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Foxtons Group plc is a British estate agency company dealing with both lettings and sales. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

An upset former employee said this on Indeed "Foxtons is an awful place to work, easy to get sucked in by the company car, phone and attractive starting salary (which only lasts 3 months before they put you on a painfully, unlivable salary and tell you to make it up with commission). Worked 12 hour days often 6 days a week as the senior staff would decide they didn't want to go into the office on weekends and it would be left to junior negotiators to handle".


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Former Employee - Sales Executive says

"Reading your review made me feel very sad. I respect your lived experience and your decision to share it along with your feelings on this platform. I hope to understand everything you have raised in more detail, so I can work to make any improvements to our organisation for both those currently working who may identify with your comments and for those who are yet to join. Feel free to contact me on: . Hopefully we can arrange a time to talk, email tends to lose the tone, which is so important in matters like this. Dom Scott Managing Director, Alexander Hall & Afro Foxtons Chair"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Diversity is a little bit off"

Former Employee - Negotiator says

"Poor Salary for hours of work."

Former Employee - Sales "Neg" Negotiator says

"First of all, if anyone who tells you it's "easy to progress" and you believe them, this is the company for you. There are 40-50 offices depending what has quietly closed this month, and 2 managers per office. Each manager has 4-8 staff under them. So you have a 1 in 8 chance at best of being promoted. And only then when a manager leaves. Then there are a handful of regional managers (erroneously and self-agrandisingly misnomered as "directors" whilst not appearing as such on companies house) above them. Think about it. Just statistically and mathematically isn't easy to progress. At all. Secondly, have a quick Google and see 1. How the company is performing and 2. The pay rise the CEO has given himself. If you want to work somewhere like that, be my guest. Oh and no serfs were given pay rises. Thirdly, if you like rugby tours and stag do's but think they're a bit too testosterone filled and boisterous for you, but you tell people you "love banter" - look no further. This company is overflowing with fake smiles and a false sense of camaraderie, whilst being as morally, socially bankrupt as one would expect, but with absolutely no fun. Whatsoever. At this, self titled "market leading", company you are meat on the table. A cog in a big machine. Small fish, in a bigger but not very big pond. The staff turnover is ridiculous and the average age of employment is only slightly lower than their employees' average intelligence quotient score."

Former Employee - Office Coordinator says

"Management is very patronizing and sexist (you have to wear high heels and look 'presentable', but their definition of presentable essentially means being a cute, sexy girl, who always smiles). Also management treats you as if you are a 14-year-old girl - questioning why you have to leave earlier if you REALLy need to go and a see a GP etc. They check you on the cameras as well The job itself is super dull"

Former Employee - Lettings Negotiator says

"expected to work extremely long hours"

Former Employee - Lettings Negotiator says

"Working hours are dreadful If you don't hit targets you are penalised and mistreated You don't actually get placed close to home like they say you do during your interview They take 600 pound for minor scratches on the company car They wont pay you for your last deal if it was not before cut off Micro management Progression takes forever Commission structure is not great at all"

Former Employee - Consultant says

"Depends on who your DM is, your experience can vary. Should join if you have no family as they expect to commit your life to them. Despite having geniune reasons could be personal or professional. that can put you back, management is not understanding, in fact will put you in an uncomfortable position which will compel you to leave. Call in sick one day will take off £100. Pay structure is unfair. Will lure you in the fact you can earn up to 60k, when ranking pay from number 70th to 30th will be the same pay, more or less £20-50. Depending on your area can impact how much business you can generate, It's all a game, the favourites will get away with everything. As an employee your categorized only a number to the company. Contracted hours are 48hour, but expected to work way more. Working 2 Saturdays a month. leading to eventually doing 52 hours a week, twice a month, on basic pay of 20k. = No life and low money. Every day repetitive duties of cold calling existing people on their database, which has been called numerous times by your peers. Alongside being a customer service advisor who deals with property management calls. Very very high staff turnover. WORST PLACE EVER TO WORK!"

Former Employee - Move Consultant says

"We are sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy your time at Foxtons. We'd love to talk through this in more detail so please get in touch. Laura Learning & Development"

Former Employee - Lettings Negotiator says

"We're sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy your time at Foxtons. You've highlighted a number of things that we find surprising, please get in touch with the HR team to pass on some additional information. Dom HR Director"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"if you are literate, have a pretty face, and driving licence , you can find easily job there. management is awful.. managers choose their favorite. management is very british as well. well if you are not very british you are not very welcome.. in some cases i can say they are racist as well."

