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Firetrap is a British clothing company, founded in 1993, specialising in menswear and accessories. It was the main brand within the WDT company (World Design and Trade), which also owned its sister brand Full Circle along with previous brands SC51 and Sonnetti.


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Former Employee - Manager says

"This is a prime example of a company getting in their own way and destroying business from the inside out. Sports Direct has destroyed both the Bob’s and EMS brands that they own. Leaders from the UK Sports Direct Division won’t even talk to lower level HQ people or people from stores so they have no idea what’s going on in the stores. Poor decision making across the board in upper management at HQ, nobody cares to hear what their direct reports or people from the stores have to say. They don’t care about anybody but themselves-multiple store level people have left and they don’t care to retain them and call them “traitors.” Only lower level HQ people and District Managers care about the people in stores. They put business above the good of their employees. There have been no raises for over ten years and they are not willing to pay staff in big cities better wages to afford to live-most store employees have multiple jobs or live on campgrounds. The heads of departments think people in their stores and the people that work for them are dumb and will not let anyone do their jobs, there is constant micro-management. They have no respect for anyone and think they are better than everyone who works under them."

Sarah says

"I purchased a hoodie which I paid £60 for plus £6.95 postage. On receiving the item it had a sale sticker on it for £25!!! I emailed them to be asked to wait 3 working days for a reply. I have since emailed twice more and have waited 10 days and still received no response. Shocking customer service and terrible for over charging!"

Joe Burke says

"Bought a jacket back in October. Returned due to being to small and asked for a larger size. Received an email on 02 Nov, advising that the size was not available and I would receive my money back within 2-5days. After a few emails from me, I have yet to receive this money. Now in the hands of my credit card company. Be careful!"

Norbert “derwis” Jakab says

"Bought Firetrap Dawn trainers not cheap they sell them for £99, and they are so badly made its shocking. After a month the shoelaces wore through the holes. If I kept the box I would take them back to sports direct. I wasn't expecting this, I will never touch firetrap footwear again."

Adrian Fitches says

"I had a pair of boots. Not so cheap £70 ish. They looked good and felt good. Only lasted a few months. Sole split accross base with little wear. Uppers were fine though. Had a few pairs of trainers and boots from the same sports outlet !! and all fell apart. Dont go there. Save your money."

Ross Murray says

"*** AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!! *** Firstly I have recieved my order and I know this not a necessity given our current circumstances and so thanks for your continued work. I am not happy with a couple of thing's. 1. The items aren't exactly the same as what I ordered. To be more specific the logo/ emblem is different but I will accept this as me being pedantic. 2. The black t-shirt I ordered is actually Navy, I wanted black. Maybe its because they look similar in colour or maybe I chose the wrong code when placing the order. Again, I'm willing to accept this. 3. This is the main point here. I paid £25 per item and then shipping fees. After opening the individual t-shirts, not only are they priced on their labels at £19:99 each, they also have a sale sticker on each item priced at £10 each. I am not happy. Why was I charged £25 per t-shirt when they are in fact only £10 each?! And why antagonize the customer by sending the items out with sale prices on? I paid £79.99 (including delivery (for these t-shirts which should have been actually should have £34.99 instead and as per the pricing on the items that I've purchased. Please can someone arrange a refund of the difference to the sum of £45 please otherwise I will be returning the t-shirts. Thanks for your time. Kind regards Mr Murray"

james says

"Bought a firetrap coat for Xmas last year and have had to stitch the coat in 4 separate places where the thread has broken and started to come undone. Coat is rarely worn, only in the really cold weather."

Sara Bradbury says

"Bought a pair of firetrap trainers . Wore them once and they have rubbed and caused blisters.would not recommend this product ."

Debbie says

"Bought firetrap cabina boots about 4 months ago for work (20 hours a week light work) the heel has detached on the right boot and the front of the left boot. Gutted as they are a really nice design, but very POORLY made. Unfortunately Will not be buying firetrap footwear again :("

knewt says

"Even after placing a gel sole inside these boots are not comfortable to walk with as they feel though underneath. There is no arch support and for the rest I feel almost like I am walking barefoot."

Silvia Jauma says

"Very disappointing shoes. School shoes that fall apart after a month? Surely not fit for purpose!"

S Brown says

"Bought a pair of firetrap shoes which were £100 reduced from near £200 in the sale. After four months of light (office) use one developed a hole in the sole, shortly after the other did too. Under the incredibly (paper) thin leather sole was cork or similar so no strength and cracked, immediately letting in the water. Therefore after 5 months, the shoes are useless. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Their customer service claims four months is acceptable usage and will not refund!!! Really, if that is what is acceptable then they have an amazingly low expectation of their product quality. Useless! Still challenging customer service so I will update if they decide to refund and put the situation right..."

Jamie Hooe says

"Do buy form this company i purchased 3 vest tops from this company worth £87 only to find that i can get it half the price from sports direct who own the fire trap brand it was also cheaper with USC and house of Fraser again owned by sports direct. even after accepting i had made a mistake they had the audacity to send the items to me with the sales stickers on them absolutely fuming about this. you can not even get in contact with customer services from any of the above mentioned brands/company's so i had to contact PayPal to get half of my money back, i am now waiting a response. Do not buy from this company!"

john michael platt says

"bought a pair of firetrap boots early last year, have worn them a few times but always in fine weather, put them on this evening (19-07-19) just walking down the road, and the heavens opened up heavy rain. the firetrap boots started to let in water. will not buy firetrap products ever again."

John Godson says

"I bought 3 pairs of Firetrap boots, all in the sale. Two were the same design and came apart in 3 months, with the heel detaching and splitting. The third pair started to separate but in a different area. All of them started to disintergrate at approximately the same time. Unfortunately, I only retained proof of purchase for the pair I bought online, and received a full refund. All told I spent less than £100, but I would expect even cheap footwear to be more robust. Sorry Firetrap. Nice looking boots, but never again."

Mr Colin Macdonald says

"I bought a pair of Firetrap boots a while back, believing they were a good brand, do not believe the hype! The boots are appalling quality and the soles detached from the boot very easily. Super gluing them back on helped for a while but they also leak very badly on a wet day. they are complete rubbish and deserve to be exposed as such. When I contacted the company I received a very arrogant reply beginning with: "Sorry to hear you have damaged your boots....." NO I DIDN'T, THE BOOTS ARE RUBBISH! Avoid at all costs,"

john goodback says

"Really poor customer services not interested in customer option or thought tried to contact over 2 month period not interested seem more Keen to post picture of skinny boys and girls wearing their clothes than issue regarding the durability of their item .......if you do read this I will be updating my YouTube video with link to this review.."

Ruth Ramsay says

"Bought 2 firetrap t shirts today in Sports Direct ..AYR..was NOT allowed to keep the wooden firetrap hangers and they were snatched bacj..U have bought clothing elsewhere over the years and have always got hanger fir item.Its part of firetrap experience to have the hangers.whats going on nasty assistant said they were like gold.."

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