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VIPRE Email Security, (also known as VIPRE or VIPRE Security) a brand of j2 Global, develops cybersecurity products focused on endpoint and email security along with advanced threat intelligence applications. VIPRE is based in Clearwater, Florida.

Randy angrily mentioned, "Fusemail is horrible! In this last month of February 2012, I have had my final horrible experience with Fusemail that started two years ago. Consistently they had problems with ATT Business mail. Normally, it would take 1.5 weeks to fix; however, this last time they failed with a fix for over three weeks. This failure has ended my four year relationship with this Canadian company. Ray Cossette, the head of tech support, is one of the main foot draggers in the company. This Canadian has kept his position of ‘putting off till tomorrow what he could not do today’. I found that Cossette was unable to get out of his denial and admit, like other techs were willing to do, that Fusemail has a hard time keeping in sync with certain carriers. I kept my email log to the support team to publish so that the world can see how businesses, like Fusemail, can shoot themselves in the foot while leaving a bad taste in the consumer’s mouth. I want my money back...!"


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Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Learned a lot. Was in sales, but role involved alot of direct technology setup, provisioning and training. Great company to get 'thrown into technology' and learn a lot. Cons: pay, recognition and hours"

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"I have been working at FuseMail LLC. full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Not much room for improvement"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at FuseMail LLC. full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Everything. Terrible work life balance, the products are absolutely horrible quality, customers hate the service, support is clueless and staff is underpaid and overworked. On the development team we put out the worst quality products in the industry, we're lucky if the release works but we'll still put it into production. Pay is in the basement compared to what other companies in Vancouver are paying, salary increments and R&R program is weak."

Former Employee - Senior Developer says

"I worked at FuseMail LLC. full-time for more than a year Cons: Horrible management, although ex-manager once said this is the best development team in company, 70 percent engineers in development department left within one year. 2 team leaders quit too. this number did not include one engineer to be laid-off and one engineer not to pass prohibition. the day I quitted from this company was the happiest day in my career until now."

Former Employee - Senior Web Applications Developer says

"I worked at FuseMail LLC. full-time for less than a year Cons: I was working for Burnaby Canada office. I was there just for 4 month before I quit. In that short time 5 people left including my manager and my project leader who were interviewing me. After I left another three people left including newly hired manager. Before they hire you they do very lengthy background check (mine took 3 weeks to complete), the only references they accept are your former managers. They treat developers like factory line workers, hire and fire management style. They already have lost too many skilled developers. It's dying company. I would not recommend that company to anyone, stay away from them or else you are gonna find out what's wrong with them but that may hurt."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at FuseMail LLC. full-time Cons: Punchclock applies to salaried workers. Telecommuting is prohibited. No overtime pay, but overtime work is expected. Salaries are well below market rates. Raises are small and rare. Bonuses erratic. Internal career track nonexistent. Vacations recently clawed back. Sabbatical or leave-of-absence nonexistent. Corporate policy prohibits managers from providing references for employees, current or departed. When people leave, company consistently fails to pay outstanding vacation amount owed. No effort expended to retain talent. Leadership is apparently unfamiliar with products. No product plan or strategy conveyed to staff. Fragmented product line, most of which is in disrepair and/or out-of-date. Instead of addressing real service problems, they change the slogans and website colors. Recently dropped established, respected brand (ElectricMail) and replaced it with acquired brand (FuseMail), resulting in customer confusion and repudiation. There used to be a Foosball table, but the CEO at j2 (the parent company) doesn't consider Foosball an acceptable office activity."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at FuseMail LLC. full-time Cons: - Hard to get the resources you need to get the job done - Focus more on revenue than a great customer experience"