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T-Force is a 1994 science fiction film directed by Richard Pepin. Set in the near future, its plot concerns a group of law enforcement cyborgs, called "cybernauts" which, after being threatened with their shutdown, rebel against their superiors and the authorities.

Force movie falls into the second category and has no potential, the story is ridiculous and has bad acting, according to Funky at

"T-Force has absolutely no potential and falls into the second category. The story is ridiculous and seems to try to be spiritual. The idea of it is stupid and the acting is so bad you will ask yourself how these persons can even be considered actors."


TEAMGROUP mainly produces its own brand of memory modules, memory cards, USB flash drives, solid state drives, peripheral series, mobile accessories and industrial applications. Gaming competitions have drawn worldwide attention in the recent years, so TEAMGROUP integrated its gaming memory modules into “T-FORCE” product line which is specifically designed for people who pursuit extreme high speed and excellent performance.

"Thomas Soderstrom" from the "Tomshardware" website, writes a review on T-Force Dark-Z 16GB DDR4-3600 memory on November 29, 2019:

"AGAINST Mediocre timings Single DDR4-2400 fallback setting for incompatible boards.

... The bad news: the 22-cycle tRCD and tRP of its DDR4-3600 XMP appears uncompetitive."


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Water Truck Driver (Former Employee) says

"This company is by far at the top of the scale as far as not caring about the drivers. Management and dispatch absolutely does not care what the drivers have to do to accomplish the moronic tasks they assign. Absolutely no organizational skills at all. Dispatchers have no idea what truck drivers do, and do not care. Cons: Everything else"

Truck Driver Class B CDL (Former Employee) says

"stay away the worse place I have ever worked. Their good to you as long as there is work. When it gets slow they find reasons to fire you. drivers are only there for a paycheck. Cons: Its all about the management"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"This place is a joke they keep hiring people and don't have enough work for guys already there nobody stays there and they treat the ones that due awful. 99% of management never has even been in a truck. They will call you in to work to work 5 hour day . Cons: Not enough work treat drivers once they're are hired terrible."

Driver/Operator (Former Employee) says

"Cameras watching your every is is junk and not road worthy.if you write it up or refuse to drive it they will fire you.they are lowest paying company in the oilfield.have to go stay in a hotel in PA for orientation and make a whopping $12 hour while in training.go to ecm and don't waste your time here.very high turnover for a reason.dont even have a shop in Norwich"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"All they are worried about is getting the loads hauled ,Trucks are in really bad shape and alot are unsafe to drive.Management has their favorites that can do anything they want and get away with it"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"You are a number, nothing less or more. Your pay includes a safety bonus which they will take from you for any accident, water spills, equipment malfunction or anything that you may or may not had control over. Cons: About everything else"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"You will work and stay busy, but beyond that there’s nothing. No life. No decent equipment anywhere in the company. No true leadership. Expect $1,000-1,700 every 2 weeks for the average employee take home. Some guys make more. Your trucks will always be dirty and breakdowns happen constantly. If you live local it’s decent but for a career, this isn’t a place. Extremely high turnover. Cons: No life. 12-16 hour shifts"

Former Driver (Former Employee) says

"For starters the management is terrible. Trucks are junk, always shaking, they have mechanics but they are nothing more then tire changers. No Ac, no safety. People like to throw you under the bus for a 50 dollar gift card. People pull away with hoses and receive a 200 dollar gift card for perfect attendance the next month. No assigned trucks. Your pay rate includes a safety bonus and some of your raises are added to it. If you speed 3 times in a shift 5 mph over the limit you lose your bonus for two weeks. Other things can be considered for a safety violation as well. But.... Not having your proper PPE, terrible unsafe trucks, no ac, is alright with them. Makes zero sense. NO PTO time. No career advancement unless you drink at the local bar with the boss. Cons: 98 percent of the company"

former driver (Former Employee) says

"field coordinator is on a powertrip and always looking for reasons to be mad and complain , always talks negative about drivers to other drivers , equipment is raggedy and unsafe to drive , they give u a schedule each day and no matter what happens through the day (flat tire, traffic jam, mechanical issues at disposal, chasing water) they expect you to get 3 loads not a good company"

Former Employee (Former Employee) says

"If you have a family be prepared not to see them much. You work anywhere from 10 to 17 hours a day or longer with no breaks due to being oil field related. Expect long days and van rides back to shop after truck switchouts and at times You work long after your 14 hours of driving especially on your last day of work. You get a safety bonus on top of your wage and they are quick to take it away for a pay period after they write you up for any stupid little rule they must make up as they go depending who you are. A lot of false promises and expectations when hired. Reality is long hours, poor management, most trucks are junk other than a few new ones per shop. Cons: Poor management, most sub par equipment, no family life because they pretty much take all your time."

Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"The company has transitioned over the years. Originally they were focused within the construction industry and have transitioned over time into the oil and gas field. The construction side has been divided and the the energy section was sold to omni corp recently. Positives include flexible work schedule and relaxed atmosphere. Some consistency for overtime. Benefits are adequate for health and dental. Negatives unfortunate would be, management. While they are understandably understaffed, and it is a valid argument to their side, the ones holding retention to logistics and maintenance roles are under trained and far outside of their respected fields to be qualified within the current roles. With multiple locations within the company your ability to acquire the tools or parts you need will be severely limited. Requests for parts would take days or even weeks. Trucks that needed integrated maintenance that could be performed in-house were sent out constantly. You will not be doing any extensive engine repairs even simplistic ones such as replacing jake brakes. You are limited with what you have in the shop for tools. A welder machine (whether it be mig, tig, etc) may not be there, grinders, proper frame lifting tools, die sets, or bearing kits. Whatever the case may be you will be constrained. The logistical side in full truth was one of the worst, within the 10 years I have been doing repairs on various pieces of equipment. I have never seen a high dysfunction and debilitation of acquiring parts or speciality items needed. Your day will mostly include running around chasing Cons: Logistics, inadequate shop items, staff, managment."

Driver/Operator (Former Employee) says

"Pay was good. Hrs sucked, other employees will stab u in the back. I had the flu for 7 days and had doctors excuses. They still fired me for it. When I told them I had doctor excuses they started to say that the other employees were telling them “I wasn’t following stander SOP” but everything my shadow told me and showed me I did. So if I wasn’t fallowing them nether were they and they should have fired the whole butler yard. Will not recommend this job to any one ever."

Fueler (Former Employee) says

"Nice place to work but the boss in wv haves no clue how to treat people beneath her or her son, she talks down to employees never tells them that they did a good job i would work for them again if they get rid of day and night shift management. Cons: Poor management day and night shift, in west union wv."

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Force isn't a terrible place to work but has no concept when it comes to your time given to the company vs time you can't work. You are under surveillance the entire time you're working whether you're in your truck, in front, or behind. Junk equipment. Terrible management. Dispatch is good when they aren't being harassed by their superiors. As long as you keep your head down and don't complain or make mistakes you can be a decent paid happy little number."

Grunt (Former Employee) says

"They hire way to many people for to little work. They have become like way to many companies shady and shifty. To much back stabbing in this field anymore."

Former Employee - Marketing says

"I worked at Force Marketing full-time for less than a year Cons: Management can be frustrating to deal with"

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"I worked at Force Marketing full-time for more than a year Cons: Nepotism. Unless you are desperate for temporary employment I would not advise anyone to take a job here. There are not opportunities for advancement unless you are a friend or relative of someone in upper management."

Former Employee - Operations says

"I worked at Force Marketing full-time for less than a year Cons: Lack of Strong Leadership, Constant Misdirection, Laughable "Ideas""


"I worked at Force Marketing Cons: The biggest problem with Force is the “culture.” The company prides itself on its core values, but they are all a show for new employees and those who chug the Kool Aid. You will have no semblance of a work/life balance if you want to meet your deadlines because every team is stretched as thin as possible. Upper leadership is verbally aggressive to employees and plays favorites, hiring and firing people on a whim no matter their seniority or performance. You will become so wrapped up in all of the hours you put into your work for this company that you won’t realize how draining and toxic it is until you go work somewhere else."

Former Employee - Digital Marketing says

"I worked at Force Marketing full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Terribly misguided and inexperienced leadership, poor business structure and workflow management, good ol boy system, and peanuts for pay."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Force Marketing full-time for more than 3 years Cons: There are massive company changes EVERY three months (they currently have two different "umbrella" companies: WeDrive and Helix), new bonus structure for each change (none of them ever last. I've never been paid from any bonus structure that has been presented. All because they aren't made to obtain), your title will change EVERY six months, poor pay compared to the standard, lay-offs are becoming just as frequent as title changes (I swear to you there has been TWO lay-off sprees, Dec 2018 and May 2019), the company is ran by close friends/family, they will put more work on you and tell you help is coming (but guess what? THAT'S A LIE!), your "managers" will tell you its okay to do something just for you to be talked about or belittled for it later, YOU MUST DRINK THE KOOL-AID or you won't stay for long, your opinion doesn't matter no matter how many times you try to suggest something, there is no "promotion" for your position (There is a guy who has changed positions three times since I've known him, he is currently working back in his first "position/title"), no competitive pay (because they don't want to pay you!), everything is a smoke screen (literally you name it.. motivation speeches for the masses), your workload will continue to grow no matter if you have the bandwidth, no one cares about your opinion, if you ask for a raise they will pay you in YouEarnedIt points, and lastly, the CEO is oblivious to all of the above unless he just pretends not to know."

