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Farmsafe Australia is the umbrella entity for agencies that share a common interest in agricultural health and safety. Farmsafe Australia is a not-for-profit organization that aids in the coordination of efforts amongst these agencies to address farm safety issues in Australia. The Farmsafe Australia network grew out the establishment of a number of locally-based farm safety action groups and state Farmsafe Committees in the late 1980s. Local Farm Safety Action Groups continue to be active in several states and are the basis of strong local campaigns aimed at improving farm health and safety in rural communities.

Chief executive of the FCAI, Tony Weber, pointed this about Farmsafe on Dairy News in September 2020:

"Weber also draws attention to the comparison being drawn by Farmsafe of tractor ROPS structure and the OPD’s being used on ATV’s, saying ROPS are only really effective when the driver is seat-belted into position, so they do not fall outside the protection zone in an overturn situation. This is not possible with an ATV as riders need to shift their body position as they deal with changing terrain. This means that riders of OPD-equipped machines will need to fall into the “right-spot” to benefit from the device."


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