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GameStar is a monthly released PC computer game magazine in Germany. Gamestar is the best sold German language magazine focused on PC gaming and it also hosts the largest videogaming related portal in the German-speaking internet.


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Stock Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"I love small businesses, and I love working for them. For about 75% of my time here, I had an amazing time working. I had an early opportunity to advance, and for a while my dedication to the company and my new job brought me huge amounts of joy. I actually loved going to work. SO much, that I was willing to overlook working a manager's position for minimum wage, just under full time so they didn't have to pay for benefits. I was willing to overlook, too, the massively limited training I'd received on a position I took over last minute and had to essentially wing daily. It's a family business, we have to make allowances. And there were fun perks, such as renting a game or accessory, and having relative control over my schedule. There was an extremely rapid turn over rate, but I ignored it because, after all, every one of them had been bad employees. I didn't know how you could not love our manager, who was warm and extremely kind. Then, the honeymoon ended. The owner of the stores has no idea how to run a business, something I knew even when I was enjoying the job, but when the business started losing money (as small businesses do in cycles) he began to lose his mind. My manager turned incredibly cold, began calling me on my off days early in the morning to scream over issues, and refused to listen to basic business logic. It became a daily issue of threats to my position and intentionally aggressive behaviors until the atmosphere became so toxic I couldn't stay any longer. I know my situation is not unique because I had heard other employees complain about precisely the same Cons: Strained management, no structure and extremely limited training. Rapid turn over rate."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Honestly, this place was really fun to work at. Most days you spent cleaning up used game consoles and testing them while helping out customers that wandered in. Really cozy job. The problem that most people that have ever worked for Gamestar, specifically the one I worked at as well as the Aloha location, was management and ownership. Not only was management and ownership chock-full of nepotism, incompetence and condescension but they constantly mistreated employees and were very abusive of there power. Lots of great employee's have either left because of management or were let go because they didn't fall in line with management's backwards way of thinking. A lot of my co-workers were great people, it was all around a great group of people that knew how to have fun and were extremely helpful in getting someone acclimated to a new work environment. Honestly, what I learned most there was how much I love helping people. The best part of the job was getting a thank you and a smile when completed a sale, or helped somebody figure out the issue with their games. The hardest part was how slow days can be, I had to really be a self-starter at this job (more so than usual) as there were many days when no customers came in at all during my shifts. All in all, Gamestar was an okay place to work at, if you like having to work for people who don't know anything about their customers then I suggest this place. Steer clear of this place for sure."

Assistant MTG Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I've been a gamer since i was a little kid, video games, board games, etc, but the one game that I have always loved and cherished more than any other is Magic, and i've always wanted to work in a game store. I lived right down the street from this Gamestar location, and frequently shopped there, so i decided I should apply for a job. They always have a "now hiring" sign in the front, and the manager was always super nice to me, so i thought i would be a good fit. I applied online, and brought in a resume specifically outlining my previous knowledge in games, and especially Magic. They weren't exactly doing too well in their Magic department at the time, and the manager kept telling me they "needed a new magic guy", and told me to check back on the status of it. So i did, about 4 times, and on that 4th time he asked me if i would help him sort some of the bulk magic stock that they had just received. I figured it would be a good opportunity to get to know him a bit and see if I'd be a good fit, and I had a blast. It was truly a lot of fun hanging out and sorting out bulk Magic cards. Two days later, I received a call from him, asking if i could come down and help out some more. Naturally, I said yes, as it was basically free experience in the store, and I felt like it would give me a better chance of getting hired if I could get to know the inner workings of the store a little bit. Cons: Poor business practices"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Open the store/ or close greet and meet customers advise them on products and help them find what they're looking for. Hardest part is keeping our bosses satisfied everything else; easy breezy. Cons: angry boss created stressful environment from manager"

Vendedor (Former Employee) says

"grato ambiente de trabajo, relajado y buen trato con los clientes"

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