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The Firehouse Five Plus Two was a Dixieland jazz band, popular in the 1950s, consisting of members of the Disney animation department. Leader Ward Kimball was inspired to form the band after spending time with members of the Disney animation and sound department and finding that they had a lot in common as jazz aficionados.

"I was disappointed in the fact it was recorded in MONO." says "MOONDOGGIE" on an Amazon review of "Settin' The World On Fire - The Whole Story, Volume 1" by Firehouse Five Plus Two on October 7, 2011:

"I was disappointed in the fact it was recorded in MONO. It would be much more enjoyable in Stereo, but it is what it is. I still recommend it for fans of this style."


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n/a (Former Employee) says

"Pros: cool office, free snacks, fun general staff, wide array of opportunities"

Staff Writer (Former Employee) says

"The people in leadership positions have no idea how to manage people or work between departments. A lot of time and work is wasted as these managers self-inflate their importance and kick responsibility downhill when they unintentionally sabotage projects. Cons: The Editor-In-Chief"

Large format Manager (Former Employee) says

"Could be the worst place I ever worked, Management (lack of ) didn't have a clue and was intimidated by employees and does not know anything about printing. They have the worst customer service and the short time i was I saw 5 people get let go because management thought they were going to take his job working there was one of my biggest mistakes. Cons: Management and very poor customer service."

Production/Imaging Lab Associate (Former Employee) says

"Do not expect a warm and inviting environment full of energized, supportive and happy employees doing important work. It is exactly the opposite. Very negative, joyless culture. Cons: Micromanaged and political culture of fear."

Director of Marketing and Public Relations (Former Employee) says

"Organized chaos is the the best way to describe this company. Last minute deadlines...approvals...creative direction...messaging...all constantly change at the last minute. It's not uncommon for the CEO to approve a project and then completely change direction upon seeing the finished product. Cons: Read above"

Creative (Current Employee) says

"If you enjoy working in a caste system and being at the bottom of that caste, this is the place for you. Almost everyday you can hear "management" yelling at an employee. They prefer to degrade and intimidate employees rather than teach. If you are not related to someone in management, dating/dated someone in management, or if your parents are not friends of management, you will not last long at the company. They have policies but only require some employees to follow them depending on where you are in the caste. I know one dating/dated employee that comes in for a couple of hours, leaves and then comes back at 4:00 and if you question where she is, you are put on the "bad" list. They require everyone to work over time but without pay. If you prefer to work only 8-9 hour days, this is not the job for you. The most enjoyable part of my day is being able to go home after 10 hours at work. You are always waiting on management to answer your questions or give approval on something, sometimes it takes months to get an answer back on a simple question. Management likes to argue for the sake of arguing. The location is next to a lot of homeless people and strip clubs. The office is always too cold or too hot. Everyone is out in the open and close together, so you can smell and hear everything that goes on in your cube. There is no life work balance unless you are related to someone in management, dating/dated someone in management, or your parents are friends of management. The pay is decent for 40 hours a week but not for 60 hours. Cons: Management, overtime, location"

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"You are controlled and not liked if you are not a favorite. No job security. executive director is young and inexperienced. CEO is control freak. GET OUT! Cons: No Job Security"

Administration (Former Employee) says

"Management is very inexperienced at running a company and unresponsive to both employees and customers. They don't know how to manage nor treat you with any dignity. When you ask a simple question, they tell you they don't have time to babysit and you need to figure it out yourself. I never received any training at all but was expected to know how do a newly created job on day one. Cons: Management, low pay, lots of overtime without pay, no training"

Journalist (Former Employee) says

"While you will get great experience, there is no jobe security. In the year I worked for Five Star, I saw at least 40 people come and go. Management is disorganized and demeaning, and and is seldom on the same page throughout departments. Departments are often played against each other, and projects are typically disorganized and last minute. All in all, very stressful and uncertain environment. Cons: No work/life balance, high turnover"

Marketing Associate (Former Employee) says

"Inconsistent feedback and direction, high turnover excluding senior management, company structure is based on a flawed foundation, inefficient processes with a lack of interdepartmental cooperation"

Project Manager/Event Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"One of the most challenging jobs I have held thus, but I am grateful for everything I experienced as I learned so much that will help me along my career."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"The reviews are true. Proceed with caution. No training and a huge lack of cooperation between departments leaves room for a bunch of chaos."

Director of Compliance (Former Employee) says

"No job security at this firm. If you are not a favorite your job is likely to be given to someone else. They will replace you with no warning despite your tenure at the company and replace you with a low-cost employee. Cons: High expectations"

Digital Media Marketing Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"This company will let people go willy nilly and expect people already swamped with work to take on that person's responsibilities without complaint. Working after hours is expected always and not paid. Employees are stretched thin and poorly paid unless they are a part of the C Suite or Sales. The focus is on selling not providing quality. Cons: Poor pay, limited to no benefits, only 7 paid vacation days"

Director of Technology (Former Employee) says

"The Five Star Institute was not a horrible place to work. I did learn a lot in the time I was there. i personally didn't agree with things, but no place is perfect."

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Not a company you can grow from especially when they "clean house" every other month. Cons: cheap company and unprofessional leadership"