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Flynner Homes is the most decorated sustainability-based design and build firm in Idaho.

A sad client under the name of Diane Pulsipher shares her experience hiring Flynner Homes in a review published by HOUUZZ WEBSITE: "I am sure the house that is being built for my daughter next door will be very nice. That being said, I have never seen a house that has been so completely behind on the projection of the build and the complete lack of what I would consider any kind of house building crew. The house was started in August of 2019 and the projected finish date was "before Christmas." It is now a year later and the house is not even close to being ready. They are now saying November 2020. So I guess they meant Christmas of 2020!!! My property which connects with her has been torn up for a year and a half. They finally got a retaining wall in 2 weeks ago and were supposed to bring in fill dirt to bring my side up to grade. That was a week ago. Never happened. I have never seen a "crew" working. Two people maybe. I cannot count the number of days that no one even showed up. They have used every excuse ever imaged. Paint peeling because of humidity?!! Zero stars are one too many!"


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