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From Everything.Sucks is a UK-based online lingerie retailer established by Daniel Nabarro and former McKinsey & Co manager Michael Ross in 1998 and purchased by N Brown Group in 2010.

Figleaves has a terrible customer service and won't refund for mistaken sizes, according to tibby22 at

"Do not buy from figleaves they refused me a refund when the size was wrong even though the bikini top was returned within 24 hours with tags still on and unworn in immaculate condition. READ all reviews on other sites too there are a lot of people having problems with figleaves. Terrible customer service."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"slow moving processes, sometimes blame culture if things go wrong"

Emily says

"Poor customer service, no resolution to previous mistakes on figleaves part, bad communication and no intention to actually help! They sent me the wrong item and apologetically re-ordered the correct size by phone which was very helpful and polite. Then another colleague calls within an hour or so to tell me it was an American size and she will call back with a resolve, which she never did. In fact she didnt know her UK/US conversions accurately. Next thing I knew she sent a text and issued a refund, NOT AS SHE INITALLY SAID SHE WOULD. Yet I still saw the basque online in the colour and size I wanted, They go up a UK size L for goodness sake. My bra is also faulty, now and having contacted them today there's nothing that they will do about their previous mistake! On top of that she was sending smiley faces knowing she wasn't being helpful. All I did was ask for was the black to be priced similar to the white basque as that's what I initially ordered and wanted. IN THESE UNCERTAIN TIMES KEEPING THE CUSTOMER SHOULD BE OF TOP PRIORITY! EVEN TRYING TO OFFERING AN ALTERNATIVE OR BEING APOLOGETIC WOULD HAVE BEEN HELPFUL. I wasted 30mins on Figleaves chat for nothing. Once I use my gift card that was issued to me a while back for the same reason; misguided on sizes by a staff member I won't be ordering form Figleaves again."

Me says

"Refusal to refund untracked order: I made an order number 13765878 from Figleaves,which was dispatched on the 12th Otober untracked and never arrived.I have asked neighbours and postal office but they don’t know nothing about it. My adress is correct and so I have contacted your customer service to ask a Customer service told me I had other previous order that hadn’t been delivered either so I should ask for a refund to my credit card/bank because they “believe” that I did receive the order. How can they afirm that of the service is untracked??? After insisting that they solved the issue or else i would have to resort to Resolver,they preferred i wrote a complaint on Resolver and each answer is worst than the previous. Disrespectful and almost insinuating I am lying.Terrible customer service and defensive.They just insist I complaint to my bank.But I didn’t buy it from my bank,it’s not their responsibility to resolve.I bought from Figleaves! I ask that you personally take this matter in your hands and please make it right. After sending emails to CEO,head of customer service,JD Williams who owns them and N Brown Group,they tell me they don’t know Figleaves! I will wait for my refund."

Vega says

"Poor customer service. My mother recently ordered a silk pyjama set from them in the size XL and they dare to send her a size M instead! I understand that mistakes happen, but when I returned it to them with express delivery (so the right size would be here by Christmas), they decide the best way is to send a right size back to me by road (it has now taken over two weeks) or to yet again pay extra for quick delivery... Now I've spent over 50€ on delivery alone and still i wont have it for Christmas. I purchased it over a month ago and still waiting. I won't be getting anything from them again. Very disappointed and so will the person who was waiting for the Christmas gift."

Daisy cottrell says

"returns are an absoloute nightmare. literally no customer service and been getting ignored for nearly 2 months have tried everything email call commenting on ig posts dming and nothing . products are okay but sizing is way off and you will not get a refund if you return an item!"

Robert Walker says

"I purchased a number of items and as a gift I also purchased the Figleaves gift box for an extra £4.95,as I wanted everything to look special. The box is small all the items were squeezed in it,they looked awful. I raised with customer services told box only one size,as the box not fit for purpose I asked for refund/return ,now been told they don’t accept returns . Very very poor customer service,shame as have used Figleaves many times before."

Alice O'Neill says

"Ordered 4 bras based on a fitting that determined my size didn’t exist in stores. They ended up being one cup too small still so I started to process a return with Figleaves. I wasn’t a fan of one of the bras so I requested a different one in its place in the correct size. Upon notification of re-shipment, I received an email that they were only filling the order of 2 of my 4 bras and did not give me any option on choosing replacements for the out of stock bras. With me paying so much for shipping, duties and taxes these two bras are costing me $180 each. To top it off my bad experience, I moved into my new house before I returned the bras and noted in the package my new address, which they missed. I have no idea where these bras are currently as the communication from Figleaves customer service is slow and poor. The last update I received was on October 13th and it is now the 27th. Would not recommend this company for purchasing bras whatsoever."

