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Full Sail University is a private, for-profit university in Winter Park, Florida. It was formerly a recording studio in Ohio named Full Sail Productions and Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts. The school moved to Florida in 1980 and began offering online degrees in 2007.

A sophomore mentioned, "Full Sail University is not cheap and on this times we are living with coronavirus a lot of families including me have been affected one way or another. The government just gave 1,000 help for the students but full sail decide they are too good to accept this. They are charging the students as if they were taking classes on campus when the campus has been closed since March and it was you who decided to switch to online programs. Basically you will lose the scholarship and if later on you decide to go back to campus classes you won't get them back. But in the present time Full Sail is not giving or offering any other help or discounts because basically all they want is money and not to help the students. This is the true face of Full Sail"


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Admissions Representative (Former Employee) says

"Working for this company has cause a lot more stress than I ever had at any job. I worked with students and they were AMAZING! but the admissions does have certain quotas you have to meet and you will get in trouble if you do not make those goals. I followed what they told me do to on the call reviews, but they always picked something else wrong. Eventually, I didn't feel like I was at work. It was more like I was slaving away for someone else's paycheck to fill up while I have a lot of mental issues to deal with cause of this job. Cons: Everything"

Student Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Stay away from this place - I was so harassed here that I went through a burnout because of this - you will not make enough enough to start & the company has a bad reputation through the states including Florida. Go somewhere else as a starter job & just avoid this place - cancel your interview - stay away."

Online Admissions Advisor (Former Employee) says

"I was honored to work @ Full Sail. However, they lack compassion, care & understanding. There isn’t any stability. You can be fired w/out any notice. Cons: Pay, You feel like you don’t have a secured job, bias"

Lab Instructor (Former Employee) says

"Working at Full Sail was a mistake that has essentially killed my career. This is a company that is run for the benefit of the owners and a handful of top executives. Students and instructors are a very low priority. Hours are long and unreasonable. The quality of students is very poor....there are virtually no admissions requirements other than having a pulse and a check that will clear. The company constantly claims that it is having financial difficulties that require cuts in pay and bonuses and then throws lavish social functions for top management. The marketing department is larger and better paid than than the teaching staff...that should be a red flag. Cons: Toxic workplace, no work-life balance, incompetent management"

Demo Reel Creation Lab Instructor (Former Employee) says

"Awful work environment with awful management doing terrible work at a machine outputting untrained students for jobs that will never repay their school loans. Horrific working environment for very little pay. Cons: everything else about the job"

Course Director, Show Production Bachelor (Current Employee) says

"This place will require you to work well above your pay rate. While others will be getting paid more for less work. You are required to work well other 50 to 60 hours a week. They don't care, you are not a human to them just a machine. Cons: Literally the worst management."

Studio Artist (Former Employee) says

"This company is a travesty. The upper management doesn't seem to know how to make decisions that don't affect the employee base negatively. They also don't seem to have education s their highest priority. Promotions are few and far between, even when many people leave, their roles are not re-filled. Management doesn't seem to care about personal convictions and working with individuals when difficult times come. They charge a high price to students and this does not translate to a well oiled employee base. Bad managers flourish here and prey on their subordinates with no hope of support or repercussion. Fear of being let go is constant."

Executive Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Company is about rapping students with tuition and paying executives high pay leaving the rest of the workers with low wages. The company culture is poor. Cons: everything else"

Assistant Producer, Radiology Training Game (Former Employee) says

"No one pretty much takes anything seriously unless it's management and it hurts them. Cons: everything else."

Researcher (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for nearly three months, I was constantly abused by a coworker and when I spoke up, I was fired. The school is a sham, they try to create new programs for students based on skewed and often false data. The school should be shut down or at the least lose accreditation."

