BTs from COVID since they allow BTs to enter homes with families who won’t wear masks. They did offer PPE, but there is no accountability for clients and little to no remote session options for RBTs. With my promotions, I was expected to use 7 minutes of time a MONTH per BT that I mentored over. If I did go over the allotted time I was given, I would get an email from the Regional Director and Talent coordinator about using too much time. I believe in quality work, and don't feel that the time Gateway gave mentors allowed for quality work to be produced. RBT Support I will say that the BCBA’s are fantastic people. I felt the most support from them. BCBAs are client case supervisors who will give you feedback and support on cases. They often responded to emails in a timely manner. They would take the time to teach RBT’s how to manage challenging behaviors. I really felt supported by the BCBA’s. There are some politics in the agency. They have promised people new positions but did not follow through on their promises. This is not an excellent way to make employees feel appreciated or retain their employment. The rest of the company, however, I felt was out of touch with RBT’s and would often shoot down RBT’s suggestions for growth, especially when it came to financial compensation. The learning curve with this job is more challenging than advertised, so people will make mistakes, even people who have been with the company for a while. There just didn’t seem to be much mercy for that. My mentor took days or weeks to respond to my emails, which meant some things never got done or answered because of it. Gateway expects a lot of its employees and does not hire enough people to conduct all the work efficiently, but that is not uncommon in healthcare settings. Growth and EXTREMELY Competitive Promotions Gateway often uses “growth with the company” as their selling point. Recently, they developed ONE paid promotion to RBT’s, which was the mentor position, which included a .50 cent raise for MUCH more work. They talk about guiding RBTs in becoming BCBA’s, but that is only possible if you enroll in a 2-year master program. That isn’t practical for people who need to work full time to support themselves. The only promotions an RBT can get are Senior Behavior Technician (SBT), which is a dollar raise after one year of being an RBT, and the Mentor position, which is only a .50 cent raise also only offered to employees who have been there for one year. You also get $1 raise after passing your exam to become an RBT after being a BT. So, if you decide to work there for a long time, and got all the possible promotions that would only be $2.50 total, forever. So, in my 2 years of working there, I received a $2.50 raise, which sounds great at first, maybe, but that was all I would ever get. I ended up making $21.25 for my clinical rate, which was STILL less than my starting pay in the San Jose region, which would have been $25, and honestly, it felt pretty insulting. I also came to the cold reality that $21.25 was simply not enough to pay my bills, so in addition to working long days, I had to pick up a second income. I even mentioned everything I listed above in my annual feedback and asked the company to respond to me, but they never did. As someone who was a mentor, the company asked us regularly to find areas where Gateway could improve their RBT retention rate. The majority of people I knew left because they could no longer afford to support themselves with the pay. They didn’t want to become BCBAs, OR they felt the time commitment became more than they bargained for. I felt that Gateway could see the hard work I put into providing my client’s best services. I wasn’t perfect, but I did try very hard to bring excellent services to the households I served. Gateway and my BCBA’s told me that my client’s enjoyed my company and work, but that was about the only appreciation I got. I care about this population and their families. However, I did not feel that Gateway could provide any more growth or compensation to make me stay. I do not recommend this job to anyone looking for full-time work UNLESS you want to become a BCBA. This would be an excellent summer job or college job since there isn't room for growth. You will not grow anymore with this company as an RBT other than the potential $2.50 (best case) they offer, otherwise."

Former Employee - RBT says

"I worked at Gateway Learning Group part-time for less than a year Cons: Supervisors ask you to force kids through activities, reducing the ability for kids to self-advocate unless they want to be marked as "noncompliant." Supervisors are never available, and as soon as you're comfortable with a case, you get yanked off but the ones you ask to be removed from after being bruised and bitten repeatedly are never addressed."


"I worked at Gateway Learning Group Cons: - Scheduling team is an absolute wreck due to lack of good management, needs more scheduling staff . It was common to witness a scheduler in tears due to high levels of stress that goes into securing hours for therapists, especially if there aren’t any available cases for them - Hours for behavioral therapists are NOT stable. You can go from full time, to barely any hours especially if you are on district cases - Regional directors (in multiple regions) are notorious for tyrannizing schedulers into scrambling for therapists hours, behind the scenes. Expectations are way too high, even for a seasoned scheduler."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Gateway Learning Group full-time Cons: Their training for a variety of positions on key duties for those positions could be improved. The trainings for BT's and even staff in higher positions for their online data collection system could especially be improved. BT's, including some who aren't newbies, make frequent errors in data recording. This impacts the way that BCBA level staff are able to make clinical decisions, based on the data. It's common for people in a variety of departments to not be on the same page about company policies and procedures and to not be clear on how to do their jobs. The company could improve on providing more opportunities for their Program Supervisors that prepare them to become board certified. Their online data collection system has frequent technical glitches or limitations that impact clinical decisions. They provide no stimuli for client programs, aside from a tiny handful of small crafts materials like pom poms or little toys in the office. They don't provide assessment bins. It's good that they use materials in the natural environment, but for families that don't have the financial means to provide an enriching environment, it would help to provide more stimuli. The company provides a small reimbursement for staff who spend their own money on stimuli, but some BT's spend additional unreimbursed money on reinforcers."