Former Employee - Marketing Manager says

"I worked at Force Marketing full-time for less than a year Cons: Terrible pay. Asked to lie to clients on multiple occasions (which is ultimately why I left). Zero work-life balance (9 PTO days and 5 paid holidays... seriously?). During “snowpacolypse,” the CEO made brash comments about people who didn’t work the next day being lazy, when several people didn’t even make it home. He also told us to get a tan, whiten our teeth, and wear heals for a trade show. Very unethical company."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Force Marketing full-time Cons: Toxic work culture that starts with the CEO and trickles down to the rest of the company. The CEO was handed the company by his father, and basically has no hard skills. He tries to motivate his employees with superficial work events and motivational speeches without implementing real benefits or real process changes. His family members that are in upper level positions are just as inept as he is. There is a clear lack of diversity, and a large amount nepotism and favoritism. Turnover is common, because of the low pay. Company constantly loses business, but is reported as growing "so much" YOY."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Force Marketing full-time Cons: Nepotism. Dishonesty. Long hours. Underappreciation. The list goes on and on."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Force Marketing full-time for more than a year Cons: Where to begin. This company DOES NOT care about anyone out side of the family members and "favorites" that work there. If you do not blindly follow upper management you will be "laid off" even if you are right and they are wrong. No room for advancement. Friends and relatives of the owner get hired and promoted over others. Because of this there is a high turnover and employees don't stay or are actively looking to leave the company. They will let you work yourself to death but fail to deliver when it comes time for overtime or bonuses. Terrible management. Unchecked incompetence at this company in certain departments is astounding. Very closed door policies."

Ferdz Omana says

"I availed a license over a year ago and was able to use their product Astra Plugin for a client and I was not aware that the license is for renewal. I was just charged a few days ago and emailed for a refund, they said they can't. I'm writing this review to warn others as I think some companies may offer to reverse a charge if the customer will no longer use it. I was planning to use their services in the future for my other clients but might not anymore because of this poor customer service experience."

Precise Digital Media says

"***WARNING***CAUTION***WARNING***CAUTION*** This is my brutally honest review about my experience with Astra (Brainstorm Force)products. I was suckered into buying their overpriced agency bundle and after a year, my sites no longer worked and they deactivated all my licenses. I am now sitting on a worthless theme and pile of useless plugins. And yes, they did provide updated files after a year, but the files are completely useless with deactivated licenses and I cannot use them on my existing website or any other website. SERIOUSLY??? That's like giving someone a car without the car keys. This is a warning to others to stay away and seek much more robust alternatives. If you read the Q&As on their website, they're deceptive and misleading. They tell you that you don't need to renew your license every year and that the "websites you have built will continue to work." THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE LIE! They also tell you that your "website will remain intact even if you choose not to renew your license." THIS IS ANOTHER ABSOLUTE LIE! In the year that I had an active license, I also never received any updates. What's even more infuriating is that they removed access to my theme and plugins from my account dashboard. I was not able to download the updated themes and plugins, which would be useless anyway without paying again for them to renew my license. I have so many other products (far more robust than Astra products) for which my licenses are still active and I only need to pay if I want continued updates and support. The industry standard is to charge for ongoing updates and support, but numerous other products in the market provide ongoing updates for lifetime. I have NEVER come upon any product that deactivates licenses and disables access to the products. This is what Astra does. I did reach out to Astra (Brainstorm Force) to help resolve my concerns, but they placed their interests in wanting to charge me more money to renew my license. FOR WHAT? Quite simply, they were not willing to help. I emailed them an exhaustive number of times and stated that the information about their products and licenses should be clearly and explicitly disclosed on their website and the FAQs so that there is no misunderstanding. Essentially, sites will NOT continue to work after a year, you CANNOT continue using the products and your website will NOT stay intact unless you renew your licenses. Their FAQs are misleading and deceptive. Had this been known to me earlier on, I would have NEVER purchased their products. As of now, I am sitting with software that is worthless and is not working with the original site where I installed all the products. ***STAY AWAY AND DO NOT PURCHASE THEIR PRODUCTS. YOU WILL REGRET IT IF YOU DO!!!***"

Adrian Fry says

"An appalling company, providing the worst software support I have ever encountered - AVOID!!! So far, they have sent back half of my support tickets, claiming the issues lie with the supporting code - Elementor - when the issues/questions are with their own Theme and template. They have no support portal - so if I send several support tickets, I have no idea what the reply is in reference to!"

Alex Wang says

"I bought the Mini Agency Bundle – UAE from Brainstorm Force and only found it way too complex to configure, I understand it may be my inexperience with WordPress so I requested a refund within the grace cycle (~14 days). Then the Customer Care Team @ Brainstorm Force asked to them know "what exactly drove you for a refund", this started to make me think they may not understand English? First of all, their official site claims that "If you are not happy, apply for a refund within 14 days after purchase. Refund periods are based on the first purchase date. If you have purchased and requested a refund in the past, the 14 days are from the first purchase, not the repurchase date. " and I'd stated that clearly that "I am not happy with the purchase". Secondly, after I replied their email, they still wanted a chance to assist with my inquiry. What's wrong with these guys? Instead of immediately refunding the purchase at the first beginning without asking any questions (they don't need to because I am qualified with their refund policy and I am not happy), they kept wasting my time doing nonsense stuff. Simply the worst customer support ever."

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