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Frigidaire Appliance Company is the US consumer and commercial home appliances brand subsidiary of European parent company Electrolux.

"I purchased Frigidaire Gallery appliances for my new kitchen in 2016. The dishwasher stopped working last January after the extended warranty I purchased had expired. The repairman said the motherboard was burned up. He replaced it, and the cost was around $400. Today it stopped working again. Do not buy Frigidaire, even if the price is tempting. Piece of junk! Getting another brand."

That was the opinion of Frigidaire that Patricia from Ohio shared in Consumer Affairs on August 2020.


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Assembler & Pack-out Associate (Former Employee) says

"Liked working there until plant was shut down and moved to Korea."

Supervisor of Computer Operations (Former Employee) says

"Due to poor management, innovation and increased productivity went unrewarded. The company had several presidents with poor management skills, while I worked there. Errors in judgement were made that cost the company millions. Lapses in judgment took various forms, such as (1) an attempt to restart a month-end, quarter-end, year end, computer scheduled update, after it had been running several hours. Their accounts were rendered inaudible for six months. (2) Appliances were sold at cost, to liquidate that model, but were remanufactured because someone forgot to deactivate the automatic reordering program. (3) An attempt to move inventory to a centralized location, to facilitate shipping, was estimated to cost two million dollars. It cost six million dollars to complete. It goes on and on. To compensate, they reduced staff by outsourcing departments. Some department managers refused employees the opportunity to transfer into their department because they had the wrong DNA. So much for that.A jobVery poor management"

Level Operator (Former Employee) says

"Good place to work for always stuff to do that keeps you busy for your shift not boring at all . Lots of training offered to everyone.If full time employee great chance for advancements other areas."

Level Operator (Former Employee) says

"Always challenging.All areas of the start to finish product.Management was just great.Co-workers was good people to be around.Working at night and adjusting to the changing in sleep habits.Never boring.always a chance to move up.just waiting on turn to do so."

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"Great place to work and get factory experience, working towards a better career. You benefit towards the field of maintenance. Some degrees are required for advancement.benefits"

Lead Assembly Technician (Former Employee) says

"If you are a felon and hard finding a job this will do at the least. the pay is no good. the management is strict. the environment is hot which didn't bother me but most people and Working Conditions"

Operator 1 (Former Employee) says

"I have been required to leave a review here apparently. Everything said here by potential hires should be disregarded because it was over twenty years ago that I worked there.paycheck, close to homeunfair extra smoke breaks for smokers only."

Barbara Davies says

"I bought Model FFTR1835VB, top freezer refrigerator and it was delivered 1/14/2021. I did not realize that I would need to spend hours picking little shards of plastic out of the doors ! The plastic covering on the doors to protect the finish is actually glued into the door seams, so after removal of the sheet of plastic you are left with an ugly little fringe of plastic everywhere. No solvent can be used without damaging the finish. Home Depot said you just have to keep working on carefully picking it out. I am 72 now - hope to finish before I die."

Brenda says

"Please don't purchase any of Frigidaire appliances. I hate I wasted my money on all their appliances Refrigeration, dishwasher and stove I had to have work done on all of them 2 or 3 times before my warranty ran out."

GQC says

"DO NOT buy a Frigidaire fridge or freezer. They break very quickly and are poorly made. I had 3 Frigidaire appliances break on me. I bought a freezer from Costco and it stopped freezing after only a couple of months. I took it back and got a 2nd one which was a big mistake. This 2nd freezer broke after 6.5 months. Completely thawed out all my food and stopped working. I also have a fridge by Frigidaire that had a door that would not stay shut. It took months of calls between Frigidaire and Costco to finally get them to take that fridge back. What a waste of time."

Duane says

"Do NOT buy a frigidaire cooktop! I bought one in March and it had a problem with a burner. I am reasonable and understand that things can break. I have since called the service department on at least 11 occasions. Each time is a nightmare to get to speak with a person. After pushing around 14 buttons to get to a person, I have had them hang up on me, cancel my service twice without notification and now I have to wait for a month to get a tech out to look at it. This is after waiting a month for all of the other cancelations and difficult communications to unravel. I am SO done with this company!"

Justin Hess says

"These are garbage, cheaply made,terrible customer service."

