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FleishmanHillard Inc. (formerly, Fleishman–Hillard) is a public relations and marketing agency founded and based in St. Louis, Missouri. It was acquired by Omnicom Group in 1997, becoming part of the Diversified Agency Services (DAS) division. The company was founded in 1946 by Alfred Fleishman and Bob Hillard. In 1994, the company expanded its operations to the Asia Pacific region with an office in Beijing.

A former employee shares her experience working at the agency and gives helpful insight on indeed.com, "FleishmanHillard used to be a very good place to work in Chicago until the longtime GM retired and was replaced by someone who's disconnected from clients and employees. Little to no benefits to working moms. New business comes before existing clients. A lot of pressure to over-bill clients by inflating hours billed."


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Former Employee - Financial Liaison says

"This is, by far, the worst place I have ever worked. Before I started working at FH, I was warned by more than one external recruiter, that FH is notoriously the worst place to work in STL. I was also warned that the manager I was about to work for is well known for enabling a toxic work environment. After working there and several other places, I have to 100% agree with this. They will micromanage you. Management doesn't care about your development at all, it's all about them. The work environment is also accusatory instead of constructive."

Current Employee - Managing Supervisor says

"Fleishman doesn't care about its employees or really about its current clients (despite working with some of the largest companies). The only thing that matters is billable time and new business. Out on PTO? Make sure to enter your time. Death in the family? Don't forget to enter your time. Even if you bill 14 hours one day you still have to reach a minimum of 7.5 the next. Fleishman is the place to go if you want to be burned out. They don't care about your wellbeing and there is no such thing as work-life balance. They expect you to be available 24/7... even on days you take PTO. The average employee will only last a year. Layoffs and firings are frequent (need to hit that billable time or else). Those of us who remain openly discuss jobs at other companies that we are applying for. The good news is that title promotions are frequent, but your pay will remain the same. I could write a novel on the CEO. The guy is a character and likely bipolar. He will send daily emails. He will praise the employees one day and then the next will scold us for not billing enough."

Former Employee - Vice President says

"Toxic leaders, lack of collaboration, doesn't walk its talk"


"We're sorry to hear that your experience with us was negative. Please feel free to reach out to me directly; avery.pijut@fleishman.com"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Underpays in the Bay Area VPs that don't do much Typical consulting downsides (lack of visibility, demanding clients, inability to make a real impact)"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lack of leadership Lack of transparency to staff and clients Lack of ethical responsibility to clients Lack of desire to professionally grow staff A gossip filled environment"

Editor / Sound Design & Mix / Content Producer (Former Employee) says

"Perfect example of a democrat dominated workplace. As soon as they hear you might vote republican they fire you. Men are discriminated against on a daily basis."

Senior Vice President (Former Employee) says

"FH used to be a very good place to work in Chicago until the longtime GM retired and was replaced by someone who's disconnected from clients and employees. Little to no benefits to working moms. New business comes before existing clients. A lot of pressure to over-bill clients by inflating hours billed."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Low on integrity, full of biase, doesn’t acknowledge good talent, judgemental, Portrays a rosy image of the organisation during interviews while reality is far behind, the local management sucks. Everything bad put together is what makes Fleishman Hillard India.Absolutely nothingNo defined job roles, Erratic work hours, biased/torturous colleagues and management"

Financial Services Intern (Former Employee) says

"Interns are there purely for tedious tasks they wish to have completed without paying a heftier price tag for consultants or permanent employees.Often free leftover food from client presentationsMany"

Accounts Payable Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Promoting within the company is non existent. Raises haven’t been given out in almost 2 years. People who have worked for this company 20+ yrs are leaving"

Senior Accounting Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Although the job was challenging and very busy I believe I was not paid accordingly and that I was not valued. There was a lot of hours that we have to work and deadlines that were impossible to meet with the few account staff."

Accounting (Current Employee) says

"Horrible work/life balance. Unrealistic deadlines. It is a very political company. Training is awful for new hires. It is a public accounting type of feeling."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"No clear vision, direction during my brief time spent on the team.clean environment, individual officespay, bill by 15 minute increment was stressful"

B2B Assistant Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Do not work in the New York office. No senior leadership or positive signs of a shifting direction. Avoid at all costs. This place is run more poorly than a child's lemonade stand."

