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Optiv Security, Inc. "Optiv" is a privately owned information security company based in Denver, Colorado. Optiv defines itself as a security solutions integrator that delivers end-to-end cybersecurity services globally. On November 5, 2014, security firms Accuvant and FishNet Security announced that they would join forces to create a new company. The merger would create a roughly $1.5 billion information security giant with solutions covering nearly every aspect of cyberdefense.

A former Contact Specialist from Overland Park, KS shared his/her bad experience working at FISHNET SECURITY and gives some comments about the terrible management in a review published by INDEED: “I worked in the contracts department before the merger. Horrible management. My manager left on vacation a week after I started. Since it was before the merger and no one knew if they would have a job, I was left on the proverbial island. Upper management was clueless”


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