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Norberto Edgardo Fontana (born 20 January 1975) is an Argentine racing driver. He participated in four Formula One Grands Prix, debuting on 29 June 1997 but scoring no championship points.


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Community service assistant (Former Employee) says

"typical day are quite unpredictable, many co worker are not following rules and kinda hard to work together , maybe because they are young people and students. Cons: no benefits"

Lead Graphic Designer (Former Employee) says

"There are capable and intelligent people working for the city, but almost all of the upper management is populated by individuals who are incompetent and who have obtained their job by knowing someone who gave them their job regardless of qualification. They hinder the workflow by incessantly "contributing" to projects solely to give the illusion that they're doing there job, and they make completing projects a hassle. Also, there is a complete lack of respect for the professional expertise of the professionals that they hire. Cons: too much micro-management, no benefits, too little hours and pay, undervalued as an employee"

Transportation Specialist (Current Employee) says

"there were no benefits, high stress, under staffed and very low pay for the long hours worked. There is a lot of work and not enough compensation. City Bus/Vans in poor working conditions. New equipment needed immediately. Cons: low pay and no benifits."

Assist Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"not a very stable job. But its great for those who attend school. They're very flexible with work scheduling"

Fontana After School Program Assistant (Current Employee) says

"I learned that this is a great job for someone in work transition, not someone who is looking to advance. This city hires so many part time staff, but not many full time staff. Cons: Pay"

Assistant 2 (Current Employee) says

"Pros to this company is the experience you share working with children and staff members . The bond is truly amazing and the impact we make as leaders to children’s lives is meaningful and fulfilling . Cons of this job , no benefits , the pay is not good at all considering the amount of effort and work that is put in ."

Afterschool Assistant I/II (Former Employee) says

"It was typically once the kids were out of school, the had their lunch and then we would go to the classrooms and start on their homework. We were their teachers, tutors, and fitness coaches. I enjoyed helping the kids with their homework but the environment was a bit hard to get used to. Cons: bad management"

After School Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Typical workday included taking attendance, getting children to-and-from different activities and keeping them occupied and safe. Management was cool but the pay was only 11/hour. I worked there for 1 month before getting a new job."

Commuity Services Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I've worked for the City of Fontana for 1.5 years signing up customers for classes. The stress levels can be high from time to time when dealing with people and there is no job security which means the city will let you go at a drop of a dime with no reason given. Cons: Stressful situations"

Development Services Permit Aide (Former Employee) says

"depending on what department you work in its an okay place, if you're full time the benefits are great and they hook you up with a good time at open enrollment. The managers don't take the time to get to know you if you are in a different department. Cons: long day"

Lifeguard (Former Employee) says

"I was a lifeguard at one of the best swim facilities the IE has, and just like any other lifeguard job, its slow paced and boring. but the pay to just sit there was nice."

After School Community Services Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I'm sure that depending on what department you work for, things could be different. I was part of the Community Services department and the After School Program was not the most encouraging environment to work in, especially since it was always being threatened to close down at the end of the school year. The staff usually made me feel like I was on my own too; I felt like there was a huge lack of support and a huge lack of community so much that I will never work in an after school program again anywhere. Cons: lack of team work, fixed hours, rules are always being bent, 40:1 class ratios depending on school site"


"I worked out of the senior center which consist of daily complaints (most seniors are never satisfied) but nothing to major. You get to know a lot of them and grow friendships. Management really needs to learn and take the time to know how to run the building. Cons: the center is closed for 2 weeks during christmas and no pay"

Senior Associate Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Poor Department Management. We worked 10-40 hrs/per week. Cons: Poor management"

Lifeguard/Water Safety Swim Instructor (Former Employee) says

"It was pretty hot outside most of the time. And some of the managers are scary. I had fun most of the time and the days passed quickly. I wish i got paid more though. Cons: Hot weather"

Community Services Representative (Current Employee) says

"I was able to join the After School Program with the City of Fontana about 6 months ago. You can interact with children from all walks of life and can be very fun to be around in. The people who work with you come in with great attitudes and are very flexible with your schedule. It has been a pleasure working here. Cons: no benefits, mostly part-time"

Community Services Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"No diversity amongst upper management. Decisions are very politically driven. Can make job difficult at times. Pay gap between part time and full time is small. Full time needs to see an increase in pay"