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FireEye is a publicly traded cybersecurity company headquartered in Milpitas, California.It has been involved in the detection and prevention of major cyber attacks. It provides hardware, software, and services to investigate cybersecurity attacks, protect against malicious software, and analyze IT security risks.

A former employee mentioned, "FireEye has poor management and lack of resources! I don't not recommend it but if you want to work in a hostile place? Go for it... People over there 80's still working getting s.s just to get other people overwhelmed because they know that H.R will never touch them."


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Solderer/Assembler (Former Employee) says

"This company poor management lack of resources! I don't not recommend it but if you want to work in a hostile place? Go for it... People over there 80's still working getting s.s just to get other people overwhelmed because they know that H.R will never touch themOvertimePoor manegment"

support (Former Employee) says

"I have never been treated so badly in my life. I would never recommend this employer to anyone. The management is pathetically disorganized, their software for organizing their HR, inner documentation is a disconnected nebulae of systems. Management bullies you into getting things done through either passive aggressive behavior, or direct threats. Never ever work here!you get paidsee above."

IT Support (Former Employee) says

"Started off with a great manager. Never realized how bad a company can change when a great manager gets fired. The replacement manager is a big time back-stabber. Forcing other people to do his job with sensitive stuff like Change Management. Started off as a global company, but later on became very domesticated Japanese. Management who has incapable staff asking someone from the outside do their job. I should ask for a raise for the extra responsibility he assigns me. HR is very disorganized and blames others for her incompetence. Enjoyable part of my job was my previous manager. Not the current back-stabber. The back-stabber has been working-from-home almost everyday after he made a bad hire.Decent amoutn of PTOForcing one to arrive early at work after working at midnight."

N/A (Former Employee) says

"I started with iSIGHT Partners in its prime. I slowly watched it grow into a great company that then out of the blue changed directions and was sold off to FireEye. FireEye is the opposite of what iSIGHT Partners was in nearly all aspects. No amount of perks can make up for the lack of direction, poor management, silent rifts and poor quality of employee culture.Free lunches if you consider that a "pro"The Company"

QC Technician (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn't want my worst enemy to work for this company. Fireye along with the owners(United Technologies Corp.)are always preaching about ethics and professional behavior. They posses none. Fireye is run by the most unethical, unprofessional, discriminating, demoralizing people I have ever experienced. Certain people and managers will lie to your face with smile and then stab you in the back with slanderous remarks to others. The HR department will never defend the workers rights and ignore the complaints that are filed. Harassment complaints against management are swept under the rug unless complaints are raised against hourly employees. Those people will be demoralized to the point where most will walk out, even without another job to go to. This is by far the worst place I have worked.NoneWorst management ever."

Senior Systems Engineer (Current Employee) says

"I worked at this company for 3 years. Not a good place to work. FireEye has great pay and benefits but this company has a lot of racist employees and management will make it difficult for minority employees to survive. Beware."

Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"There is too much politics in the upper management of the which is resulting in deteriorating work culture and environment. Also, there is no job security in the company."

Coordinator I (Former Employee) says

"FireEye does not care about their Employees. I was constantly harassed and abused by my Sr. Manager. Complained to HR about it and nothing was done. I was laid off a few months after complaining to HR."

Creative Director (Former Employee) says

"FireEye is a publicly traded cybersecurity company headquartered in Milpitas, California. It provides hardware, software, and services to investigate cybersecurity attacks, protect against malicious software, and analyze IT security risks. FireEye was founded in 2004."

Senior Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Good place to learn, get change to work on new security products. the technical direction is not upto mark though. The product features not well luncheslong hours"

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"The culture is stressful. Management needs to understand that people are their biggest asset. The company lacks alignment and direction. No strategy, no career paths, and no training provided.Drinks and snacksNo work/life balance, unstable"

GRC IT Compliance Lead (Former Employee) says

"The culture is not practiced consistently through the company. There is flexibility for some but not for other departments. Little work life balance. Hundreds laid off and remaining have to pick up the extra work. No matching 401K No proper titles No opportunity for advancement or a career pathFree lunchesNo matching 401K, salary increases or bonuses"

Enterprise Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"Very poor leadership structure, almost non-existent in a sales culture. For a company with a nation in the industry like FireEye, I was deeply disappointed to find out how it was run once I got in."

