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Fortum Oyj is a Finnish state-owned energy company focusing on the Nordic and Baltic countries, Poland, Russia, and India. Fortum operates power plants, including co-generation plants, and generates and sells electricity and heat.

Fortum has incompetent management and a low salary, there's no international environment and too much bureaucracy, according to a current employee at

"Incompetent and manipulative middle managers. Lots of favoritism and politics inside teams. Very low pay - tries to exploit as much as possible. Hierarchical. No international environment. There is too much bureaucracy."


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So sick and tired says

"Power is gone every fucking day, every fucking week, every fucking month annually."

Rune Horneland says

"Attempted charging at an Esso gas station by Vestkanten in Bergen, after 3 minutes the charging station still showed 0 KW and no minutes were added to my electric car. Still they charged me 12 kr, even after discussing it with their customer service.
They claim the charging is slow in the beginning, but I have never experienced this before, within seconds, the meters showing effects and start climbing, so that argument was untrue. They claim 0.253KW was output...for 12kr, which roughly would give 50kr for one single kw, which in itself is outrageous.
I will not use "" chargers again. Their websites are "" and for payment, "". If a machine fails, their customer support will not refund you. Seems like a short term strategy of "any charge will beat any long term customer relationship"."

Tuulia Reponen says

"Fortum partakes in ecocidal business practices by opening a coal power plant in Europe at a critical time when the whole world needs to go carbon neutral rapidly. What is even more devastating is that it's a state owned energy company of a country that presents itself as a climate leader and the company presents itself as an industry leader advocating for green energy. This is highly deceiving towards the customers who think supporting an ethical company when buying their products."

Tio says

"Through Fortum the Finnish state is partly responsible for huge emissions from coal and gas plants across Europe. Thanks to Fortum, finnish pensions are trapped in high risk coal. It it unacceptable and a crime against humanity to let Uniper sue Dutch authorities for banning the use of coal in 2030. Especially at a times of climate crisis and the urgent need for our societies to adapt to future's challenges Datteln 4 is insanity, and Fortum is involved, owning 69,60% of Uniper. Their advertising is misleading people who actually want a healthier and a greener world. Fortum'a actions are irresponsible and outrageous and they need to take responsibility."