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Since 1976 Stretch Island Fruit Co. has been providing tasty, simple fruit snacks crafted in small batches in our very own facility in the town of Allyn, Washington. It’s here that we put our hearts and minds into making life simpler, sweeter, and more wholesome. We believe in the power of nature to help nourish and sustain us, and that sometimes less is truly more. Celebrate the tasty goodness of real fruit everywhere you go with Stretch Island Fruit Co.™ Original Fruit Strips and FruitaBü® Smoooshed® Fruit Rools.

You can read about the not so great things about Fruitabu on, "The Strawberry flavor of the Fruitabu Organic Smooshed Fruit Rolls doesn’t really stand out. The roll is not very long, only 19.5 inches of interestingness. The Paper it is rolled up with is not edible. Might be difficult to find."


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