Elna Johnson Drake says

"I can't believe it, I just got hung up on by the Frigidaire customer service. I called because they pulled a no call no show for Monday December 7th saying my appointment is not until Thursday December 10th. I scheduled it for Monday the 7th. I have an email from them showing its the 7th, a text messages for the 7th also tracking that they were gonna be out the 7th. (Well I see here shows the 10th) why didn't anybody call and let me know??? Have a nice day! CLICK..REALLY?"

oldtechnician oldtechnician says

"We ordered a Frigidaire fridge from Home Depot on October 22, 2020. It was delivered on November 6, 2020. The delivery people were extremely disappointing, as compared to the delivery that we experienced with our previous fridge purchase from Home Depot about 5 years ago. Even though I paid for setup, they refused to reverse the doors, in spite of the fact that they had to remove them to get the fridge in the house. They left it with the protective wrap, packing, tape, etc. When I got home from work, I had hours of work to do. And then, they either laid it on it's side, or let it tip over in their truck, because they said that we couldn't plug it in for 24 hours. Very inconsiderate of the customer's needs, if you ask me. Maybe it did fall over in their truck, because it stopped cooling after 2 weeks. Early Monday morning, I was on the phone, struggling to get some help. After many frustrating hours of screwing around on the phone and internet, I finally got ahold of the local business that preforms warranty service for Frigidaire. Grand Rapids is the second largest metropolis in Michigan, but there's only one warranty provider. They told me that they were booked up until after Thanksgiving. The Monday after Thanksgiving, the technician came, and said that he was going to have to order a condenser, and would return the following Monday to get the fridge working. That was today---no show. They are supposed to come back on Thursday, but I have no idea when we will have a working fridge, or how long it will last before I have to repeat this whole nightmare. I didn't have time to fully explain how miserable this experience has been, but suffice to say that I learned my lesson about buying from a big box store. As long as there are locally owned appliance stores, I will never buy another appliance from anyone else. A locally owned appliance store would not have left us without a fridge for 3 weeks. I have been talking to everyone I know, and it seems that the fridges from the big box stores are cheaper-built, and only last 4-7 years, whereas the fridges from the local appliance stores last 15 years. Anyway, I am not a happy customer."

Matt says

"I purchased a Frigidaire "Professional" refrigerator last year. It was deemed defective and therefore replaced. I received the replacement on May 2, 2020, it too was came with several defects namely: the doors were warped (2 replaced and still waiting for the third), the compressor is noisy, the water dispenser doesn't dispense cold water as the sales person advised, frost builds up in the fridge and I get freezer burn in my freezer. As such, I have thrown out $$$ of dollars in food. I have had the repair company attend my house at least 5 times, Frigidaire refuses to escalate my issue to a manager willing to take the call (they hide behind the front line workers). I am stuck with a defective fridge costing thousands of dollars and repairs that still have yet to be performed on this defective unit. Electrolux owns Frigidaire and I cannot get anyone to resolve the defective product issues after 7 months."

Gladys says

"Our manufactured home that we bought new in October, 2018 came with Frigidaire appliances. At the 18 months mark the handle to open it broke in half. Company said “it’s out of warranty”. So, $54.78 bought the part and my one-armed husband and I changed it It has a Frigidaire microwave also. It died yesterday! 2 years and 1 month! I have a 1999 Kenmore microwave at work that is still going strong! We have a very limited budget with me being a teacher in public schools and him being a disabled veteran ($1000 a month) and a new house note that wipes his out! When we can put up enough to replace the microwave it WON’T be Frigidaire! 18 months on the dishwasher and 25 on the microwave. The light and fan still work on it but no heat! I’m sure the refrigerator and stove aren’t far behind either. I’m sick!"

Brett Burns says

"Warranty repair needed. Repair guy comes out, orders parts, Installed parts a month later. Still not work. Learn that a repair person has to attempt 3 times before replace appliance. Thats a total of 6 different visits where you have to miss work to meet the 4 to 8 hour window of repairman arrival. When I requested to speak to a supervisor I was told its a 45 min wait to speak to a supervisor. They dont refund money. Just overall service attitude is zilch. I will be trying to rid myself of all the new kitchen appliances from Frigidair that I purchased extended warranties on due to the EXTREME amount of hassel it takes to claim anything. A 1 star is actually just so it shows up."

faust pier says

"Frigidaire does not warrant their products. The washer-dryer combo listed below was delivered and installed by a local retailer. The dryer had venting problems immediately. Three technicians came to service the problems over a period of one month. All three service technicians agreed that I had a problem that none of them could fix. Basically that is the end of the story because Frigidaire would not repair or replace the unit. I recommend never buying from this company as they do not guarantee their products. MODEL FFLG4033QW1 SERIAL 4E74405403 FRIGIDAIRE/ELECTROLUX WASHER-DRYER 27 Inch Gas Laundry Center with 3.8 cu. ft. Washer Capacity, 11 Wash Cycles, 5.9 cu. ft. Dryer Capacity, 4 Dry Cycles, Energy Star Certified, Auto Dry, UL Certification in White"

Alice Little says

"This company is so full of it!! I hate they can continue selling this product. My fridge has all these cracks on the inside back walls like 6 of them and one one the front right hand side. The person that came to look at it said the fridge needed to be replaced and the company is saying it can be taped up. I have tried to dispute this issue but the people that answer the phone state that I can not escalate this because they have no supervisor and the are the one that made those decisions. Robin would not let me talk to any one and the are sending someone else to tape it up. Please don’t buy anything that has Frigidaire on it they are a ripoff."

