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Fluke Corporation, a subsidiary of Fortive, is a manufacturer of industrial test, measurement and diagnostic equipment including electronic test equipment. It was started in 1948 by John Fluke, who was a friend and roommate of David Packard, future co-founder of Hewlett-Packard, when both were employed at General Electric.

A senior full stack developer mentioned, "A typical day at Fluke Corporation would involve getting constantly interrupted to see if you are done yet or maybe now you are done or now. To advance you have to play politics and your actual skills will get you no recognition or advancement. You will be threatened to meet unreasonable deadlines due to poor management. If you pay politics you get vacations paid like they were business trips. They use poor ethics to try to cut corners which shouldn't be cut. The list goes on and on. The subsidiaries and sister companies are good to work for. Just make sure it isn't for the main Fluke Corporation OPCO or there will be regrets."


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