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Firefly is an American space Western drama television series, created by writer and director Joss Whedon, under his Mutant Enemy Productions label. Whedon served as an executive producer, along with Tim Minear. The series is set in the year 2517, after the arrival of humans in a new star system, and follows the adventures of the renegade crew of Serenity, a "Firefly-class" spaceship. The ensemble cast portrays the nine characters who live on Serenity. Whedon pitched the show as "nine people looking into the blackness of space and seeing nine different things.

Firefly characters are not interesting and Firefly universe is absurd, according to a review published on

"WHY I THINK FIREFLY SUCKS. 1. The characters are not interesting to me at all, in fact, most of them are just archetypes. None of them actually have much of a personality outside of their stereotype. They do what they’re designed to do on the screen and not much more. Sure, some of this might have to do with the fact that the show didn’t survive long enough for them to grow and I accept that, but I can only judge by what’s actually on screen, not what Joss Whedon planned, or what rabid fans hoped would eventually make it there. I am a massive fan of Nathan Fillion, I know he credits Joss for giving him a shot at a lead role, but regardless of Fillion’s talents, there just wasn’t much here to work with. 2. The Firefly universe is absurd. There are tons of planets, all of them habitable, around a single star."


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Consumer says

"The worst company, automatically sold high insurance, even though I had a voucher stating the price I was supposed to pay, very deceiptfull. Be careful late at night when your tired. Would never use them again or reccomend them"

Terry says

"On my return from Spain I noticed that 86 euros had been taken from my account !! I complained and was advised that the section of the agreement I was asked to put my initials in confirmed I needed top up insurance which was not the case as on arrival I presented my annual top up policy to the firefly desk !!! Having got nowhere complaining myself I contacted the daily express ( see paper dated 26/10 page 16 ) and have now been fully refunded, Firefly are owned by Hertz so make your feelings known to them !!!"

Tanya says

"ALICANTE AIRPORT The 1st rental car that they gave us had scratches / bumps / and the central locking system was not working- none of this was noted down on the inventory sheet. so we handed the keys back and asked for another car, the 2nd car also had scratches all over it and yet again these were not noted. it was 12am and they were now closed - we had a 2 hour drive so we carried on. 3 days after we handed the car back - firefly have taken money from my credit card without any communication as to why, we are unable to retrieve a statement from them from their website, we are clueless to why this lump sum has been taken from my account, we now have to wait 10 working days for them to get in contact as there is no number to call. Ryanair state that this money taken was insurance that firefly took from my account 3 days after handing the car back and that it wasn't their responsibity to sort out. I have now started a charge back with my credit card and cancelled my credit card in fear of them taking more money. The Payment seems to be for additional car insurance with the car hire company FIRFLY. A cost that Ryanair have since told me was optional but we were not given the option at the time of collection. It was not explained to me that this was an option or that we would be charged additional money. We had already paid RYANAIR the rental car cost and insurance cover on the 21st August 2020 when pre-booking the car. Why would I agree to another additional insurance cost with firefly if I had already bought insurance cover? We questioned the person on the desk at the time of pick up of the car, we asked them to make it clear to us that there was definitely no other charges as we had already paid the hire car cost and insurance - he said no there was no other charges. We were concerned about some of the figures in the right hand corner that was titled estimated charges - as this didn't make sense to us - the man assured us that there was nothing else to pay and he made it out that this was a holding fee on my card NOT AN ADDITIONAL INSURANCE OPTION. He didn't ask us if we wanted additional insurance he disguised it as a holding fee that would be put back onto the card. We were not made aware about any options for additional insurance or that we would be charged it or could opt out of this on the document. IT WAS A PRE-PRINTED FORM! We had already paid for hire car insurance with Ryanair (Which can be seen on my statement and firefly was aware of this) It should also be highlighted that this charge of £332.78 was also not made until after we returned the car and left the country - This equating to 20 days after we picked the car up from Firefly. How can insurance be charged after the event? This is obvious Fraud and deception ! We have since found whilst looking on that this is a regular occurring scam and that Firefly have conned hundreds of their customers by charging credit cards after the event for insurance they didn't agree to"

P B says

"Alicante Airport Rip-off. BEWARE OF FIREFLY which is part of HERTZ and operated unethically by trying to bamboozle customers into optional extras which have neither been explained or offered; just sneakily added on and charged to your credit card after you get home. Then, their customer service is so DREADFUL they have an official policy not to answer any questions over the phone but insist they are sent to an email address that does not get answered."

