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FirstCry is an Indian online store for baby product retailing launched in the year 2010. In January 2020 the consolidated company had over 380 stores across the country out of which around 350 are franchise stores, making is "Asia's largest online shopping store for kids & baby products." FirstCry opened its first outlet in Srinagar in May 2019. It is into its series E round of financing.

One angry customer wrote this about FirstCry on Mouthshut: Totally unhappy with the FirstCry service .had sent a gift to my nephew and it didn’t get delivered .later when I complained they said number didn’t respond .they should have informed me even if that number didn’t respond .it was my surprise gift.totally disappointed.


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Current Intern - Designer says

"Totally fake online shopping site in india , no 1 fake shopping site for baby and kids categories"

Former Employee - Assistant Manager-Purchase says

"Worst enviorment to work in. No work life balance. too much pressure, Conflicts b/w middle managment & higher management. No benefits for employees."