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Friends Provident was an organisation offering life insurance based in the United Kingdom. It was founded as a mutual Friendly Society for Quakers, although it was demutualised in 2001 and became a publicly listed company, no longer linked with the Religious Society of Friends. On 29 March 2011 Friends Provident changed its trading name to Friends Life, although its registered name remains as Friends Provident.

An angry customer mentioned, "I have asked Friends Life several times for information about pension drawdown charges and restrictions, and all I get in return is a request for my personal information. I haven't got most of the information, as I stopped contributing to this plan decades ago. Although they send my statements by post they refuse to send anything generic through the post. Pathetic. Looking to transfer to my other pension plan asap, partly because the other one has performed notably better over the last 10 years, but also because this company seems to put every obstacle in my way that they can when I try to find out general information - I dread to think what they will be like when I try to access my money."


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Sophia McLean says

"Shockingly high fees and low returns. Not all information was disclosed by Financial advisor at the time of signing up. Please do yourself a favour and never lock into any contracts with Friends Provident, they will suck your money dry. Legalised theft."

Robert Wilkinson says

"This company has lied to me, it has deliberately ignored questions and it's directors refuse to accept responsibility - it's always the fault of everybody else They are a disgrace and lack all ethical standards"

Morten Lisse says

"Worst financial decision in our lives. These crooks also sold us worthless products, that they did not do any due diligence on. We are still locked in by the expensive schemes and outrageous penalty fees. It is legalized theft and a massive scam. Avoid them like the plague."

Ron Lincz says

"Stay away! They get one star only because there is no lower rating. They are legalized thieves. Worst mistake of my life. They charged extremely high fees and when your account equity is depleted, they open a LOC without authorization, withdraw even more fees against it and then charge you interest on the LOC. I tried complaining with the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority with no satisfaction...yet. They are life destroyers. If Karma is real, they've got a world of hurt coming down on them."

Tristan Girault says

"An absolute daylight corporate scam. Do not get anywhere near a locked savings plan with FPI (there are others out there) very high % fees initially sold as just 1% ? Turns out they are 6% and higher) astronomical early redemption charges which are applied through the length of the plan. A big if but if any of the funds are managed well, you might get back exactly what you put in after 6 or 7 years of premium paying , If you are lucky. Please do your research and avoid being stung by FPI and DeVere Acuma the FI firm selling these plans aggressively for commission"

James says

"DO NOT put any money into FPI and do not listen to your so called 'independent' financial advisor - in the UAE the majority are reaping huge rewards and incentivized to sell products. They have high fees and penalties of up to 100% - it should be illegal. Please make sure you seek INDEPENDENT advice or read-up on this subject first - within minutes you will see the mistake you would be making. Google Andrew Hallam, the journalist and he has some great insight into expat investing. Please don't make the same mistake as me - I have just received charges and penalties of 28k GBP for a fund worth 42k. At no point could this be right."

Franziska says

"I was sold a 25 (!) year plan 10 years ago through a scam firm called deVere in Dubai. surrender value today (so what I could take out today), so 10 years in and 15 years away from their "maturity date" is less than a third (!!!!) of what I paid in. according to the table I got at the time it should be at least 45% (still bad, but it shows that they are selling something else then they are doing). they take a probably illegal 6% (!!!!) in fees annually (I don't know what I was thinking when I signed this.... but they came highly recommended form some friends, so ... I was blind). so it's impossible to make money in this investment, even if the stock exchange races. it sucks beyond limits, but I am afraid I won't see any of my money before 2035. on top of that - the funds the useless "agent" recommended at the time have lost 20% of value. but I just found out at least I can switch funds myself via the FP website (after requesting to turn on that functionality from their customer service) - it always looked like I had to get back to "my broker" deVere for that. but I don't want to talk to these people anymore either. even though they keep calling and mailing me like a pain in the neck. the list of funds offered on the PFinternational portfolio is - however - very limited! it's actually a joke."

Jean Jacques WAlravens says

"Most Financial institutions aren’t particularly known for their customer service, but this one plays in a league of its own. I was a customer of this company for 15 years. 180 times I paid my monthly contribution nicely on time. Two months ago my policy matured and a month ago I requested the surrender of my policy. Since then dealing with their customer service has been living hell. With the notable exception of one lady in the customer service department I have been treated like dirt. I needed the proceeds of the policy to complete a real estate purchase today. I made that clear when I asked for the surrender 4 weeks ago. For the past two weeks I have been trying to get an answer to a simple question: “when will you transfer the money to my account?”. You would think that was easy to answer. Here are the answers I received so far (spoiler alert, I still have not received a concrete and unambiguous answer to my question): - “It is being treated with priority” (2 weeks ago). - “completion is IMMINENT” (10 days ago) - “payment has been authorised” (a week ago) - “The money will be on your account within 2 days” (a week ago) - “the payment has been processed” (6 days ago) ... and no it does not mean that the payment actually happened. - we cannot pay you yet because your funds need to be prices first (3 days ago) .... Hang on! I thought the payment had been authorised and processed and was going to be on my account within 2 days???????!!!!!!!! - “We will let you know when the money will be transferred. We will e-mail you today” (3 days ago)...still waiting - “payment is on the way” (today) .... so the money has been transfered? “No it is on the way” ..... What does that mean????? “We have instructed the bank to pay you”....so when will they pay me?????? “Don’t know, this is out of our control”. - “We will let you know when the money will be transferred. We will e-mail you today” (today)...where have I heard that one before????? So my simple question: “When will you transfer the money to my account” still remains unanswered 🤯🤬😡 I’ve had customer reps hanging up on me, 80% of my e-mails unanswered, treated with zero empathy and so on. Heed my advice: KEEP YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY"

Vernon says

"Terrible customer service. Everything is complicated beyond comprehension. Very very poor returns after 15 years. Wish I could give 0 stars."

Mrs Oseitutu says

"Lost about £20,000 to Friends Provident, through them and my broker Devere. Both companies made no effort to help me recover lost funds!"

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