Demo Reel Creation Lab Instructor (Former Employee) says

"The whole machine known as Full Sail centers around year round throughput. There is no care for the students learning environment and all are treated as cattle. Quantity over quality. Regardless of skill level all are given same treatment and so long as tuition is paid...if check clears you graduate with a degree. Schooling schedule is compressed to take advantage of constant output and staff make barely minimum wage when amount of hours and workload is taken into account. Students are "EXPECTED" to be automatons and go without sleep in order to attend classes and handle their sometimes 19hr work days! Cons: work hours, management"

Course Director (Current Employee) says

"The majority of the younger faculty are fun, talented, and hard-working. Sadly, there are some that have psychological issues that greatly impact their ability to work, and this has presented huge problems in management. Since behavior evaluations are not part of the interview process, know that you will be on a team that is not thoroughly examined. Management is not properly trained or educated in management of these issues, either. The consequences of not having trained management is that they shoot from the hip and justify their decisions but don't own the consequences to those decisions. Additionally, they hire graduates from FS, which dilutes the experience for those who have a ton of experience and education elsewhere. This makes it feel like the school lacks integrity, and they "place" graduates into jobs at FS to make the graduate/job numbers look good to accreditation. It's shady. The more I learn, the more I'm disappointed in the institution. Cons: Management needs training in how to manage"

Inbound Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This was my first job out of college and I only heard great things about it so I was so excited to start! When you start they make you feel like you are this family and that everyone is supportive of each other. That this company is laid back, fun atmosphere, supports your dream. That’s until you get out of NEO and go to your department. I was in inbound support/outbound/ reception/call center/admissions. I honesty never knew what my title was because there were so many job descriptions... Cons: Being treated like a child. Schedule. Pay. Leadership"

Lab Monitor (Current Employee) says

"The job is boring and is very relaxed on your hrs you work. Furthermore, this will help put you back on track with getting some alone time and focusing on your work. The complications come in when you need to get more time and money but they constantly overbook rooms an have no time to talk to the students or care about schedule changes. Very poor management. Cons: Poor management, and bad hrs."

Lab Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Life starts to resemble the students. Working all hours of day and night, sleep deprived is an understatement. Coworkers are great and in the same boat. Cons: All hours"

Online Enrollment Guide (Former Employee) says

"I met some truly amazing people while working here, but my experience with my managers and the work culture was nothing short of a nightmare. I was told I would be helping students, which I am passionate about, but they didn’t tell me everything. From mandatory weekend shifts, shifts over 8 hours, employee metrics that were publicly posted and evaluated, constant surprise quality assurance assessments, pressure to work faster and faster, to low compensation and little praise - I burnt out very quickly and I think a lot of employees do. My managers unfortunately didn’t seem to understand that they were creating a toxic environment where intense pressure was put on perfection and mass caseloads. It’s impossible to transfer departments without “doing your time” in the call center type jobs. Thankfully I was able to go to a job that better respected my skills and boundaries. I am positive Full Sail has departments that are wonderful to work it, but I wouldn’t consider the online departments to be among them. If you’re considering a job in enrollment, student success, financial aid, etc... at Full Sail, my advice is to ask a lot of detailed questions about schedules, daily workload, assessments, and expectations before accepting the position. Cons: Management, metrics, scheduling, compensation"

Admissions Representative (Current Employee) says

"I've been at this job for four years and management will work you to the bone. The benefits are nice but lose a hefty amount of money from each check to keep these. Also, as a smoker they charge double to keep the same benefits you have earned. Higherup will demand from you never ending where you feel like your a hamster on a wheel with no end point."


"It was ok....a lot of push to get students admitted regardless of if they should be or not. Layoffs are pretty frequent there now. Great Christmas party!"

Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Great place to start a career, not good for the long term, the benefits are not great, no work life balance. Managers are all friends and drink the kool-aid. Not a stable environment, overall it's fun great to work with the students but not a professional work environment. Cons: Poor management across the company, they promote their friends"

ACADEMIC ADVISOR (Current Employee) says

"It is a job not a career. Management is lackluster. I do not recommend getting a job here and expecting to grow. Management micro-manages."