Mr Bradley Knowles says

"DO NOT USE! This particular rental car companies desk assistant scammed me when I collected my vehicle from Alicante Airport. Tried to sell me insurance which I declined, but sneakily asked me to sign to accept damage excess where he had hidden extra insurance costs. They took 1000 euros on hold on my credit card and 3 weeks later deducted £89 and said I had taken out insurance which I had not. I must have told him I did not want insurance about 3/4 times but still proceeded to trick me into signing for it, without taking a payment, just took it out of the damage deposit. Absolutely despicable! What's worse is that they make you return the paperwork along with the car so you can't get names."

Emal Georgia says

"The worst company !!! The first time I make an order is through your company, and this is my worst car rental experience. The total rental cost of the lease was 2 times higher than the announced !! After making the advance payment I had to pay 37 Euro on the desk - in the end it turned out 143 (minus the fuel cost 105 Euro). Moreover, I bought a full insurance package, but as a result I still had to pay a deposit of 1000 Euros and be responsible for the risks of car damage. I'm not talking about the fact that the wrong address for receiving the car was indicated in the voucher ... Be far away from them ???"

Kristoffer Andersen says

"Worst rental experience ever. I have been renting cars across the globe with no issues, but Firefly is one of the reason rental companies get a bad reputation. The lady was extremely rude and declined any polite request. We ended up paying additional 85 EUR on the invoice (total of 190 EUR for insurance) but charged us 340 EUR. I’m starting a case with my bank now."

D7 CHA says

"Horrendous experience with this company recently at Alicante Airport. Unethical and illegal sales tactics used coupled with aggressive and rude staff. Next to me at the rental desk was an elderly gentleman - he was totally bamboozled and put under a lot of stress by the Firefly agent. Shame on you Firefly/Hertz. My first and last time time using this company. Please stay clear."

Jacob Mortensen says

"Dont ude firefly. Hidden expensive extras."

James Brereton says

"I was charged for the breakdown cover. I refused any extra insurance cover as whilst booking with Holiday Autos - I took the option of buying the insurance with AXA. Also I have full RAC coving including whilst in Europe. Covering me any car I'm in. I categorically did not want this cover. I explained a couple of times I did not want it. Even though I said I didn't want it - it was shown on the invoice after it was printed. Again, I explained I didn't want it. The Firefly representative explained it as 'there's a block on your card' 'if nothing happens you won't be charged'. I understood that as a kind of separate deposit if I needed breakdown assistance. I explained again if it was cover, I didn't want it. It got to the point where if I didn't sign the invoice I couldn't have the car. Well nothing did happen. No breakdown assistance was needed. After returning the vehicle I received the invoice showing it as cover. And my credit car has been charged. So it was a way of making the company extra money, hitting targets or the desk staff earning commission. It was added when I said I didn't want it. Then it was wrongfully explained as a kind of deposit. Then I was basically blackmailed at the desk to sign or not have the car. Do not used this fraudulent company with unscrupulous staff. You have been warned. But probably, like me, you foolishly saw the reviews after using them. But fingers crossed you're reading this before you've booked."

Bruno says

"Total ripoff. A voucher with 18eur for 5 days was transformed in 180eur with hidden taxes. Stay away. Never happened nothing like this nowhere"

Simon Cox says

"I rented a car via to collect from Firefly Murcia airport last August. As with many others here they added an unexpected charge to my credit card, (£71), for something to do with the windows. I did not request this nor was made aware of it at the time of collection. An untrustworthy company that's likely to add unexpected charges to your credit card. Plenty of other car rental companies out there so avoid Firefly at all costs."

Heidi says

"Rented in Alicante in September without problem. Rented again in Murcia and returned full, no marks, no damage was told all good. A couple of days from our return noticed a charge for £91 on my credit card from Firefly. No email or contact from them that there was a charge. Have tried contacting them by filling in the form on their website and no joy. Going to our credit card company now as they said if no response for 14 days then they will take up on our behalf. Shame as they are going to lose regular business from us."

Lucy says

"DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Absolute scam from start to finish. Especially don’t book through Ryan Air “have you booked your car hire” e-mail prompts. They’re clearly in cahoots with the airlines with regards to insurance for damages. Whatever you do DO NOT book the car hire in one name but ask for another driver to be added as that will cost an additional €80 for a simple admin task. To ensure you start your holiday on a high, I advise to book your car directly with a well known firm and pay slightly more."