Lettings Negotiator (Former Employee) says

"Awful place to work, easy to get sucked in by the company car, phone and attractive starting salary (which only lasts 3 months before they put you on a painfully, unliveable salary and tell you to make it up with commission). Worked 12 hour days often 6 days a week as the senior staff would decide they didn't want to go into the office on weekends and it would be left to junior negotiators to handle.Company car and fuel cardLiterally everything elseThank you for your review. We are sorry to hear that your experience at Foxtons wasn't more positive. We are slightly confused by your comment in relation to our commission structures - these are in place to reward our sales staff however they are entirely optional and not a requirement. In order to deliver an exceptional service to our customers, our offices are open six days a week however we operate a fair shift pattern for covering the extra day.Best of luck in your future career!"

Lettings Negotiator (Former Employee) says

"Long hours 12 hours a day New starters get treated like children So much more pressure than you expect They expect you to learn very quick and dedicate your whole life to the job. Even outside work hours. No time for your own life. Set working hours, no actual lunch break time (they expect you to buy lunch and bring it in to the office to eat. High excess for the smallest scuffs on the company vehicles. - they will try to charge you the most they can. Will never recommend anyone to work for Foxtons. Only positive is fuel card. Pay is not worth the hours Not easy to get the rewards of trips etc. As they make outFuel CardLong Hours, No life outside workWe are very disappointed to read your comments and that a performance-based role in sales wasn't the right opportunity for you.During our interview process we are very clear about what we offer in terms of training, support, and career development and the expectations we have of our employees. We hope you have found a suitable alternative career.Laura KuthHead of Training"

Fleet driver (Former Employee) says

"Nice job but the employees themselves ain’t the best to work with. If you are under the age of 25 you are seen as a kid in their eyes and they will give you all their responsibilities while they sit down and talk at their desks. If they know you ain’t going to pass your probation. They will charge you for any little damage they can find on vehicles that you may have driven in the past and blame it on you so they can make a little drink(money) out of you before you are dismissed.Long hours but job is quite straight forward and easy to doJob, employees, environment"

Account Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Rude and obnoxious owner. Showed no respect for employees and expected a lot of unpaid overtime. Would not recommend anyone to work here. Prospect good for anyone ruthless enough.NoneVery long hours"

Lettings Negotiator (Former Employee) says

"Good for experience, however they abuse staff. Their system BOS is the best in the business and makes the process very fluid, however, the long hours, with the commission structure being so poor, it ruins the experience.Free petrol, experince in ProprertyLong hours, awful pay, excessive charges for the car, no progression or useful training"

Lettings negotiator (Former Employee) says

"You will find yourself starting being expected to be in 20 minutes prior to your shift starting, otherwise, you will be considered, 'late'. This job ensures that you become a workaholic, and you are expected to go out with work colleagues after work, it is not possible to have a social life outside work. There is a system in place where people who have been at the company longer and are not a new starter are respected higher, and you are seen are nobody. Would not recommend anyone to work here.£400 Monthly Fuel Card, Car, Laptop, iPhone, 22k BasicEverything other than those prosMany thanks for sharing your experience with Foxtons. We are surprised by some of your comments surrounding social life and we are sorry to hear that you did not feel this was the right environment for you. All the best going forward.Ruth NoucheHead of Recruitment"

Lettings Negotiator (Former Employee) says

"Working 12 hour days with no designated breaks. Office time is broken down into set blocks where you have to do set tasks. No room to do your own thing - have to do exactly the same as everyone else."

Tenancy Manager (Former Employee) says

"Learned a lot about letting and renting property during my time here. Decided to leave as it I wished to purse other interests. Workload was sometime unmanageable."

Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"Stayed too long at this organisation Wouldn't recommend to a friend Great training and good place to start your property career but leave sooner rather than later"

Sales Negotiator (Former Employee) says

"There are limited opportunities unless you are willing to work seven days a week.carlong hours"

Sales negotiator (Current Employee) says

"Not bad however very difficult to maintain the lifestyle for a long term basis. It was one of the biggest life experiences i have ever faced. Give it a go but be warnedMany thanks for your comments. Please don't hesitate to chat to us so that we can discuss any concerns you might have and explore all the available support and tools on offer to help you succeed in your career.Dominic CajznerHead of HR"

Move Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Enjoyed my time at Foxton's but simply had no social life outside of work. The hours were too long and had to work every other weekend on a Saturday. Don't mind that sort of job and i was good at it while i was there but that organisation was simply not for me.Good career progressionLong hours"

Property Account Controller (Former Employee) says

"worked as a move consultant, didn't last a long time as the hours were ridiculous for minimal pay. the team managers were very focussed on call numbers and other metrics."

