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Gangan may refer to:

Gangan, Togo Gangan (drum), a West African drum Gangan Verlag, an Austrian Australian publisher Mt. Gangan, a mountain in the Maritime Guinea region of GuineaJapanese use"Gan-gan" is the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound of a large bell or a scolding voice GanGan, Japanese title for Aggressors of Dark Kombat Gangan Comics, a manga imprint of Square Enix


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Paul in Epsom says

"I have phoned numerous times over the last year but can never get anyone to answer as a result of "no English speaking agents available", before the line disconnects. I have requested numerous callbacks via the website but they never materialise. I'd just assumed that they must have ceased operations until I looked on here."

ZoeP says

"Don't use this company. I used them to set up internet in France. I had to travel 1h40m each way to pick up the modum. I went with SFR who have some sort of technical issue in the area so I havent had internet for 2 weeks since the contract started. Everytime I try to call Selectra, they have no English speeking agents available and hang up. It is not possible to contact them via Email. The only way to terminate the contract they set up for me is on the phone speaking French. I used Selectra because I don't speak French and they are meant to help non-French speakers with internet in France. I couldn't be more disappointed. They have made my life significantly harder and not added anything that saves me time or helps. I wish I never got through to them in the first place and never used their service."

Divine Grace says

"It's been nearly a month since I spoke to one of the worker about changing the provider of the home I just moved into. I was told they have set every thing and they are going to send me their card which I will use to top up my gas and electricity. But, since then, I haven't received any information from them. I'm very disappointed"

swimming Hasn says

"Is very bad wast time I live in preston call them to move under finding company to move me from a top up meters to smart metres gas and electricity for free Rain was the custmer servers who move me on 1 October 19 and he told me on 30 of Ctoper the new company will come and fit the 2 meters , waited and waited nothing happened, call the new provider they said oh I have to pay £70 for each smar meter. It seems that Selctra is wast of space they give me very wrong information and give me a specific day they will come and fit it Never again"

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