Kate says

"I wish I could leave a better review because I've been a customer for years, but my recent experience trying to return about $100 of merchandise has been a disaster. My items were received at their facility on June 16th, but I only know that from my tracking number. Zero communication from the company. I waited three weeks (as suggested on the website) for my refund to be processed because I understand that covid has caused delays and I wanted to be lenient. However, it's now been five weeks and the only communication I've received from the company was a generic "just keep waiting" email in response to me asking about my refund. They have not yet even acknowledged receiving the package or offered to look into the situation for me, despite me asking. I understand that covid has caused delays, but it's deceptive to advertise free and easy returns in giant script on your home page and then not refund or even contact customers for 5+ weeks. It's a shame because I liked their house brand of bras, but I won't be buying from them again after this."

Helen Elizabeth Simmons says

"Ordered some things from this company on 20th may. Sent them back the week after as they didn’t fit and am still waiting for a refund two emails later!has put me off buying from them again"

Sk says

"I ordered on the 1st of july. I'm still waiting on it to arrive. I cant track my order as I didnt sign into the website and give my details. Now that I have created an account it wont let me track my order as I didnt create an account when i made the order. Gives no option to enter order details. S"

Sandra Stanley says

"I ordered from them and have not been given tracking information. Its been two weeks. Its impossible to reach them by phone and takes three days the get a reply email. SO FAR HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! You would expect better when I drop 350.00 as a 1st time customer."

G Martin says

"I would have loved to have given 5 stars having had fantastic service for the last 3 years or so. However, things have changed and I am still waiting on a refund from last month. I have emailed several times and tried to phone but there is just an automated reply now with no way to leave a message. Very disappointed as they have been superb with communication in the past. Just hoping it is because of Covid but it doesn’t bode well."

Sarah says

"I ordered bras in different sizes as it was my first time ordering with Figleaves and was unsure on sizing. They received my return on 24th June and it’s taken nearly a month to acknowledge the return and now another 7-10 days before refund will go onto my card. Has put me off ordering with them again as this is a ridiculously long time to keep customers waiting. I’ve had to pay the balance of my credit card off twice waiting for the refund."

KN says

"Though the product is fine, their customer service was appalling. I bought three items with their policy in mind that there are free returns. As one of the items did not fit me, I filled the electronic return form and tried to download their free return label, which could not be downloaded no matter how many times I tried over a week. It always showed 0 bytes. I contacted them through e-mail and phone, and the representative told me on the phone that they have had these issues with their website. So, if they did have this problem over time, why don't they fix it? Or why do they pretend that there is an option for free international returns? It may not be intended like a scam, but it certainly feels like one. I returned their item and the international cost ended up being half the cost ($14) of the price of the item ($28) for a bathing suit bottom. Dishonest policy"

Cathy Jackson says

"Ordered end of May.. Returned first week in June and only now getting my refund processed. This is really poor customer service but I have no doubt the reason cited will be Covid. Won't be ordering from them again."

Paul King says

"I have purchased from Figleaves for 15 years. My wife likes a few of the brands they sell and the sizes and returns policy have been working. Usually our orders are quite large and valuable, since we order once a year or so, so I was surprised to see the £1000 or so worth of items arrive in a plastic rubble sack. Now I've been told that this is a carbon footprint issue, but that's just nonsense. Cardboard is usually more ecological than plastic, I suspect money saving is really what is going on here. Items that get sent in this rubble sack routinely get crushed and I've just received my last order and don't plan on making any more, since they also charge me full rate for delivery, when Express delivery to Czech Republic used to be free of charge over £300. Thankfully, I can now get Prima Donna products here in Czech and don't need people peeing on my head and telling me that it is raining. Don't tell your customers nonsense if you want them coming back."

Emma says

"I recently purchased a bikini, this was my first purchase from figleaves and I was really initially really impressed by the quality of the item I purchased. However after using the bikini all summer it has grains of sand stuck in the material that I can't get out. I have tried different ways of washing it but can't get it clean. It is a shame as after spending £50 I would have liked it to last more than one season."