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Ferring Pharmaceuticals is a Swiss multinational biopharmaceutical company specializing in areas such as reproductive health, maternal health, gastroenterology and urology. Ferring has been developing treatments for mothers and babies for over 50 years.

Founded in 1950, privately-owned Ferring employs more than 6,500 people worldwide, has its own operating subsidiaries in nearly 60 countries and markets its products in 110 countries.

An angry former employee said "Ferring Pharmaceuticals is a terrible place to work, I would never send friends there. The environment is the worst. The managers are lacking skills, knowledge, and ethics. Don't ever complain to HR or you will loose your job. They are intimidated by top talent".


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Opérateur de production (Former Employee) says

"Managers are 0 to many French big problem jealousy fighting at night worst place i have ever worked in my life. Operators sleeping with managers french jealous of the swiss HORRIBLE PLACE TO WORK and Manpower is the same"

Part time (Current Employee) says

"Ferring Taiwan has the worst working environment containing many compliance violations and poor employee behaviors. The senior managements never punish these people and always tolerate their bad attitudes toward Sales Reps."

Sales Representative, Women's Health (Current Employee) says

"lots of free time, going in and out of hospitals, not the best culutre, work a lone. the most i=enjoyalbe part are the people on your team but you never get to see them, evveryone has large territoryies"

Specialist, Incentive Compensation (Former Employee) says

"The environment is the worst. The managers are lacking skills, knowledge, and ethics. Don't ever complain to HR or you will loose your job. They are intimidated by top talent."

Clinical Quality Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Managers have poor leadership skills and do not give clear direction, culture is very cut throat, no flexibility in work schedule (you need to keep your butt glued to your chair), nothing enjoyable about my experience working hereNoneManagement, no room for growth, poor leadership skills"

Director (Former Employee) says

"Worst year of my life. Ferrings portfolio of drugs are not performing to expectations except for reproductive health but they cant seem to understand why. Massive layoffs last year and rumors that the company will be acquired. Their Oncology drug will be a disaster as they hire all outsiders to run it.Cafeteria on campusPoor management, financial trouble"

Clinical (Former Employee) says

"Ferring is a company managed by back biting and back stabbing managers that rule by fear, lay offs/ firing and retaliation on poor performance and low balled bonuses. Of course they all make their milestones and their bonuses. HR is a part of the problem. Very little training and understanding, slow antiquated computer systems and poor communication with colleagues within and outside your dept. worst year of my life with heavy turn over.CafeteriaPretty much everything else"

EA (Former Employee) says

"My management did not support me at all and instead worked to get rid of me even after I asked for more work. After I asked for more work, I got less and less because they did not want to give me a platform on which to succeed. Don't count on HR (or even go to them) because they will not help you and will probably give you a bad reputation. The general population complains and gossips behind the backs of others. NO MATTER WHAT THEY OFFER TO PAY YOU, RUN IN THE OTHER DIRECTION.free coffeethe worst management possible"

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Very chaotic atmosphere with poor upper mgmt. They really don't care about their employees. Poor culture. No telecommuting. Lots of clock watching. High turnover, all in all it's an odd place to work.Nice cafe and buildingNo telecommuting, prison like atmosphere w poor upper mgmt."

Opératrice de production (Former Employee) says

"Les opérateurs sont très méchants , pas de respect, les chef sont dans son brio ils sont fous de tout.Assurance maladieAmbiance de travail"

Marketing (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente de trabajo malo, no enfocados Mala paga, empresa dirigida por cuates y no por lideresSalario y crecimientoSalario y no hay desarrollo"

Senior IT Supporter (Former Employee) says

"The HR in singapore is a Joke, the HR manager should be sacked as she is not a HR person at all, more like a prison warden, everyone feels the same, the office is very isolated as everyone work by themselves and there is no sense of purpose, everyone seems to be going there for the sake of money, plus a horrible rude and fierce HR who is fake makes the matter worst.stable working hoursBad Culture"

Gerente de Produtos (Former Employee) says

"Difícil encontrar empresas familiares onde a gestão do estilo "caseira" não interfira no andamento da empresa, impedindo que a mesma se torne mais profissional e meritocrática. Na Ferring infelizmente não é diferente: desde que se entregue o resultado financeiro, a matriz não quer nem saber o que acontece com suas filiais, especialmente na América Latina, onde a gestão é feita ao melhor estilo "Terror empresarial à moda dos anos 70". Uma pena. Os benefícios de se trabalhar na Ferring (bom plano de saúde, veículo, etc) não são superados pelo péssimo ambiente de trabalho.horário de trabalho flexívelnão tem cartão corporativo"

Visitador Médico (Former Employee) says

"Empresa básica y tradicional , con ganas de cambiarDa trabajoNo valora todo lo que el empleado da"

Territory Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"They say People Come First at Ferring but it’s not the case. Managers make you feel under valued and work balance is nonexistent. The products are less desirable."

Contractor (Current Employee) says

"Do yourself a favor and never take a contract job here. You're second class employee and you're just a tool for the management to exploit for their advancement. You will have no life. No vacation, no recognition no medical or any benefit what so ever. You might get paid a little bit more but that a death trap. Ferring is a great company however San Diego office is not so much. Especially if you were a contractor.Excellent place to learn and meet good peopleBad and selfish management, Management have the rights to believe and treat contractor as a second class employee"

Coach (Current Employee) says

"poor management-turnover rates were terrible, as was acknowledged by management. There were all four DM positions open at the same time for the Western half of the US. They only had a total of 8 DMs in the company."

Brand Management (Current Employee) says

"Each day was fast paced, many different projects going on simutaneously. Good balance between and family. Typical routine where process and getting things done competed with each other"

Senior Lead Clinical Trial Manager (Current Employee) says

"A place where you need to have prior experience, it is not a place to start from scratch. Freedom on how you execute if you deliver. Room for risk takingFlexible place to work in.Promotions are not driven by results, a lot of politics."

Opérateur en salle grise, Ferring, St-Prex (Former Employee) says

"Très monothone, Travail en temporaire 18 mois très peu de possibilité à passé fixe"

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