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G4S plc (formerly Group 4 Securicor) is a British multinational security services company headquartered in London, England.The company was set up in 2004 when London-based company Securicor amalgamated with Danish business Group 4 Falck. The company offers a range of services, including the supply of security personnel, monitoring equipment, response units and secure prisoner transportation.

A former employee said this in a review: "Worked as condominium security guard at G4S. No proper training given. No sick days allowed, the supervisors will threaten to get you fired if you ask for one even if you are in the hospital. Minimum wage paid at all sites. Company has no culture, don't know how they are still in business".


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Customer Care Officer (Former Employee) says

"Don't do it! Management are a joke. Absolutely no support & they promote from within...clowns. they really don't care about you at all. You are just a numberNoneEverything but especially management"

Security Officer (Current Employee) says

"Quite possibly the most inept of security company management teams. More worried about covering their own back sides than actually doing the right thing. They offer no training for positions that need it, pass people through the initial stages without properly background checks, which does not do anyone any favors, and refuses to hold those who need to be accountable for their actions, thus allowing bad behavior to continue.Cannot think of a single pro to this company.Management is horrible."

Armed Security Officer (Current Employee) says

"The company paid good when they needed people. Once the company got their foot in the door. Began replacing higher paid workers with scabs. Inexperienced supervisors made poor decisions with no grievance possible. Good pay at first.Reduced hours if you ask questions."

Security Receptionist (Current Employee) says

"No room for advancement. Company doesn't care about employees. No raise in 15 years. Benefits are horrible. Management doesn't care about employees health. NoneEverything"

Patrol Officer (Current Employee) says

"Promised a stable schedule, but because they are always understaffed for the client, the permanent officers with tenure are always having their schedules change. Unable to maintain a viable work/life balance.NoneNo work/life balance; overtime without breaks; unstable scheduling"

Security Officer (Current Employee) says

"They constantly lose your new hire paperwork and make you do things over and over again. They are disorganized and waste time. The trainers are very bright. Payed trainingNone"

Security Guard (Former Employee) says

"Worked as condominium security guard. No proper training given. No sick days allowed, the supervisors will threaten to get you fired if you ask for one even if you are in the hospital. Minimum wage paid at all sites. Company has no culture, don't know how they are still in business.none"

Security Officer (Current Employee) says

"They talk about teamwork and family but its everybody for themselves they keep people who wont do anything and fire people that are hard workers it makes no sense except if manager likes you then you are safe. Literally getting paid to sit but no phone no comupter habe to sit and watch cameras and that is allNo breaks"

Bombero - vigilador (Former Employee) says

"Sueldo bajisimo considerando las horas trabajadas, no pagan hs extras. Piden bomberos voluntarios activos pero no respetan la ley provincial de bomberos ni cuidan tu actividad como tal. Completamente informales al momento de distribuir o cambir los horarios. Nunca conseguían los materiales requeridos para cumplir la función solicitada.NingunoMal salario, muchas hs, pésimos horarios y pésimo trato de parte de los encargados de servicio."

Custom Protection Officer (Armed Security) says

"Training pay is minimum wage. Ask about training pay & when you get that and how often you get that instead of your correct hourly pay. VERY SHADY company. Always understaffed. If your an armed officer and you have to stay to fill an unarmed post they drop your pay to the unarmed rate, even tho you are still working armed. The company does not give you holiday pay, they charge the client for it, but keep the money for themselves. If you work multiple sites, they cheat you out of overtime pay because it is "multiple sites". NoneEverything"

Patient Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Not sure about the security side, but the PSS side, I strongly advise against it. Do not let them fool you, you are literally just a number. For one. They give you set hours, 9/10 you’ll work 16 hour days and have to come in the next evening. This workplace overall just doesn’t care."

Private Security Officer (Current Employee) says

"Nothing but a number, payroll issues, site issues, will remove you from site for no reason and not care your family depends on your income. Emailed/Called HR local and corporate and they don't even care to respond."

Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"Worked for G4S for a year in 2008. Was ok at best. 12 years later I reapply. At first the hours and pay were what I wanted. However, after 2 phone interviews, an in person interview and going to do the paperwork at the main office, they keep changing the position and hours and lowering the pay significantly until it's minimum wage once you see the conditional offer in writing. I have worked for the company and site before, have a relative college degree and 6 years working experience and this is how they treat me. That is why they'll tell you they have huge turnover, people quit by just now showing up, and basic guards are promoted to site managers within a few months because the company is terrible from the top down. Do NOT apply, try somewhere else.Super easy workeverything"

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Do not respect staff. Management awful. Do not put in writing so have plausible denyability. Lots of problems but even after months of dealing with it. It is still ongoing. Was not dealt with even with predecessors.Pay good but not for what have to put up with.Everything"

Security Officer (Current Employee) says

"Work is easy to perform. Bad management. They no pay for all the hours you work. Operational manager do not know how to treat employees. They offer you overtime and have to many issues to pay you the hours. You claim for help no one respond and give you the round and round to not pay you. Very poor head management. Co-workersPoor head management."

