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Garrison (various spellings) (from the French garnison, itself from the verb garnir, "to equip") is the collective term for any body of troops stationed in a particular location, originally to guard it, but now often simply using it as a home base.


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Staff Accountant (Former Employee) says

"They plays favorites, this starts with the very top. If you know one of the owners or someone in upper management you will be fine- rules that other employees are expected to abide by will not apply to you. If you are not one of the favorites, be prepared to lose your job for no given reason. Upper management (The CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER, this is who I worked under and had most contact with) is so unprofessional that they will not speak to you and walk right past you and speak to every other person around. They will go out of their way to ask another employee about your work load and if you have completed certain tasks instead of asking you directly. They will also question every single move that you make, even if you have proved competent to perform certain tasks in the past. They will also make you feel so uncomfortable just coming into work, it is a very tense and hostile work environment. Cons: Literally the whole entire work experience"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"good work place for most part but money whise u better know some one or want to stay out all the time cause all the drivers that been there longer gets the better loads with the money and for looking for any thing back pay roll math skills suck"

Team Truck Driver (Current Employee) says

"I’ve been trying to reach the terminal manager or one of the 3 owners, to tell them why we are leaving their company. I was trying to do this as a professional courtesy. I keep getting referred back to the source of my problem, our driver manager."

Lease Driver (Former Employee) says

"Stay away you want make money as a lease purchase driver"

OTR Driver (Current Employee) says

"Stay away ur home is not enjoyable they call ever 25 minutes to see what you are doing on ur hometime"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"I pay 755 a week for the truck. After all the other bs its 2000. So if you take any time off your in the hole. They will run you north and south. So you make money one way and none back. The good loads go to the buddy's of the owners that have small fleets leased on. I've been here 7 years. I know where the loads go and pay. Now that I have a lease truck I get the garbage lloads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Driver (Current Employee) says

"Run but no money at all,more money at McDonald'su run your but off but never make anything look else where if u want a life out side of living in a truck"

Systems Administrator (Former Employee) says

"The compensation received was above average in comparison to like positions in the area. However, that can be said about most mid-sized trucking companies in the region. The most damaging thing about the company was their tendency to over-prioritize their operations department, while allowing supporting departments like accounting and safety to dependent on static, unchanging policies that did not reflect the growing pressures and demands applied to these departments. Cons: Mismanagement and the lack of opportunity for advancement"

Regional Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Made a career change to Trucking. This company helped train me how to do it. I find Trucking to be very challenging and I am good at it. Cons: Hostile work environment"

Truck driver (Current Employee) says

"They were not worried about me. They were worried about the load, the truck, my health insurance running out so they would not have to pay anything for."

Truck Driver (OTR) says

"I would normally Drive night shift 5 to 650 miles learn how to do paperwork also how to talk to people and people skills hardest part of the job would be the long hours but I handled it"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"The ownership was great to work for, but there was not a lot of room for advancement. They do not give a lot of lead way on work life balance. Overall it is not a bad company to work for. Cons: Not much room for advancement"

Logistics Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Main reason you would stay is the people you work with. The amount of time spent up there really is not worth it for the money. Favorites are definitely a thing so butter the big dawgs up if you want your job to be easier."

Northeast Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"As a full time Sales Manager I worked out of my home in Williamsville,NY or sales calls traveling to areas in the northeast. I learned very much about the logistics industry as well as the trucking business. Cons: Poor cummunication from upper management"

Former Employee - Web Developer says

"I worked at Garrison Technology full-time for more than a year Cons: They need to put a policy in place for dealing with employees mental health issues and implement it"

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"I worked at Garrison Technology full-time for less than a year Cons: Stand-up meetings every morning at 8:45 as part of agile process, complex and slow embedded software build process, three different internal networks to deal with"