Consultor de Comunicação Sênior (Former Employee) says

"Empresa sem planejamento e sem foco. Funcionários desmotivados, recebem promessas que não são cumpridas.-falta de perspectiva"

Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Rather than hire people they work their employees to death. This place will bleed you dry unless you "know" someone. Benefits were good but utilizing your time off was difficult."

Accounting Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Every day at FleishmanHillard is a busy day, which makes the day go by even quicker. Although it is a structured environment, it is a privilege when giving the opportunity to socialize with one another, as we don't have much time in the day to get to know our colleagues. My particular position is to enter all of the payments going out from utility bills to payments to compannies and freelancers for their services. In doing so, I must pay attention to detail to ensure the payment is processed properly.Our work week is only 37.5 hour opposed to the standard 40 hours a weekThe environment is strict and structured so there isn't much opportunity to execute my other skills, such as communicating, since it isn't necessary in most cases."

Graphic Designer (Current Employee) says

"FH will tell you "a personal commitment is required". What that means is, they own you and expect you to work as long as some arbitrary and ever-changing deadline requires. Your child has a dance recital? So sorry, client just emailed you their 56th round of edits. Vacation? What's that?: you MUST be available for your client. Bill those hours! BILL THOSE HOURS! If you are the type of person who is willing to answer emails 2 hours after you have given birth (yes, this actually happened), and come back to full time work after 2-3 weeks from your birth, then this is the place for you! The SKY will be the limit. Shudder if your client is in a different time zone. You will be expected to work your full day time and into their time. (even if they are halfway around the world from you.) This means checking emails the minute you open your eyes until the minute before you got to bed "just in case".Pay is very competitive, High profile client base that looks good on a portfolioNo real time off, ever; Terrible culture, 60 hour weeks"

Executive Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"It's not necessarily what you know, it's who you know. If you're ok with serious office politics, then FH is for you!Great benefits.Management, management, management."

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at Fleishman Hillard Toronto started and ended with 24/7 supervision whether it was necessary or not. There were employees in management status that were not properly trained in how to manage their staff and get the most productivity out of them. The staff turnover was high as exit interviews were not conducted as to why people were leaving on an ongoing basis or well know problems that existed with management staff were overlooked. Certain management positions were filled with people that were actually spoiling the Company from thriving. Unfortunately future success with staff retention will never improve unless issues with management staff are addressed. From working in this negative environment I know that it's important to carefully look at whom you directly report too. The right fit is about both sides making a positive connection - the employer and employee. Another important fact is to find out why the position is open and what issues seemed to cause employees to leave or be terminated from their jobs. The hardest part of the job was being micro-managed when you were confident in your skills but were constantly over supervised. The most enjoyable part of the day was leaving at the end of the day and hoping the next day would be better!Free coffee/snacksLong hours/Untrained management in people skills area"

Specialist (Former Employee) says

"They ask you to determine what area of growth and development by pretending they'll help you advance in your career but they will not. They require you to be college educated to move up when all upper management are not college educated. They do not provide tuition reimbursement. They'll keep you until they don't need you anymore then ask you NO demand you leave.vacations, sick days and work/life balanceThey bring their friend in and advance them quickly! Not a lot of diversity in the workplace."

Former employee (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management style across the board. Very top heavy org with few junior staff and too many managers. You are expected to make the company your life and change your life in big and small ways to make that happen. Great benefits and pay is decent. But it's a 50 hour week plus job.benefitspoor culture and management"

Talent Development Intern (Former Employee) says

"Great Company with great benefits. The location is awesome. The people were great. Enjoyed the work.smart peoplelack of communication"

Account Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"FH is an amazing place to grow your experience in PR and marketing. They have some amazing clients to work with as well. The people are awesome and that’s what will keep you coming to work everyday. Unfortunately, there is no work life balance. You’ll work long hours at an insanely fast pace and have no life outside of work."

Billing Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"They said they were not racist however quite a few of their VP would only notice caucasian employees even if they do not do anything for the notification. The black americans all worked their tails off but had to struggle for any advancement."

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