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The Gamesys Group is an online software development and gaming business. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index. The company was founded in by Andrew Dixon, Noel Hayden, Robin Tombs and a small team of software developers in 2001. It was named as the UK's number 1 fastest-growing private technology company in the Sunday Times 2006 Tech Track 100.

Gamesys will pay £1.2m for failing to prevent gambling harm and breaching money laundering regulations. The Gambling Commission launched an investigation into the operator’s processes after police investigations revealed three individuals had spent stolen money with the gambling business.

It was discovered that despite customers displaying behaviour that could indicate problem gambling the operator failed to deliver interaction that could have prevented harm.

The investigation also revealed the operator failed to comply with money laundering regulations, including not establishing customers’ source of funds.

As part of a settlement with the Commission, Gamesys will return £460,472 of stolen money to victims and pay £690,000 as a payment in lieu of a financial penalty. This money will be spent accelerating the delivery of the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms.

Richard Watson, Gambling Commission Executive Director, said: “It is vital that operators understand their customers - track their online gambling and step in quickly when they suspect someone is suffering from gambling harm.

“These key steps and processes ensure they meet both their anti-money laundering and social responsibility obligations for all customers.

“Gamesys’ approach resulted in a variety of failings and saw stolen money flowing through the business – with customers being put at risk of gambling-related harm.”


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Cs (Former Employee) says

"Make out it's a relaxed fun company to work for .. in reality is stressful overloaded with contacts and competitive between both colleagues and management"

Customer Support Adviser Responsible Gaming Operator (Current Employee) says

"A good job but not for me. The room is loud and bright with no way of avoiding it. The pay was good and changes a lot. Good if you're okay with just getting a job"

Home & Office Based Chat Host (Former Employee) says

"But very quickly became very 'corporate & 'formal. Loved it at first but when they put clearly wrong people in to supervise you (as a money-saving exercise) who don't have a scooby, you will lose all the best people who helped the company get where it is! Cons: Led by clueless boot-lickers..."

Chat Host (Former Employee) says

"Utterly toxic environment. Lure you in with free drinks and pizza and lovely expensive parties but day to day life in the office is utterly unbearable. Awful management - barely any of them have managerial experience. Cons: Bias, unfit management. Dreadful hours, If your face fits attitude, Toxic work environment, Incredibly negative environment, Want you to have fun making fun but don’t like it when you have fun!"

Chat Host (Former Employee) says

"Salary and benefits great but very corrupt under current pulling people in and if the shoe does not fit with a particular manager you will be chucked under the bus for false accusations. Promotions only gained if you provide false accusations to fit particular managers stories. Cons: Corrupt manager"

Chat host (Former Employee) says

"It's a fun place to work at first and the wage they pay is good. After a while it becomes clear that there is corruption in management and groups that follow this in different departments. False accusations made from management are soon backed by people who are just trying to progress and/or save their own job by doing this. They pride themselves on helping each other but make those whose face doesn't fit feel less than and ashamed of asking for help and support. Would rather struggle to get a job and become homeless than work for them again. Cons: Corruption, false accusations, management bullying"

Financial Fraud Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Get ready to work like a dog for little to no appreciation."

Chat Host (Former Employee) says

"Don't even give you a chance to start with, they hire people who have no experience over people who do.. Very unfair in there interview process. Not even worth it. Cons: Long hours, unfair management"

Vip (Former Employee) says

"Long hours, only get far by drinking with the right people. Quite pretentious. Some good people work there but they are not seen or treated well unfortunately. Cons: Long hours, bad management."

Chat Host (Former Employee) says

"Pays well, awful work/life balance. A lot of two faced staff. People only get promoted if you are either sleeping with someone there or you know someone higher up well. Cons: The rest"

creative (Current Employee) says

"Really poor management - tough for newbies and hard to get a promotion."

CHAT HOST & MODERATOR (Former Employee) says

"In a 24/7 business you are going to be on-call alot more than you may imagine. Get used to have your shifts changed when you aren't in and wont even be told about them so you end up coming in on days off, and not showing up when you thought you were off - of which expect to find yourself in trouble when they happens. When, not If."

Online Gaming Chat Host (Former Employee) says

"Started off an amazing place to work nice people, it’s all changed now. Cons: Very unsociable hours, rare having days off together negative working environment"

C# Developer (Former Employee) says

"the only way to advance in this company is by doing very long hours, and sometimes they are mandatory, and it doesn't even matter if you work or not, they don't have an efficient way of measuring the result, whoever sits in front the computer for longer makes them happy Cons: long hours"

Frontend Developer (Current Employee) says

"Good please to pick up skills but not suited to more senior developers with families. No flexible working allowed and a current trend to hire cheaper younger talent who will only leave the company after a couple of years. Cons: No flexiable working. Prefer young and cheap over experience."

Flash Developer (Former Employee) says

"Not a bad company, pushing the boundaries of user experience which is great Cons: Hard work!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Gamesys full-time for more than a year Cons: HR must be focused on attracting people rather than keeping them because the articles I read about online are NOTHING like the internal culture of Gamesys. Only the "clique" is well paid, advances in their career, and are allowed to have flaws that for them is OK whilst for others it is viewed as a problem to sort out. Fairness is lacking and Directors turn a blind eye to it."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"I worked at Gamesys full-time for more than a year Cons: Irresponsible HR, Managers Unfair performance review implemented Disorganised management No proper training provided No opportunity to challenge something new or improve your skills Even you contribute to them, you never get promoted on-site No career path they offer"

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"I have been working at Gamesys full-time Cons: They are irresponsible and it’s difficult creating career"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Gamesys full-time Cons: Full of politics. Inefficiency. Laziness. Meaningless meetings. Pose of caring employee without any concrete advises and actions. Highly recommend to avoid to join even if you get an offer."