Former Employee - Inbound Support says

"I worked at Full Sail University full-time for more than a year Cons: Multiple call outs, micromanaged by leadership, predatory practices"

Former Employee - Tier I Inbound Customer Service Rep. says

"I worked at Full Sail University full-time for less than a year Cons: Fake culture, false positive attitude, group think, silly political climate."

Former Employee - Director says

"I worked at Full Sail University full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Faculty are told to water down curriculum so all students can pass. This is labeled as many other things so as to pretend like that's not what is happening. After dumbing down classes for years, there's not much left here."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Full Sail University full-time Cons: Management only cares about image and money. They will lie and discriminate to achieve goals. They fired a long-time employee who they felt wasn't young enough for their image. They spy on employees. Horrible place to work if you have ethics."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Full Sail University full-time Cons: Ran by amateurs, unprofessional, inbound agebts really miss out on a lot. Paid the least but expected to do the most. Constantly taking inbound and making outbound calls no matter if it’s a holiday"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Full Sail University full-time for more than 10 years Cons: This company openly lies to parents of prospective students with a "do anything to enroll them" attitude. They even conscript faculty to do the lying every fourth Sunday. The educational management approves of posting "possible" jobs upon graduation that do not reflect the curriculum. In meetings, executive educational management has openly stated, "don't worry about not preparing them." It goes all the way up to the profit sharers..."

Course Director says

"I have been working at Full Sail University for more than 3 years Cons: Program directors unwilling to give consequences to students' plagiarism and poor assignment submissions, even going as far as to bar faculty from alerting Student Conduct services for repeat offenders. Benefits were bare minimum and faculty often worked 50+ hours/week to keep up with student load."

Former Employee - Teacher says

"I worked at Full Sail University full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Pay cuts for teachers but no one else Program director will not back up teachers Teachers treated like second-class citizens Teachers are so unhappy and disgruntled I'm surprised there hasn't been a shooting!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Full Sail University full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Upper management is out of touch with employees, Most cases, management is unqualified. Promotions are based more on popularity than qualifications. Employees are underpaid and overworked while upper management receives bonuses and perks. Merit raises are not available"

Former Employee - Associate Course Director says

"I worked at Full Sail University full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Started out great, but recent changes made a lot of people leave. They won’t rehire and as an employee, or “Full Sail Family Member” you’re expected to pick up extra classes and multiple students with little to no overtime or adjunct pay. A lot of instructors are taking on more classes that they can handle, yet they are all still expected to find the free time to work on their own art. They want good, fast, and cheap all the time and no less. There’s no down time to fix or review your own curriculum when you’re pulling in a new class every month. You’ll quickly find that trying to get quality work out of these students isn’t what they want. They want them pushed through the degree mill and you’re a well oiled cog in that machine. They allow students who are repeating to submit their work that they’ve already had graded multiple times. This allows for a lot of grey areas for the student to constantly fight their grades. Get used to the idea that students have more power than instructors. Students are allowed to file formal complaints on a whim, so if a student decides they don’t like you for some trivial reason, like they got mad that you caught them plagiarizing work from the internet, they can file a formal complaint. This then triggers a massive investigation of all of your e-mail correspondence between students, recorded phone calls, and chat logs. If your superiors decide you were in the wrong for any reason what so ever, you have to retake continuing education classes on communication and are written up. They promise promotions year after year and then give the promotions to people who are less qualified with less work experience, but are easy for upper management to manipulate. They will give you the work of the same promotion because the person they promoted isn’t qualified to do the work, yet not pay you to pick up the slack. Stay away. They do not care for their staff like they used to and it’s a mess. Speaking up only puts a target on your back and you’ll be quickly managed out of your position. HR States they know of the issues but there isn’t anything they can do about it. Upper management Raise cuts Work to life ratio No respect for instructors anymore"

BurningRubb3r says

"Annoying fake-company that keeps spamming we with emails. Email-material available on request."

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