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The Gewehr 88 was a late 19th-century German bolt action rifle, adopted in 1888. The invention of smokeless powder in the late 19th century immediately rendered all of the large-bore black powder rifles then in use obsolete. To keep pace with the French the Germans adopted the Gewehr 88 using its own new M/88 cartridge, which was also designed by the German Rifle Commission.

G 88 rifle design has several defects and reloading issues, according to a post published by sportsmansvintagepress.com

"This rifle design has several defects. It can normally be used as a single loader only when the magazine is empty. Furthermore, the magazine cannot be reloaded by introducing individual cartridges; it must be clip loaded since the clip itself is an actual part of the magazine A partially filled Mannlicher clip in the action makes it impossible to load the chamber or magazine with a spare cartridge. In the Mauser system, the chamber can be loaded by pushing the cartridges down in the magazine, easing the bolt forward over their heads, then inserting a cartridge in the chamber and closing the bolt."


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CNA - Certified Nursing Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Place is ok to work at for newbies out of school some staff are nice but not good for experienced people low pay and it’s like working a nursing home , poor management and they won’t work around schedules for school or other jobs , it’s ok for newbies to get foot in door for experience Cons: Don’t work around your other job schedule"

Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) says

"Being a hospital, the day is always full. The best part about working in a hospital laboratory, is that you can say you ave helped a patient somehow."

Registration / Financial Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"They are outsourcing all the jobs that they can. The company was a great place to work when I started but has been on a steady downward spiral for the last 6 years. Cons: everything"

MA/Clerk (Former Employee) says

"I don't Advise anyone to work for or at Gateway. Managers don't care about their employees, only themselves. As long as they get their money that's all that matters."

Anonymous (Current Employee) says

"This hospital used to be something I was proud to say I worked at. It is going downhill fast. Leadership has taken away every perk the employees ever had. Corporate decided to not match our 401k. They will continue to take away our benefits. Cons: No perks, no 401k match"

PHLEBOTOMIST/LAB ASST (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at GRMC was ok depending on who was working. Certain employees who has strong ties at the job would get away with not doing any work. Pushing the workload on the new employees. The turn-around rate there is crazy. I wasn't there 90 days before I realized how horrible the work environment was. Management could care less about the employees that explains why so many was so unhappy. Within in my short time there three people quit within 60 days of being there. Poor managment from the Director down to the Supervisor (Lead). The turn-around rate is ridiculous. Cons: Horrible work environment"

Unit Secretary (Former Employee) says

"This was not a great place to work. The management is poorly run by people that are incompetent. The work environment is hostile and unfriendly. I wouldn't recommend to anyone"

Maintenance Engineer (Former Employee) says

"New management came in as a headhunter and got rid of all the workers so that he can bring his maintenance personnel in, they all have quit since. run run and dont stop Cons: worried about losing your job everyday"

Former Employee, Truth-Teller (Former Employee) says

"This hospital is just out to rip people off and make money, not provide "excellent care" as their company motto pretends. Their care is minimal and they charge their patients an arm and a leg for it. I know that this place is not a non-profit organization, but if you review the price of tests there, they are outrageous compared to other hospitals within the area. Cons: everything else"

Scrub RN (Former Employee) says

"I worked for GRMC in the OR for short of 3 years. The charge nurse was extremely prejudiced. Staff was hostile and inconsiderate. I as an employee asked to get ACLS certification for 2 years and charge nurse refused to allow it. Staff nurses in OR would degrade fellow workers to surgeons, exclude and malign the character of coworkers. Unless you are married to someone or have worked there for 30 years, do not expect growth opportunities or being accepted as a team player. If you present to know something long time staff does not know, get ready to be segregated. Cons: OR does not like workers who want to grow in their profession"

Behavioral Health Nurse (Former Employee) says

"This place pays excellent but the recent change to require 12 hour shifts despite being hired for 8 hour shifts is poor management. The staff on the female psych unit is full of bullies. The staff plays one against the others and I was tired of crying when I left work due to immature idiots. Cons: see above"

Medical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The employees at this facility were not professional and there was no room to grow. They would criticize and were not very helpful when trying to learn"

Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"Management does not care about you- the only reason they are still in operation is the Behavioral Health Unit. The facility is understaffed, not clean, poor communication between management and staff. Management is out for themselves- they do not listen to employees - Find a job in a company that appreciates you as a valued employee- GRMC does not appreciate anyone that is not management. Cons: Everything"

BHS Therapist (Current Employee) says

"This hospital has many good people working there that wish to make a difference in the lives of their patients. However, the facility is not managed well from the highest rung down to the lowest level manager. Cons: Poor management"

Charge Nurse (Current Employee) says

"The high acuity patient to nurse ratio is unsafe. This has caused a high nurse turnover and burnout. The staff is friendly and has made working there a pleasure. Cons: Always low staff and never any help."

pharmacist (Former Employee) says

"The patients are not the most important thing at this company/hospital. Income and money are. The patients are not taken care of because of short staff, and lean working conditions. Employees that were long term are destined to be let go. CHS does not foster long term employees. The neighborhood is declining. The upper management promotes the "yes" people, and stifle the creative people. Cons: area, working environment, supplies, computers, etc"

Registered Nurse (Current Employee) says

"Horrific director, completely unqualified. HR is an absolute joke. Don’t waste your time. Very cliquey and if you’re not in it you’re doomed. Better to go across the river for work."

Certified Nursing Assistant (Current Employee) says

"I would not recommend gateway regional medical center to anyone who's a CNA. They are always under staffed they tell you yearly raises but that was a not true. Cna's that's been there for years or under payed while new one's coming in are making more money than them. Management is a joke they only care about there Rn's hardwork goes unrecognized the only good thing about this place is the staff very friendly and more like a family and teamwork is the #1 thing with them Cons: Pay is low staff overworked"

Registered Nurse (Former Employee) says

"I was often the only RN on the unit, which means I could not walk off the unit for any reason. 9 times out of 10 there was no one sent to give a lunch break for the RNs so we worked 12-16 hours a day with no break. There are no unit secretaries, the RN is the unit secretary. Between answering phone calls, rounding with doctors, passing medications, documenting 6 to 7 different assessments on each individual patient (up to 20+ patients), doing every admission an discharge (there could be up to 14 discharges in a day), doing groups when therapists did not show up because they were having to be used as floor staff because of shortages, handling behaviors on unit which sometimes lead to seclusion or restraints and giving injections and then filling out the packet of paperwork that went along with incidents, monitoring visiting hours, doing patient intake including going through all of their belongings and labeling them and doing all of this with no break leads to serious burn out!! Cons: No breaks, too many responsibilities for the RN to realistically do it all, and provide the quality of care our patients deserve"


"Poor management, horrible HR staff, after investigation and clear evidence no solution to problems were given or taken. Several staff has left due to this problem, very racist. Cons: Management/HR"

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