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Swatch (stylized as swatch) is a Swiss watchmaker founded in 1983 by Ernst Thomke, Elmar Mock, and Jacques Müller, and a flagship subsidiary of The Swatch Group. The Swatch product line was developed as a response to the "quartz crisis" of the 1970s and 1980s, in which Asian-made digital watches were competing against traditional European-made mechanical watches.


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maher says

"Horrible watches! I bought 3 watches in total i bought the highest end automatic watch 8 years ago and it broke after 3 years of the Purchase date.. after the warranty expired. I went to their service shop they said that they can fix it for a 100$ which I paid, after a day of using it I noticed water vapor inside of the watch I went back To their shop and They said oh once we open it we cannot reseal it again so you have to keep it away from any water droplets which is crazy they never told me this before! after going back and forth arguing with them they agreed to give me my money back only if they unfix it to take their parts out which is crazy! If I were the manager I would give the customer his money back with an apology for not telling him about the sealing thing not mentioning that they wasted my time! Even crazier a supposedly high end watch from a Swiss manufacturer broke just after few years! my father has a citizen automatic watch that costed less and actually been ticking for 13 years non stop issues free..dummy me also bought a watch from them as a gift for my father and a cheap automatic watch for my brother as a gift both were broken in a year.. this is crazy they aren’t that cheap yet you get a better quality watches from alibaba! Never buy Anything from them ever. Spend your money on a watch that actually can be given later to your children."

John Ryden says

"We purchased a Swatch Clearsky in Tenerife and after about 3 months, the watch stopped. After replacing the battery, it became evident that the watch was defective. Contacting the Swatch service department proved to be extremely difficult and obtaining a return package took far too long. After sending the watch back, we eventually received a replacement which also stops after being worn for an hour or so. It seems surprising that despite thinking you are buying a quality watch (and paying for it) Swatch watches seem considerably worse than many of the cheap watches on the market. With their appalling customer service (just read the reviews) there is every justification for advising others to avoid Swatch watches. They seem to be pretending to be supplying quality watches but in fact they simply pedalling junk."

Peter says

"Swatch - steer clear! Avg £60 - 100 for a (less than) Chinese quality £5 watch apparently Swiss in manufacture (?) origin (?). Hand alignment is atrocious, it is virtually impossible to align the hour, minute & second hands even to 0:00 / 12:00. Timekeeping is sadly average and if you've bought it hoping it will last then the only way to achieve this is don't wear it, keep it in a dark place away from anything but low room temperature otherwise the strap will brittle and break and the watch body may melt / distort / crack. It's apparently a fashion watch. Fashion is meant to be worn. Wear it and I'll congratulate you if it lasts 2 years. And so might Swatch themselves... : /"

R VA (RVA) says

"Keep away from Swatch. Put your hard earned money towards a good quality and reliable watch. My son's watch is less than 2 years old. Is worn only on special occasions and is now a mangled mess. We tried to find a representative/repairer in Perth only to be told Swatch had none here. Swatch advised from an image, that warranty did not cover misuse. The watch was not misused. It sat on a bedside table and appeared fine until the next morning when it was noticed that something was leaking from the face. On closer inspection, the face had actually melted. You could see where the bubbles had formed in the glass/plastic face. The only thing that could have caused it was a nearby heater. If heat causes this type of damage, then there is a fault. Swatch have not replied to my request for information on faults with their watches, in fact have not even bothered to reply. So there goes $300 down the drain in less than two years....."