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Fitflop is a comfort footwear brand founded in 2007 by Marcia Kilgore.

An unsatisfied customer says, "I was so excited to get these [Fit Flop] sandals! When they arrived, I loved them!! But, I wore them for approximately 1/2 hr. & now I have "blisters" on both sides of of the piece that goes in between your toes!!!! I threw out the return label. I thought your main goal was to make them comfortable! Everyone knows that the "thong type sandals MUST, I repeat MUST have a ROUND POST! Not a vertical flat piece of leather for the "in-between" part of your toes!!!! Now, I had to cut plastic straws to the length of the posts & wrap the around the flat piece of leather so they can be worn without excruciating pain! Your shoe designers should go to Italy to get trained for the most basic skills in shoe/sandal design!!!!!! Your entire campaign is "comfort"! There is NO comfort at all!!!!! I will never buy these again. Nor will I recommend these to friends & family. Fit Flop? How bout; "Flip Flop?"