Magazynier (Former Employee) says

"Duże ułatwienie jeżeli nauczysz się stanowisk i elementów do sppakowaniaDarmowy obiadMale zarobki"

Assistant Manager (Full Time) says

"Has been great fun and have learned a lot and it has helped me get on the property ladder. In Londons tough market and our large fees the ability to sell stock is getting increasingly difficult.The car, petrol, mobile phone and ability to be your own boss.Long hours. Unreliable pay.Thanks for your review. We are pleased to hear that you reaped the rewards from your time at Foxtons and congratulations on getting onto the property ladder! As with any role in the service industry, the hours at times can be demanding however, as you have experienced, the rewards are there for the people who are prepared to put in the hard work.Best of luck for the future!"

Lettings Negotiator (Current Employee) says

"Great place to work initially but when the clawbacks and car fines start rolling in some workers end up owing the company more than they get paid. Training is amazing and if you have good manger you're very lucky. If not, you won't get any deals agreed and won't make any money. They don't promote by moving people to bigger banking offices - instead they ridicule you if you ask to move offices even when you've been in the company for a long time and banked them a lot of money. Other companies would move you into central London if you prove you can make money in a smaller office, but not Foxtons."

Move Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Strong culture of micromanagement. Very poor work life balance. Some great people working there. Excellent training. Very long hours and pressure to stay beyond them. Some Team Leaders allowed to get away with murder, others very good.Good experience, decent money for those who do wellLong hours, nasty management styleThank you for your comments. Its great to hear that you benefitted from our industry-leading training and that you enjoyed working with some great people. We take all feedback very seriously and appreciate you taking the time to review us. All best in your future career!"

Office Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"You will find yourself more absorbed in your work than with any other company! generally the people in the company make the company which is the only great part about being with this company as they do have some amazing individuals! However the company are very greedy and your needs come last. Not a place of work I would recommend as you will come out of working with this company very miserable and unhappy, feeling that you have put so much energy into a company with not enough reward and nothing really to show for it. The induction process makes you feel so positive about being in such an innovative company but after about 4 months the novalty wears off, and you will be quickly reminded that it is an 'every man for himself' kind of company. The company generally hire young (inexperienced) people and pay them the bare minimum to work night and day! Not something I would recommend to anyone I know!Generally great staffAll of the above"

Move Consultant (Current Employee) says

"As a Move Consultant I am a member of a highly pro-active and dynamic team responsible for one key area that we cover. Fun working environment, very target driven and exceptionally long working hours.FunLong Hours"

Nat says

"Worst experience with a real estate agent ever. I dealt with their London Bridge office. From the manager to the receptionist, everyone there was incompetent, charging me incorrect fees, luring me into signing a contract that went against my offer (why was there a 5% increase in the rent when I asked for a fixed weekly price?). They are unresponsive and do not carry out their checks properly, unless it's to charge you money. They do not respond to messages to carry out repairs: at some point we didn't have hot water anymore, despite sending them regular messages and calling them regularly, no one ever showed up and I had to find the landlord myself to inform him of that!! So even for the landlord they weren't doing their job! So if they are useless for tenants and useless for landlords, why go through them? Be careful, do not use Foxtons. Ever."

Tom says

"Quick responses before move-in - Nothing after - Illegal property standards Our property was handed over to us with broken taps & dishwasher, we also had no working smoke alarms or CO detectors and were not provided with an electrical safety certificate, all below the legal standard of properties in this country, almost 3 weeks trying to get these sorted and we get sporadic responses and no committal to sort things out. Would advise people to avoid Foxtons at all costs in the future."

Tapio Niittyvuopio says

"I had read a lot of bad reviews about Foxtons and I was wondering about it since during my tenancy I had no issues and the service had been good. But after my tenancy getting my deposit back had proven to be a very difficult task with five calls to the property management team during the past two weeks and five different persons making empty promises. Covid-19 is no excuse when Foxtons processes and systems are not working!!! And once my deposit will be returned I will stay clear from Foxtons for good. Never again."

Oksana Tyan says

"If I had an option to put zero stars, I would gladly do that! Alas, there is no such option and you have to at least put one...and Foxtons does not deserve as much! As a property landlord in London I have the worst experience ever with Foxtons managing my property! I wish I have never ever dealt with them! Unprofessionalism and incompetence of Foxtons have caused me high penalty fees due to the overdue bills held by Foxtons and never letting me know about it! Having all the proof of their fault, Foxtons just doesn’t care to rectify their wrongdoings. Choosing Green Kite Company for the checkout inventory report who appeared to be as unprofessional as themselves Foxtons have caused lots of problems and extra expenses to bear! The property looked rubbish by the time a new tenant had to check in. However, Foxtons is refusing to take responsibility for this knowing very well it is their fault. Foxtons’ top management obviously is as useless as their staff. This experience has been going on for two years! Overall, here is a very very disappointed and frustrated landlord. I would never advise anyone dealing with Foxtons."