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Freecom is a German manufacturer of computer peripherals. Its products include USB hard disks (where the actual hard drive is manufactured by Samsung and others), USB flash drives, USB DVB-T television receivers and a data recovery service. The original President and CEO was Dick C. Hoogerdijk and Managing Director is Axel Lucassen. The company was founded in 1989 and sold to Mitsubishi Chemical.

A former employee shares her experience on, "The positive reviews on this site are really suspicious. Freecom employees have mentioned being coerced into writing positive reviews by management when negative ones appear, so take them with a grain of salt. Freecom can be VERY disorganized, which requires both flexibility and saint-like patience at times. Communication isn't always very clear and things could definitely be said in more straightforward and transparent ways so the teachers are clear on what's going on. There are also a lot of last-minute schedule changes which staff isn't always informed of. Sometimes employees are told, other times they are just expected to check the online schedule repeatedly for any last-minute changes which can lead to a lot of problems as you can imagine."


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Teacher says

"This review is quite clearly written by someone with an axe to grind and an ulterior motive other than giving a genuine review of a position and is completely at odds with the other reviews on this page. First of all, yes there is some travel involved as is the case with most growing companies in several locations but the facts have been grossly distorted here. The travel time to Fukushima city from Koriyama is under one hour and anyone who wants to check can do so easily by looking up any train schedule. Secondly, the once a month Tokyo journey is 4 hours by bus and the return leg is about an hour as we use Shinkansen (another fact omitted from this review). All of which is paid for by the company along with hotel which was also not mentioned. The first leg of the journey is made by bus as the teacher has all day free to travel and only teaches in the evening so there is no great need to get there in a rush. Again this is all paid for and during scheduled working hours and upon arrival the teacher has a free afternoon in Tokyo (not a bad deal IMO). The same teacher then has the entire next day to explore this great city. As far as pay is concerned we use a tiered pay system. Teachers with zero experience start at entry level salary and salary increases every six months as the teacher becomes better at the position and a more valuable asset to the company. I don't know of any other company that has raises so frequently. Should a staff member with no experience earn the same as someone with 5 or 10 years experience? There are events though never three times a month and we always encourage the staff to take part as they are fun, but not mandatory by any means. I'm not sure about the relevance of the social media comment? Most companies use social media to communicate. Should we make that information public? The groups are only 'secret' in the sense that only employees can read them. Is that wrong? In terms of notice, 3 months is required because of the nature of the position. Employing people from overseas takes time and we are usually thorough with our recruitment (although occasionally a bad one sneaks by). We have never fired anyone during their notice period. This is just a lie plain and simple. It's an interesting statement to make that we are unorganised as we're growing rapidly and moving into one of the biggest markets in the world. There aren't too many unorganised companies who manage such a feat. It also seems strange to complain about people being childish and petty in one breath and to personally insult people in the very next. Doesn't that constitute petty? So far the mass exodus predicted in this review is yet to happen. In fact since this was written we have added several members to our team and everyone seems to be getting on very well. The title of the review talks about lack of communication but the comments below do not shed any light on this accusation. Rather they highlight a person who is unwilling to work hard as part of a team and would much rather play the part of the victim blaming everyone else around them because it is easier than doing any self evaluation or reflection which may mean actually admitting that he or she does not know it all."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"First and foremost, I'm a female Japanese manager and I worked directly with this person for 10 months. When he applied for the position, his resume presented a professional teacher with six years experience working at the same company previously. In the attached profile photo, he looked respectable. However, upon arrival, he was scruffily dressed sporting hair down to his elbows and a big beard, which he refused to change even though Japanese business custom is to have hair down to the collar and be clean shaven. On top of this, he gave false information in his resume. He had worked at four different companies in four years. This would've been alarming as we are searching for someone with more stability. He made some points in his review of our company which are completely incorrect. In the 9 years of this company, he was the first not to pass probation. It seems like he was frustrated with being unable to adapt to Japanese business culture and to the high standards of Freecom. His review is empty and gives my branch no real information to improve. I'm very open to suggestions and have made several changes throughout my time. Freecom is very transparent and the senior management always tell us what they are planning and always tell the other branch managers to focus on team harmony. Freecom has several branches and this reviewer managed to manipulate members for self-benefit in a single location, my branch. Perhaps he doesn't have respect for female leaders. For anyone reading this, Freecom is a fantastic company that I'm extremely proud to work for. As a female Japanese employee, I have been given opportunities that I may not get in other companies in Japan. The senior management is aiming to turn Freecom into the leading company in the market in terms of quality and employee satisfaction. I hope that this was informative for the readers. This platform is mostly used by complainers but we feel that it is useful if used correctly."

Mr shaun dyson says

"I think that as a hosting site, it is already rather expensive an rather than helping makeing our website mobile friendly to remain competitive you want to charge extra for something that should be inclusive in this day and age."