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Fulham Football Club is an English professional association football club based in Fulham, London. They currently compete in the Premier League, the highest level of the English football league system. Founded in 1879, they are London's oldest football club playing professionally.The club has spent 27 seasons in English football's top division, the majority of which have come in two periods during

An angry fan mentioned, "I have been a member of Fulham FC for two years and travel when I can from Notts to see them with a friend or friends. This means substantial costs for travel and accommodation and top price tickets over the internet. So, the visits are not cheap and I expect the club to offer facilities which reflect the costs involved. On 2 Nov 13 I took my wife to the Fulham v Man Utd fixture and we were allocated seats in Block H5 Row XX Seats 128 and 129. When we arrived only 1 steward was there and he was very chatty but he indicated that he would support us if those in front stood up and we could not see. Obviously, he anticipated what was about to occur. The crowd gathered, and, as soon as the game started everyone in the six rows in front of us continued to stand. My wife is small and could not see a thing. The steward disappeared and his replacement tried with valour to get this mob to sit in their seats but to no avail. They argued, refused to hand over their tickets and thwarted the poor chap by sheer weight of numbers. He had absolutely no support from other stewards to sort the rabble out. They shouted verbal abuse at fellow supporters and sexually insulted the cheer leaders who appeared at half time as entertainment. Fulham football club clearly know this is a problem area by the first steward's comments about what I should expect before any other fans had arrived. Why then are they selling tickets to the public who would not touch them if they knew they were not going to see the match, or, were going to have to listen to obscene language and sexual abuse. Fulham FC are ignoring what is going on in their stadium because these so called fans are season ticket holders. Fulham FC have terms and conditions that must be adhered to and these idiots breach many without being ejected. The cost to others it seems does not matter to Fulham FC. I personally expressed my concern to the steward who was at least trying to do something but, he was unable to offer any satisfactory resolution. (Stand in the gangway i.e. the one he was trying to clear) Grab the nettle Fulham FC. Use your CCTV Cameras and get a grip of this situation. You have a cancerous group of fans in this locality which will destroy any goodwill the Club have for a wider fan base. You do not have to live in Fulham to support the Club. This particular group are hostile and remind me of those animals that contributed to all football's ails in the 70's . Sort it now."


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Elliott Whitehead says

"Don't trust Scott Parker, he's dodgy and that's why he always looks like hes pranging the police will come along when he's in an interview."