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Footworks is Avon's wide range of specialist foot care products, from foot creams and lotions to odour neutralising sprays and foot scrubs.

Gooberskitty21 says, "First, I want to say that my son and I truly loved this product until Avon recently discontinued and then redeployed it with a newly designed Footworks logo on the tube...A few days ago my son pointed out to me that there is only 2% lidocaine in the new tube, while the older tube contains 4%. Really Avon? Not even folks with foot pain are safe? Is nothing sacred? Ugh! Avon deceptively leads the consumer to believe that the only change is in the packaging not the formula, which clearly isn't the case if the formula looks/smells the same but the active ingredients have been reduced. The price is still the same of course. Another thing Avon loves to do is "discontinue" items only to then redeploy them later in smaller sizes for the same price so when the new cracked heel cream was released I was relieved to see that it was still available in a 2.5 ounce tube. But no....this new tube may as well be nothing because it doesn't work like the original product. Anyway, I just use eBay now to buy the older version of this cream with the original formulation. Take your new cream & shove it, Avon! I'll be searching for an alternative."


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Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"eight hours of working, i learned how to manage my time and how to mingle with people, the hardest part of the job is if you did not achieve the target sales every month. the most enjoyable part is if you achieve the target sales because you will get incentives. Cons: small salary"

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"I have been working at Kiddos Footworks full-time Cons: it's very stressfull sometimes working time is too long"

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