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The Gallo family is an American wine family. The father, Giuseppe "Joseph" Gallo, Sr., an immigrant from Fossano, Italy, after a period of menial labor started farming grapes, founded a winery, and died in a murder-suicide when he shot his wife and then took his own life.[1][2] Ernest and Julio Gallo started E. & J. Gallo Winery, which today is the largest exporter of California wines. A third brother, Joseph, was a rancher, cheesemaker, and founder of Joseph Gallo Farms.

A former employee share to Indeed his opinion about Gallo in August 2020:

Don't Believe the PR. The company was the exact opposite of what they said. Bad manager, crummy pay, micromanagement and high stress. Very disappointed that this company was clearly not what it appeared to be."


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Administrative Assistant/File Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Like I stated above , there is no teamwork and HR IS BIAS. Let’s certain people get away with stuff and others drop a pencil shaving and gets the third degree and threatened to be put on probation. Rules are always changing and vary person to person and the mood of manager. They have really good attorneys who also get micromanaged or chewed out when office management is in mood. Some positives are when you’re in the managements good graces work environment is optimal and a breeze. Cons: Management"

Trial Partner (Former Employee) says

"Very impersonal work atmosphere. Little supervision, but criticism can be harsh if result deemed less than optimal. For experienced lawyers only. Work performed with very little staff or support."

Calendar Clerk (Current Employee) says

"Working here has taught me, It isn’t about how great You work but how close You are to the higher ups(managers). Most of the managers show favoritism with employees. They fire people just to throw their work onto You. They do not care how overwhelming the work load may get. Management in this company is very unprofessional and this is not a stable work place for anyone and i would not recommend. I don’t really feel that i fit in & i don’t feel i am appreciated or compensated properly for the amount of work pushed onto me every week. My job consists of only one thing but they made me train in every staff position. I do not complain because i like learning new things but when i start to frequently do the things that aren’t in my job description (because managers told me to), i should be properly compensated but Gallo Vitucci Klar does not care about properly compensating anyone for the hard work they put in. Cons: Improper compensation"