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Fastball is an American rock band that formed in Austin, Texas in 1995. The band originally called themselves Magneto U.S.A. but changed their name after signing with Hollywood Records.In 1998, their album All the Pain Money Can Buy reached platinum sales within six months of its release, and stayed on the Billboard 200 chart for a year.

"Don’t call Fastball a one-hit-wonder" says Andrew Dansby on Houston Chronicle on December 14, 2018:

"Q: The phrase one-hit-wonder has always bothered me. At the risk of being a pedant, there are a lot of “one-hit wonders” who had more than one hit. And I also think it skips past the fact that most acts — even some great ones — never even have one hit.

A: Yeah, and it’s a thing people used to paint us. I don’t think we were. For starters, yeah, we had more than one hit. But it’s a lazy way to lump you in with Chumbawumba. But like you were saying, people act like that’s a failure somehow. It’s like you land on the Moon, and somebody says, “Oh, you’ve only been on the Moon once?”


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