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Gala Bingo is an online bingo and casino offering under the ownership of GVC Holdings.Gala Bingo was originated in 1991 as a division of Bass plc. It later became an independent company, and then became the Gala Coral Group after acquiring Coral Eurobet in 2005. After the sale of its 126 clubs in 2015 to Caledonia Investments (who rebranded them as Buzz Bingo in September 2018), Gala Coral retaine


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Erin wise says

"Probably the worst site I've used. Gala, have you looked at these reviews?? They are shocking. You won't care, you will still take the p*ssbecause you are making money."

Mrs Sylvia Whitenstall says

"I have gave 1 ⭐️ for customer service it’s diabolical... ANY question or problem you go to with is met with ... have you cleared your cache n cookies and history... and we need a screenshot as proof of EVERYTHING .... EVERY WIN EVERY PROMO EVERY MESSAGE .... IF that’s really the case then I suggest gala add live recorded video stream on every customers accounts to verify each and every problem we encounter ... add to that the language barrier from English [ in the majority ] to the chosen country of customer service as language barrier breakdown is ridiculous... I can’t fully denounce gala as lots of there long term staff have and continue to do the best they can by the customers/players but the brand itself is no regarded as not trustworthy and shady ... such a shame this is what it’s all come to after years of playing on a site who once valued us but now only value people who blatantly misuse funds from disability benefits meant for their children or business accounts and rig the jackpot games in their favour with updates and hints ... it’s ridiculous how many times the same person can win jackpots or big money games !!!!!"

ABY says

"Do not use this scam site.I should have read the reviews.."

Kiera Reed says

"Gala bingo online is the worst site ever. Fair winners site my eye it’s corrupt and that’s obvious. Give every player a chance not same winners day in day out. It’s all fixed and pretend players winning all the time with stupid names that win 20/30 times if not more a day with names like kbebdoegfydokebeke and qweasds all with a number at the end from 1/200 and qweasds win 50+ times a day. Also normal bingo players winning 10/20 times a day. When players who deposit every single day and deposit a lot of money like me and don’t even win a single penny. They need investigating by IBAS cos something is defo fishy about this site. I’m gathering hundreds of screen shots as proof for IBAS like other players are. It’s obvious there’s lots of gala bots in there gala making fake names and stealing the money from us paying players. We will make sure they are investigated."