Maintence Worker (Former Employee) says

"Bad management no health care and no raises boss laughs at you for asking for one and does not appreciate hard workers. over works employees and under pay them treated employees bad over all firing them before holidays over manager telling employees home when they have nothing to do. they are not willing to give you days off you request and they put you on schedule anyway and fires you because of a manager telling you to go home after someone already working. Cons: Bad boss lack of taking care of employees no raise"

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"The management sucks"

CNA - Certified Nursing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Gateway is the worse nursing facility I have ever been in or heard of. Patients are treated with any respect. Most don’t get a bath and oral care is never given. Water containers never get washed and straws always have mold in them because they are never changed. Bedridden patients that can’t talk or have no visitors aren’t fed or given liquids. Management doesn’t want to be bothered except when the state is visiting"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"horrible place to work. Management is horrible."

Airport Customer Experience Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Do not do it. Management is horrible every new employee quits as soon as they get the job. I loved it when i first started, now its dreadful. Work here only if you need a job not if you want to enjoy it. Part time means full time theyll take every second of your life and time if u let them. Cons: Everything else"

Support Worker (Former Employee) says

"Poor management no staff support ko time off no team work not a nice place to work bad place to work no time off always short staff no good training that staff would néed bad team leader Cons: Long hours no thanks"

SALES (Current Employee) says

"This is my current job and my least favorite so far. I do not approve of the way management treats its employees. Salary packages are poor with little to no other benefits."

Mental Health Technician (Former Employee) says

"Gateway will always be understaffed. The pay is not worth the stress management brings on the job. Burn outs are frequent. Schedules frequently change with no fair warnings. Cons: Everything"

Desktop Support Technician (Former Employee) says

"Was in orientation 1 day and was terminated for answering a text message. The time and money I spent and the low salary offered isn’t worth the time. Find another company to work for. Cons: Everything"

Behavioral Health Instructor (Current Employee) says

"You will enjoy the clients they job security is a major issue. The clients are wonderful management need more training on how to run a establishment and the proper way to communicate with your employees."

Fulfillment Associate (Current Employee) says

"Please do not go here to work the clients peace on all the staffs and the CEO does not do anything about it they feel like the class of wrong the class around the campus and I'm being so serious in February 2018 do not ever work here they love to put cans all staff they do not have me the kids right the kids get mad because they don't have enough food and want to jump on the staff. Cons: None"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"high school job i loved getting free movies best time to have my girl friend come watch with me family and friends got to meet famous people and learned how movies work behind the scree. Cons: pay"

Mental Health Worker (Former Employee) says

"That place is hail on wheels management is the worst. The clients run the campus. Its sad because the population is whats going to be future prison populations. If they call back hang up on them that place will try to ruin anything thats humane. Cons: Everything poor management no breaks very violate with no protection for staff"

Student Services Associate (Former Employee) says

"Metropolitan State University is an organization with alot of fear-based, insecure leaders that do not develop people. Extremely toxic environment. Feeds on insecurity and fear. Thus perpetuates relationship of distrust. This is on the Student Affairs side. The academic side provides a phenomenal and an affordable education to students.I do not recommend this organization. People with limited integrity and broken moral compass recommended to apply."

Passenger Assistant (Former Employee) says

"My days were spent running ragged to cover for few employees, horrendous communication systems, and a hindrance from management."

Mental Health Technician (Former Employee) says

"Poor management does not stand behind good employees clients control the campus able to elope easily campus not secure staff punished for clients thoughts & actions not a good place to work unless you just really need some change & I mean change because the pay is not enough for stressed endured Gateway Residential is said to be psych under 21 thats a lie Gateway Residential really should be shut down 90% of their employees have just as much sense as the clients. Cons: No breaks low pay poor management no raises"

Social Services Worker (Former Employee) says

"This agency is being driven into the ground by a management staff that has very little regard for the actual agency mission and the people who have dedicated their lives to the service of others. The way that the director and majority of the HR staff treated people boarded on unethical and illegal. They lure people there under false pretenses and then pull a bait and switch. The agency is being run into the ground and it's unfortunate. Cons: Top heavy management that is unapproachable; no regard for the humanistic side of social services."

Vice President of Sales (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed managing the employees. Dealing with headquarters was very unpleasant. Cons: Poor headquarters"

administrative (Former Employee) says

"There are two different Gateways being reviewed here. The computer company and the Substance Abuse organization. I believe the good reviews are for the computer company and the bad for the substance abuse. I agree with the Gateway Foundation substance abuse reviews: poor pay, no support, short staffed, lousy benefits, pay cuts, no raises, no respect, equels large employee turnover and they wonder why?! NO CLUE!!! Most employees work 2 jobs. Cons: low pay, no raises, upper management does not support"

Direct Support Professional (Current Employee) says

"Gateway expects your whole life to revolve around them. It's one big show. They cover up incidents. They spend the individuals money on whatever they want but then tell the people they are broke. If you have half a brain don't work there because you'll be labeled trouble. Cons: Family doesn't matter to them."