Dispatcher/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"G4S is an employer who does not care for you in any way. You are nothing but a body to fill a spot. They will force you to work overtime and sack you the minute you can't. There is no room for growth unless you are buddies with management. Also it helps if you are white, any other race and good luck moving up or keeping a job longer than 4 months. NoneHours, Everything"

Guard (Current Employee) says

"avoid like the plague infact id rather meet the plague than the line manager for birmingham. He is the most grotesque individual and selfish unfair person ive ever worked for. He'll abuse you over the phone and be cautious of whats said threw email or any other correspondence His senior managers above him are belligerent ignorant and unfair,they also overlook the 70+ grievances hes received over the 20+ years hes worked for the company. MY ADVICE DODGE G4S LIKE A BULLETNoneeugene B"

Human Resources Generalist (Former Employee) says

"While I can't speak for other regions, the St. Louis Operations Manager, HR Manager, and HR Director lack the competency to support the overall mission. They set you up for failure and offer no assistance to help you succeed. In fact, they overwork you and the pay is subpar, at best. You are not allowed to do your job without their interference which causes you to fail in your position and then they blame you for the failures. I would not recommend working for the St. Louis team.HoursManagement"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"They schedule phone interviews, meetings and fail to adhere to them. They would expect their employees to arrive on time yet the company cant even do that."

Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"Every other week the site supervisor threatens to fire someone or write the whole site up over some BS. The rules are constantly changing and The client is not a pleasant person to work with and you’re basically expected to kiss his feet. If a guard calls out (which they do all the time) you will be expected to stay another 8 hours and they don’t care if you’re tired.Beats having no job at allEverything listed above"

Amy Oram says

"A G4S van hit my car on the 2nd of June, I’m shocked at the poor and lack of communication. I work for the NHS and need my car to commute to work ! They have given false information to there insurance company, all in attempt to get the claim to a 50/50. The transport manager has been nothing but abusive and unhelpful, even telling me not to contact them ! Discussing behaviour to an NHS worker !"

Catherine Heckford-Dickinson says

"I attended the Humber Bridge car park in Hull, yesterday, at 8.00am, for a Covid19 test. My treatment by G4S was nothing short of abusive. I was asked a question which confused me regarding whether or not I was having an 'assisted test'. Wanting to be helpful, I said that I 'didn't mind'. This member of staff then bellowed through my windscreen 'ARE YOU TAKING THE P*** OR WHAT?!!' He then slapped a laminated letter A on my windscreen - not the most sensible place to put it considering that it was raining and I might have needed to use my windscreen wipers whilst I drove to the next part! The people who actually did the test were excellent and compassionate. It's a pity that they're having to work with G4S. I've lodged an official complaint."

David Reid says

"Calibre of security staff is terrible. I worked with them and had to leave placing myself in a bad financial situation. SIA really should be doing more to regulate. Formal written examination unlike the utterly pathetic multiple choice on offer. G4S manager was unreal. Ignore staff. Disappear. Bad weather they wanted us to sleep on the on-site hotel. So we were here for morning shift. No interest in personal circumstances. We all went home and we all couldn't get in. Terrible set of circumstances. Guarding a site. I wouldn't trust them to watch my pond. No"

Brent Iwasaki says

"They are bunch BS people working there. I got hired did all my training and gaurdcard they made me wait the whole time during the month pretending to process the guard card but never sent it to the state. They said I’m not dependable just because I tried to change my availability per email and made me feel like the bad guy and no clear communication what so ever. They made me uneasy the whole time and thought I was going to get the assignment to work but no. During the Pandemic and trying to survive to pay my bills and support my family and unemployment was complicated. I guess good guys come in last and there is too much favoritism in this company and discrimination involve."

Joe says

"Work for G4S in Charlotte, N.C. At Bank of America Corporate as armed CPO! G4S has a no force policy, meaning you have no pepper spray, no baton/ASP, no handcuffs or taser! G4S issues a loaded .40 cal., Glock! On 3rd Shift you deal with drunks, street thugs, psychotic homeless people! WTF over! Bank of America doesn’t give a rat’s A** about your safety! The pay and benefits are good! Management is poor and you are just a warm body in a uniform! Beware of this company!! "

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