Jaclyn Lariviere says

"My fridge was purchased less than 9 months ago and already stopped working. I called frigidaire customer service and had to go through multiple automated messages and run in circles before I finally got a person on the line almost an hour later. Then they tried to give me some dumb reason that they wouldn't honor warranty despite being less than a year old, and wouldn't let me speak to a manager because they were too busy. Then I contacted a frigidaire-recommended repair company who was only able to come out a week later. They come and immediately identify the compressor is broken and they don't do those sorts of repairs (it would be more expensive than the fridge), so recommend a new fridge. The repair company said they would call frigidaire to let them know and someone would contact me, but never did. So a few days later I called to follow up. At this point frigidaire claims they have another repair company who CAN fix this sort of issue, and I even asked them to double check because if they couldn't fix it then that's another week wasted.. they assured me the company does the repair I need. I wait another week for that repair company to come and tell me they don't do this type of repair on this type of fridge, and goes so far as to say he doesn't know a single repair company in the area that does. So of course I have to call frigidaire yet again (an hour hold every time). At this point I've been without a fridge over 2 weeks. I call frigidaire and they insist they want to try yet a third repair company to fix the fridge, but that company isn't answering so they will get back to me in a week with possible options. I am basically begging them to replace the fridge at this point and asked the agent to do whatever she could to escalate, but as nice as she was, very little seems to be in her power. I just cant believe a company would care so little about standing behind the quality of its products and customer satisfaction. I would never EVER buy another frigidaire product, and will be sharing this info with everyone I can to hopefully prevent them from having the same bad experience."

Michael Kinder says

"Got a dishwasher and it started working for a week after that it started leaking a little bit and then it started leaking more and contaced Frigidaire and they sent a group out to work on it . It only 5 months old and only used it for three months , for the last two months repair every week or supposed to be waiting on parts and now they worked on it and it works worse now . Got to wait for more parts if I was anyone do not buy frigidaire product they will run you around and screw you over think before buying these products"

Arsalan Mallik says

"Purchased Frigidaire Standup freezer On Aug-25-2020; 1 Week later green light at the bottom started flasing and freezer started beeping. Every thing in side freezer on top half shelves defrosted. Pulled every thing out and powered off the freezer for 48 hours with doors open. Plug it in and worked as expected. 2 Weeks later whole saga repeated. Keep in mind thermostat is set at "Recomended" Called customer support of Frigidaire at 1-800-374-4432 and auto mated system asked us our zip and gave us the phone number of a company in Texas 888-845-8226. Called that number and got a message no longer in service. Frigidaire standup freezer is Junk and No customer service what so ever. Will see if we can return the unit as it is less than 30 days old."

Alan Merena says

"I have a gallery series fghs2342lf1 refridgerator and I will never buy another one again! From the start I had problems with ice cube jamming. I had to replace the water inlet valve. The water dispenser doesn't shut off as well as the ice dispenser. I tried to order a new solenoid 3 times and each time the wrong one was sent. I also had to replace the ice maker Itself I might add. Don't waste your money on this overpriced pile of junk!"

Yvonne YS says

"I purchased my Frigidaire (Model# FGHB2844LPD Serial# 4A22916657) refrigerator brand new from Sears 6 years ago on October 4, 2014 and now the insulation that the factory-installed has failed. Ice is growing on the outside on the back of my refrigerator which is causing my refrigerator to rust, on the inside of my refrigerator the insulation is coming out of the seams and falling apart, the ice maker has stopped working/ freezer food covered with frost and its not keeping the right temperature for my vegetables/produce! Meanwhile, I have had two appliance companies to come to my home and verify that my refrigerator is not repairable due to a manufacturer defect. I have been given the run around by Sears Home Warranty and both Sears Home Warranty & Frigidaire/Electrolux are refusing to replace my Frigidaire refrigerator. In conclusion, due to the manufacturer defect I am requesting that my refrigerator is picked up and is replaced with one that is comparable. My refrigerator should not have ice growing on the outside back etc. My refrigerator should last longer than 6 years. etc., SInce calls are recorded for training purposes I anticipate that someone in upper management can get the recordings of my dialogue that I've had with Sears Home Warranty & Frigidaire/Electrolux in order for me to get immediate resolution concerning this issue before my refrigerator completely goes out."