Former Employee - Manager says

"I worked at Gamesys full-time Cons: There is a blame culture, too many difficult managers, a culture of fear and too many egos. The concept of team work doesn't exist. Work life balance is terrible, chaining to the desk is expected. Some teams were nice, others were down right poison. I have never worked in a place like it, fake and unfriendly staff, only bearable during bonus season on their quest for positive feedback. Micromanagement, bullying and gossiping is a big problem. Mircoaggression exist in this company. It really depends on what team you're in as to whether you will experience what I did. In summary, I found it to be a company filled with nasty pumped up individuals with something to prove and only serving themselves. There were some gems, but they were mostly ignored or treated terribly. Those who have experienced work outside Gamesys know what a terrible company this is."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Gamesys full-time for more than 3 years Cons: My comment is for those who work as a professional with many years of experience! Therefore, avoid this company if you have a proper goal in your life and you do not want to have stress in you life! But it is a right place for retirement!! Go for it if you want this and you just want to have a job and fun and facilities! ..... If you have not watched Game of Thrones yet, you DO NOT NEED TO ! Because you are going to watch it every single day at Gamesys! Roxor! Poor management, never hear you and you do not have sound there. As a professional in this industry never seen such a company with pipeline in production like this!!!. People who is the most important part of company are not important at all and they just pretend that they care. They hold people's potential! Leads who just keep fighting to keep their position and always think they are doing the most relevant job there !!!? Which I have never seen any portfolio from them or never a high level of skill as an artist !! It is a shame !! Pure dictatorship!!! I felt to say the truth about this company if you are really care about your career and want to have a decent job rather that just having a job and income and waiting for the weekends which if you just want this you might find it as a nice place and relax for yourself!"

Current Employee - Front End Developer says

"I have been working at Gamesys full-time for less than a year Cons: Does not honour the equal pay status quo. Immigrants from non EU countries are exploited to the max. A developer from non EU country is typically paid upto 40% less than a similar developer from EU or the UK. This practice has resulted in a lot of disgruntled asian employees. Very bad practice in this day and age."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Gamesys full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Biased and corrupt managers. The atmosphere is toxic due to control seemingly resting with a few managers who even directors seem to steer away from. behaviour and attitudes expressed leave no doubt that the company is flawed. Unfortunately leaving can become difficult due to a variety of factors. The directors seem to have resigned control and allow behaviours that should be front page fodder. decent bonuses are a dream for the many being given to the few by the few instead."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Gamesys full-time Cons: - I had a borderline psychopathic manager that was constantly praised for her interpersonal skills and design work. She knew she was a bad manager as had been told on those management courses etc but would just boast about being "assertive" when in fact it was more like "aggressive". I would have a meeting with HR but then find nothing ever got done about it. Other people in my team felt exactly the same way about her but would be too scared to speak up. - Zero flexibility around hours unless you're high up in the food chain - Pay level is laughable - Pension contributions also laughable - Feels like you're never set up to succeed, just always thrown in at the deep end and then judged on the end result."

Former Employee - Software Developer says

"I worked at Gamesys full-time for more than a year Cons: Awful company. Poor leadership from CEO down. Worked with sportsbook project that was quite possibly the worst organization I’ve seen. Company like to do a lot of PR about how good the place is to work but it’s an old boys network with incompetent management who are friends of the founder. Avoid like a bad plague"

Lorna says

"I was a member of Jackpotjoy for years was a classed as a vip and enjoyed playing on the site however nearly 1 year ago I was contacted to provide details of my income to prove I could afford to gamble I have never been treated so bad in my entire life basically like a common criminal I sent proof of not only my earning but also my partners earnings this was not enough for them they asked for not and more proof of income going back years disgusting treatment from their compliance team I have never in my life been made to feel they way I was made to feel anyway after loads of email sent they closed my account without even telling me banning me from all their sister sites but they done me a favour joined different sites and I have won far more in the last year than 10 years with Jackpotjoy avoid at all costs"

Melanie says

"They just randomly close your account.... and don't even email to let you know why??.... worst gambling site ever they are crooks!!! Don't do it!!!"

T. Marie says

"£7000 lost in just a few weeks and I have now filed an official complaint. They handled my situation with not a care in the world or remorse. They also will check your social media pages and search you. They did this to me. They snooped around my Facebook, Instagram and researched me on the internet to check whether if I had a valid claim. Long story short is I ended up with nothing having lost my life savings to them. So please don’t end up like me. They are all part of Gamesys group, Virgin Games, Starspins, Jackpot Joy, Heart Bingo, Monopoly Casino. Trust me they will take everything from you and don’t care at all. I have filed to get a SAR which is a subject access request of all my files as I’m currently having this independent reviewed. They obviously don’t care. Sent me a file with incorrect password. Promised me 12 months Gamban which never came. Loads of lies. I have more to update in the coming weeks of what they have done to me but if you look at my review on their other sites, their response is a copy- paste for each one. Just the same spin they put on because they don’t like admitting to their faults. That’s how much they don’t care."

Christopher Dellett says

"Love all these positive reviews of jackpotjoy absolute rip off company 1 star is all you see everyone cant be wrong no one should deposit let the scum bags go out the game"