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Disney Fastpass Service, FastPass+, and MaxPass are systems created by the Walt Disney Company to speed up customer access to certain attractions and amenities at the Disney resorts and theme parks. First introduced in late 1999 as a virtual queue, The systems all allow guests to avoid long lines at the attractions on which the system is installed, freeing them to partake of other attractions during their wait. There is generally no extra fee for the service.

A very let down customer shares her experience on, "We used the FastPass system yesterday on a trip to Magic Kingdom. We were unsure of what day we were to be able to go so we were walking in without anything booked until park opening. Of course, the big attractions were not available (Seven Dwarfs, Splash Mountain, etc) but we were optimistic that we would still have plenty of ride opportunities throughout the day even if we had to wait a bit. Well, we were wrong! All the wait times were astronomical and the park wasn’t even crazy crowded. The line attendees would let 2 or 3 families thru, and then literally 30 people with FastPass. Most wait times were 65-105 minutes! We have been going to Disney for 16 years now and have never experienced such an awful experience. Basically Disney punishes those who don’t plan their vacation weeks and weeks in advance and if you don’t commit to your day well in advance, you’re likely to be spending your whole day in lines only to ride 6-7 rides. For over $100 a ticket, that’s pretty ridiculous. Also, with Florida’s unpredictability in weather, it used to be nice to move your park days around if rain chances went from 10% to 90% in 24 hours and you were facing huge downpours to continue to commit to your park day. If you’re going to give preference and privilege to those who book weeks in advance, give a ‘last-minute trip’ customer a discount. We could not be any more disgusted with the new system and will definitely be looking into other attractions that more fairly treat their well-paying customers."


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