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Mango Airlines SOC Ltd, trading as Mango, is a South African low-cost airline based at the OR Tambo International Airport, and a subsidiary of South African Airways.

A disappointed customer shares his experience on, "I don’t think I have ever been on a Mango flight that has not been delayed. I received no notification of the delay until I rocked up at the airport at check in time to see an 1:30 delay. I have a very important meeting which I will now miss."


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MR says

"Covid is rampant and is being spread by people who are in close proximity. Guess what this airline is doing about it? it is selling seats where people are sitting shoulder to shoulder. If you ask them why they are putting your life at risk, their answer is that there is no regulation preventing them from doing so. Boycott this disgraceful airline. The board of directors are not fit to run a business in covid times"

Mark Laidlaw says

"Due to new travel restrictions I am unable to make my trip to South Africa in July. I have booked two internal flights with this company. I got in touch with the company to ask for a refund or to change the dates to next year but was rudely told nothing could be done as the tickets were non refundable. I could understand if I had changed my mind and didn't want the flights anymore but this is out of my power and don't see why I should be out of pocket for this. I won't be using this company when I make it over next year and recommend other avoid at all cost."

Elyas Suleman says

"I had booked a flight for my elderly parents from Johannesburg to Durban for 19th March 2020 with Mango Air.

They were supposed to fly arrive in Johannesburg from Nairobi with Kenya Airways but due to the sudden restrictions placed on the day due to the outbreak for Coronavirus, they were not allowed to board from Nairobi on the Kenya Airways flight.

We contacted Mango Air for a refund as this was unforeseen and no our fault. They said they can only provide a voucher to use later and cannot provide a refund. This is really unfair based on the circumstances as they wanted to fly into South Africa and go to Durban before heading onto Dubai with Emirates and then to the UK.

We have received notices from both Kenya Airways and Emirates that they will refund the flights or re-route or reschedule them. It is sad that Mango Air cannot provide a refund as my parents will have to avoid South Africa and fly directly to the UK."