Full-time content marketing consultant (Former Employee) says

"To be sure, one of the hottest companies in the cybersecurity space, but overmatched management and a drunken sailor approach to spending makes this a top candidate to be acquired by a more mature company with well developed acquisition and integration skills."

Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"The company I was working for got bought out by FireEye. Unfortunately there is a lack of work life balance. And was at one point particular VP would publicly harass and abuse people in the work place."

Product Manager (Current Employee) says

"The executive staff seems to turn over their senior leadership every 6 months or so with constant reorganizations. This promotes a lack of confidence and loyalty into any organization as your manager or VP will likely change in 6 months."

Sr. Firewall/Network Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The engineers are very dedicated and fun to work with. The management is another story! The older management has been pushed out and a set of new management team is implementing useless ideas and projects. You cannot believe what they tell you either."

Senior SharePoint Developer (Former Employee) says

"My day to day work was very enjoyable tasks and internal clients were very enjoyable. Unfortunately the management was terrible and when issues were raised by other employees regarding unfair treatment the complaints were routed back to those doing the misdeeds by those in executive and VP roles. No investigations into misconduct occurred following reported events. The company also decided to route all new hires to outside countries releasing top performing US based employees and replacing them with very junior level resources. I personally was brought on to identify skill gaps and problems within the team I was hired to due to lack of delivery and a bad internal reputation. Many months went by before my own manager was available to discuss this topic with me. At that time I provided a list of easy wins the team could make and was told that the team was not prepared to make the changes without training for which there was no budget. At that point my manager began hiring resources into senior positions who were unable to perform basic expected tasks for entry level employees. A few months later I was let go as a team reduction for cost savings which only affected the top performing members of the team. None of the advice provided was implemented and this looks like it will be a perpetual problem for this company.Remote Work, Flexible Hours, Fulfilling WorkManagement, Executives, Badly Resourced Off Shore Teams"

Commissions Manager of WorldWide Sales (Former Employee) says

"Worked with HR, Sales Ops, regional directors and VP's. Learned to bring up a new commissions systems from beginning to end. The hardest part of the job was no work-life balance.Free lunhcesAlot of overtime and no work life balance"

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Bad Nothing much management is good co worker are supportive long working hours worked very short period bcoz of lack of proper training and long working hoursFree lunch and Telephone ReibursementLong hours"

Keith McLean says

"I am not even sure bother having a phone number you can call. I called in three times only to be told that I would need to wait 24-48 hours for them to get back to me. I had ordered one pair of glasses. The USPS site said that it arrived September 11, 2020 at 11:02 am. It was never arrived. I went to check the mail twice that day and there was no package. Neither did my neighbors receive it. I called in to deal with it and kept getting the runaround and that they'd get back to me. I've filed a complaint with USPS, but that's not going to get me anywhere. I wish I could just cancel, but when I told Zenni I wanted a refund they refused to give me one and said at most I could expect a 50% refund. If you go with Zenni you risk paying for a product you will never receive."

Reef says

"I bought titanium glasses and they broke less than a year. the nose pad arm broke and they give only 30 days warrenty.I ordered the titanium frame because its strong frame but it didnt last a year . I had titanum glasses that were thiner than that and lasted 3 years . I am very disappointed."


"I have been missing items for several months now and they refuse to reply to me. I work in the optometry field and use to tell my patients to order through them for a good backup pair but since they are dishonest I now tell all my patients to not trust this company."

Nanette Oleson says

"I have never written a bad review but if I could give this a minus 5 stars I would. I ordered bifocals. 1)glasses took 3 weeks 2) After going back to my eye doctor he confirmed the prescription was filled wrong- I sent an email as to how to rectify and never received a reply after 2 weeks. Finally, herd back and I sent a long letter explaining the problem and returning glasses also asking to be notified that they received them and let me know if they found out indeed the prescription was filled wrong. Never heard back. several weeks passed, I called customer service and they had not done anything yet but said they would expedite a return shipment of glasses with the correction. Several more weeks past and the prescription was still wrong. I emailed telling them I wanted to proceed with a refund. Never heard back. I am on hold for these past ten minutes waiting to rectify this problem after way too much energy writing emails and calling. In the meantime, I went to eye mart locally and received 2 pairs of bifocals the same day at a lower price. Save yourself the headache and do not order bifocals from Zenni"