"STEER CLEAR! I rented a car from this appalling company via Ryanair. i took out collision insurance through Ryanair, not Firefly. Despite this Firefly have taken funds from my credit card to the amount of £114 for 'optional' roadside breakdown cover, glass and tyre damage cover and an additional amount of one Euro a day as I did not take out the collision insurance through them - a waiver charge. I have made several attempted to speak to someone at the company to no avail, the fact that the company is in Spain adds to the problem. The company advertise cheap hire rates but don't be fooled - there are hidden charges. Go to a REPUTABLE car hire company, you will save your money and avoid the stress. Appalling."

Linda Owen says

"I would not give this company one star .We hired a car from Faro and we were under the impression we had pre paid an additional driver on the Jet Two booking site however we later found out this was not the case we had only booked an extra driver on the insurance so that was confusing to start off with.We were happy with the car given to us at the airport and the man explained all about the mileage we were allowed to do and all about the petrol returns policy.I signed for the car and filled in two driver forms and never at any point did the man point out that there was a charge for the extra driver and because we thought we had already paid that we didn't question it.I returned to have an extra almost £60 charged to my credit card .Jet Two were not interested and said I signed for it so it was up to me to take it up with the rental company.I know I have to pay this because I signed but I had no idea I had and feel I have been conned out of that money .I would never let Jet Two book a car for me again.I would never us Firefly again or Hertz I've had trouble with them before.Do not use this company."

Sam says

"Terrible experience! I found this company through but very much regret not checking on TrustPilot first. After my rental, they charged me 200EUR in phoney 'damage' and 'fuel' charges. Luckily I had photos and receipts so got the money back eventually, though it took 4 months and letters to the ECRCS and American Express. Firefly provided no communication whatsoever through this process, no receipt or responses to concerns. absolute zip. They just took the money off my credit card and hoped to get away with it. Spend a little more on a reputable company and save yourself months of stress!"

Thomas Casey says

"FIREFLY CAR RENTAL, MALAGA. Welcome to the world of gangster capitalism. One star rating is way too much for this company. CAVEAT EMPTOR…BUYER BEWARE. Do not use this company …EVER…if you wish to retain your sanity. I should have heeded warnings in Trustpilot, Reddit, The Guardian etc. etc. which warned me not to use them. PLEASE NOTE ; This company is owned by HERTZ. My recent experience in Malaga started with car rental search engine RENTALCARS.COM who recommended FIREFLY. Please note. The FIREFLY service lady at Malaga Airport was rude, aggressive and when I complained of a ‘Seniors Charge’ ( 70 yrs) she said I was foolish to use RENTALCARS.COM who often mis-informed customers. In addition to the prepaid rental charges made to RENTALCARS.COM she proceeded to charge me additional costs as follows : Airport charge 8%, CC Fee €3.30 : Senior Fee €68.90 :Fuel €63.00 : Service Charge €34.60. On top of thIs I was charged 21% VAT, all totalling €222.00 extra ! I complained that VAT was not applicable on an Airport tax nor on pre-vatted fuel but I was ignored. In addition I was advised that the fuel policy was FULL to EMPTY ! As we are all aware, it is virtually impossible to do this is and is yet another scam used by FIREFLY. In conclusion I hold HERTZ, the parent company, and FIREFLY, jointly responsible for the blatant thievery that is common practice at FIREFLY. RENTALCARS.COM are also culpable in recommending them . I will never use these companies again and I would recommend you do likewise."

Vinz says

"*** WORST EXPERIENCE EVER **** After the operetor girls in El Prat airport have offered to me many insurance options, which I have declined all, after a month they took out of my credit cards more than 60 euros because an insurance on the glass, rejected at the time of the offeres. it is clearly a fraudolent behave from both operators and company. I tried to reach the company, but no answer from them. I reported the officers in barcelona and the company to spanish police, italian and also my legal office bank will go for them."

Michael Ch says

"Used this company twice and had no problem, the staff was friendly and nice, the deposit was returned to the card fast and automatically. But today I experienced really weird behavior from the staff member Teressa, she was really rude, said I damaged the car, she was checking under the front bummer, I mean like really under where no one would ever look and claimed that I damaged it when I cleaned it happen to be just dirt but she refused to double-check, she canceled my next reservation. (which I made because I had trust in the company, now I don't) so I got stocked at the airport, luckily I was able to book another car with a different company. So if any of FireFly supervise is reading it, please don't hesitate to get in touch for the full feedback."