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The United States Postal Service (USPS; also known as the Post Office, U.S. Mail, or Postal Service) is an independent agency of the executive branch of the United States federal government responsible for providing postal service in the United States, including its insular areas and associated states. It is one of the few government agencies explicitly authorized by the United States Constitution.

How Much Should You Panic Over the U.S. Postal Service? JORDAN WEISSMANN and AARON MAK commented about the scary letters USPS sent to states about voting, a piece published by SLATE website.

This part is complicated, but there was good news Friday. In yet another extremely on-the-nose development, the Postal Service’s general counsel sent 46 states letters at the end of July warning them that their deadlines for allowing voters to request or send in ballots were unrealistically close to Election Day given how fast the agency could actually deliver the mail and that as a result, their residents were at risk of being disenfranchised. This was total nightmare fuel for Democrats who have been following this whole saga at home. (You could just imagine DeJoy chortling, “Haha, we told you so” as millions of ballots were voided for arriving too late). But the actual reasons those USPS warnings worried voting rights experts were somewhat subtle, and Friday’s Senate hearing offered some cause for relief. The warning letters addressed two long-known issues. The first involved the typically dull but suddenly enthralling topic of postage rates. Many states, especially out West, have long sent out ballots as marketing mail, which is cheap and ordinarily takes a while to arrive. But the Postal Service has customarily treated them as if they were First Class mail, which is more expensive and faster. USPS even provides a nifty green election mail logo, so workers can spot ballots quicker in the processing plant and expedite them. Still, postal officials have nagged states for years that they should really shell out for first-class postage, and this time around, under DeJoy, it seemed like the agency might really put its foot down and slow down ballots in states that didn’t payout for quicker service. “Just because we put an official election mail logo on a piece, it doesn’t automatically upgrade that to an expedited level of service,” Justin Glass, USPS’ director of election mail, said at a meeting in Ohio earlier this month. “That’s not something that the Postal Service can guarantee.” The general counsel’s letters dryly reminded state election officials that if they sent their ballots as marketing mail, it might take a while to get to voters. The letters also chastised the vast majority of states for their vote-by-mail deadlines. Many states allow their residents to request ballots at essentially the last minute leading up to the election, but require that they be returned by Nov. 3. That obviously doesn’t leave much time for ballots to actually make it back and forth through the mail, and as a result, some people’s votes get disqualified. This is another long-standing issue that USPS has previously warned states about, one which has already caused some problems this year, such as during New York’s debaculous primary, where local officials tried to mail 34,000 ballots one day before the vote. In the letters he sent in July, the Postal Service’s general counsel explained to states that their deadlines created a risk that votes wouldn’t be counted, and warned that “the Postal Service cannot adjust its delivery standards to accommodate the requirements of state election law.” Again, none of this was totally new—in fact, the general counsel sent a similar, albeit less detailed, letter in May, before DeJoy took over, reminding states about deadline and postage issues. But according to Tammy Patrick, a senior advisor at Democracy Fund, the latest letters contained an extremely worrying shift in tone, especially considering everything else going on with the Postal Service. As she explained in the Thursday hearing before the Congressional Progressive Caucus, USPS used to beg states to get their act together while promising to “move mountains” in order to get ballots to voters in time. Now, their message was more than election officials would get what they paid for.


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Addetta alle pulizie (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente lavorativo accogliente, lavoro semplice e poco stressante."

92F Training Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"productive and competitive work environment with no job security. The PTF was a government contract job. Every year you were laid off in may pending the renewal of the contract."

Window Clerk (Current Employee) says

"typical day at work consists of preparing raw mail, flats (magazines, large envelopes) and packages for distribution. waiting on customers, solving mail problems for customers. collecting money for mails transactions and post office products. Cons: hostile enviroment USPS is a punshment based orginization"

Clerk (Former Employee) says

"This was my first job with the post office and I enjoyed it most of the time. It was not an easy job by any means and involved a lot of customer service. Basically worked with only three or four other employees on any given day."

Current Employee - Production Supervisor says

"I have been working at Globe Life full-time for more than 3 years Cons: No bonuses and raises are yearly, yet very slow paced. Average .15-.25 cents at a time"

Frank Williams says

"The United States Postal Service is extremely incompetent! Deliveries will be setting in the local office for delivery for up to three days. No excuse. At times, reason listed is no entrance available or no location found. I have a circle drive in front of my house and a long straight drive way to the side also. The house has been here on the main drag since 1984. And now they want to raise rates again possibly?"

Brian says

"Very poor. Packages are being marked delivered and if you are lucky they might show up at a post office that is miles away. Use of contractors that have no idea where to take deliveries may or may not get anything to you. Wait 48 hours?? Some packages show up, most don't but many vendors do not allow you to select a delivery service to help ensure your package gets there. Too many cost options and confusing service where some delivery options are almost described as "if you want to guarantee delivery, use this really expensive transfer process and we might just get it there .... but insure it too!""

Sean SJ Park says

"Sends packages to anywhere they want. 3-5 business day delivery? Kiss my ass"

Henry says

"The usps is worthless! I order three to five packages a week and no joke, 90% of them are late. And not late a day but multiple days! I have ordered packages from the same company and have the last package beat the first package to my door! From Irving TX to Sulphur LA it took 10 days! I could walk there faster! Never seen a company careless than the USPS! Just the biggest fraud out there!"

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