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The Family Channel or Family Channel may refer to:

The Family Channel (American TV network, founded 1990), later Fox Family and ABC Family, and now Freeform The Family Channel (American TV network, founded 2008), formerly My Family TV The Family Channel (British TV channel), a British game show television channel now known as Challenge Family Channel (Canadian TV network), a Canadian premium c...


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ardu says

"I bought a baby Yoda advertised with many features and delivered a plastic toy that even use battery, you won’t get what they advertise, AVOID"

Miss Henry says

"Ordered a giant beanbag and they sent a tiny cushion 10 weeks later... Offered a 35% refund... I refused so they offered me 45% refund... I still refused so they said they'd give me a full refund if I posted it back. The postage would be more than the item so I refused and have opened a dispute with PayPal... Total scam..."

Donna LeMonier says

"Took over 60 days to receive products. Products were knock offs. No invoice. No way to contact them. Yep, supported by PayPal and FB. Both should stop supporting this scam."

maxine salt says

"Okbuynow that is trading through Facebook is a scam. I like another lady on here paid for 2 new born dolls, they were nothing like description and one had leg ripped. Came in crappy plastic bag, no invoice no return address. I have put a complaint to pay pal but fear I won't get my money back. Angry that Facebook don't take more blame as they are encouraging these scams."

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