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Insurance Agent (Former Employee) says

"Freeway Insurance in Abilene, tx needs to find a new building and location immediately! We have so many IT issues that do not get resolved! But yet they wanna harass you about your sales! I literally have IT tickets from 2018 to now that still haven't been resolved! I have thousands of videos that's show what problems we have at Freeway! I have been an Insurance Agent for 8 years i never in my life have I had this many problems till I work at this company! What bothers me the post is when we close a sale , take their payment and then all of a sudden we can't send them their documents!!! Unbelievable and not very professional like I told the Vice President Sir my name is on these documents do you have any idea how its feels like to tell a client " your payment went through but unfortunately we are having IT issues we can't send your documents through Esign"!!!! Then us agents get hit with So you can take my payment but can't send documents!!! I have literally went round and round with the Vp, Dm about these problems filed complaints and still nothing!!! Cons: Start paying your Agents sick time, vacation time and FmLa if needed!!!"

Sales (Current Employee) says

"This was a horrible company to work for, I should never had trusted them. First they offer you the lowest pay ever, it doesn't matter if you are already licensed they offer the lowest most insulting pay and NO COMMISSION they like to hire you and promise you commission but I never saw any. Run away from this job. The hours are already set and vary but dont trust anyone from this company. Cons: Very short breaks 45 minutes for lunch and no commission"

Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"The company is managed terribly. There is no vacation, no paid time off, no holidays, health care is awful. Basically every fundamental job benefit is missing. The systems are terrible and cheap, they underpay licensed employees and managers and try to justify weak compensation with potential for “uncapped” earnings. Basically if you earn then ridiculous amounts of money then you’ll make what a normal licensed sales position would make before commission. The advancement process is terrible and an based on who’s favorites not performance and skill. I’ve worked 3 levels from producer to multi unit management and it never improved. You can get paid more for customer service entry level at other companies than you make as a manager here. Customer service is terrible, most clients are scammed or lied to and then disregarded as soon as their money is collected. After that if they call back for help they just get hung up on or transferred to Tijuana call center. Top to bottom missing all basic functions of a good company, terrible experience from employees to customer and they wonder why they have a 300% turnover rate. Cons: You’re working for One of the worst companies in industry"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"This office is managed by an ex owner that Freeway paid off to purchase the book of business for 3 times the value of Gross Sales over a 5 Year evaluation. So beware that you will charge fee's on every policy if you have a Broker License and if you don't take advantage of the insureds you will not service the company correctly. Cons: You learn how to be a Criminal"

Insurance Agent/Producer (Former Employee) says

"unfair practices. hiring people who have no customer service skills and speak to their customers any way they want. I LOVE MEETING PEOPLE SO THE ONLY GOOD THING IS I WAS ABLE TO HELP MANY PEOPLE WHO DIDN'T SPEAK ENGLISH"

Insurance Agent (Former Employee) says

"felt like a bird free when i wrote my last email describing how big of a circus this company truly is dont expect to ever come up financially lies management a big mess workplace bullys when i quit it was the best decision ever."

Licensed Insurance Agent (Former Employee) says

"I have never been in a insurance company that has ever treated people so poorly the manager in the tacoma location sucks and is so rude I would never recommend this company to anyone."

Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"Overall when I first began working I loved my job. Overtime I grew to learn this company only cares about numbers not employees nor their mental health. I would not recommend anyone work here."

Broker (Former Employee) says

"From a person who has loved every single job since a young age, Freeway has to be the worst place I have ever worked and the worst place for customers. Managers have zero training and are in competition with you. If you hit a certain number on policies, reviews, no DOI complains you can become a manager. Doesn't matter if you know how to be a manager, if you make the company money you because a higher position with bonus. An assist manager makes a bonus for maintaining a certain number of policies counts. As longest you are making someone money, Freeway does not care how you carry yourself or how you make the company look. As longest you show the District Manager numbers and when he is there show that you got the office down you get to keep your position and continue to get a bonus. Again for doing nothing. Management above them, District Manager is just as bad, there is no example of what management should be. The district manager can careless about you if you are not a top producer. The environment is hostile, unsanitary and beyond unprofessional. Whether it starts from the top down or down up not one person is professional and only think of different ways to make money by ripping people off. They invest so much money (they remind you everyday) on training. Showing you different ways to charge a $395 broker fee... doesn't sound bad right? However, they will charge the same customer the same amount every other month and say that they're current policy cancelled and because Freeway's particular customers don't investigate the situation they just believe in their broker. Policy Cons: Na"

Insurance Agent/Producer (Former Employee) says

"THEY NEVER ALLOW ME to write a policy in almost 1 year working there, Because They always said that i need to be training making phone calls and excuses to do things that don't really have sense! while They always keep the commissions & business with theyr own secret hired spanish friends and/or spanish mexican relatives MAFIA and share the dirty money between them. I never write a policy in almost 1 year working there because they always said that the training takes time before i write, so I quit after almost my 10th month and when i get hired on a different company I was able to write a policy on the FIRST DAY!"

Insurance Broker (Former Employee) says

"It’s really fast paced. They don’t care to get to know the clientele. They are writing policies on top of policies, while you are writing one policy you must start writing another policy. Cons: Very stressful"

Auto Insurance Broker (Former Employee) says

"We were asked time and time again to heavily charge our customers with our broker fee. If we didn't make the company enough money every pay period we would only get paid the minimum, no commision. I felt aweful having to charge customers who I knew couldn't afford to pay a lot for insurance, but we had to in order to try and make the required commision tier. I worked there for less than a year before I quit. Cons: Charging heavy broker fees"

Insurance Agent (Former Employee) says

"Do not work here! I warn you now. If you are trying to get your license work for them and let them pay for your training because it is pricey. As soon as that's done GET OUT!!!!! Cons: management is garbage and they make you work like if your wearing there shackles"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Horrible placed to work for. I hated working with freeway insurance all they want is money from other customers and cheap insurance. Commission was no fun and just the worst managers in the world."

customer service (Former Employee) says

"very childish. Look over there works,7.25 was the rate of pay and commission.The day consisted of calling all over Houston all day to get customers.Very boring not enough consist work daily.No Benifits"

Bilingual Insurance Sales Represntative (Former Employee) says

"Working at Freeway Insurance was a horrible mistake, they do not care about their employees and do not tend to recognize when agents achieve accomplishments."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"minimum wage base pay, they say there is commission but its unattainable if the office has you doing phone calls and doing customer service. I wouldn't recommend this job to someone who is starting off as they might pick up bad insurance habits, meaning paperwork and taking photos etc. I would advise to work for a small company when learning and then advance to a high traffic company."

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"it starts off great but after you have to pay for a test if you fail it and even if you pass it doesn't mean you get to keep your job. you have to deal with alot more then they let you know"

Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was a branch manager at one of the locations, i wouldve much rather stayed as an agent than be promoted i made just as much with much less stress and freedom"

Branch Manager (Current Employee) says

"The work is decent but with no advancement opportunities and a company policy that bans raises its not a job you can turn into a career. If you're looking for a temporary job its pretty easy to get hired because the turnover rate is so high. Cons: No advancement opportunities. No raises. Minimal recognition of accomplishments."