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Falkenhagen is a municipality in the district Märkisch-Oderland, in Brandenburg, Germany. The municipality aims at providing the best of hospitality to tourists and give them the best of memories of the municipality. Over the years, tourism has had a major boost which has increased the earnings of the municipality.

A tourist bemoans " A lot of tourist troop in every year to enjoy the best of tourism in the municipality. However, hotels are very expensive to lodge in. Poor internet connectivity. The trucks to convey us to enjoy nature are always late and not well serviced."


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Ash D says

"Avoid this company at all costs!! Won’t refund their customers so they don’t go bust & don’t care if their customers can’t pay their bills/lose their homes! Whilst all the staff are very friendly we had a terrible experience with a guy named Paul (5pm 4/8/20) who was extremely rude! showed no empathy whatsoever & no willingness to go the extra mile to help a customer in a difficult situation & just to make it worse he abruptly hung up! Will never ever use this company again!! Now claiming through ABTA. Had we booked direct with the airline we would have received our refund already (as have our friends whom were booked on the same flight).... this company claims stress free travel well... booking through this company has caused no end of stress."

Jillian Blackburn says

"I would give 0 stars of ot were an option. My partner and I had booked with the flight centre to go to NYC and have the wedding of our dreams this June. Understandably this was cancelled due to the coronavirus epidemic. As soon as our flight was cancelled by the airline (early April) we contacted flight centre so we could obtain a refund. Since then we have received nothing but appealing service at every stage from the flight centre. Rude customer reps on the phone and generic emails in order to withhold our £3000+ that we paid in full. We have made it clear on numerous occasions that we our money back as we have rebooked our wedding at home in the UK and require our money back in order to pay for this so we aren't forced to cancel again. Flight centre have used avoidance tactics and are holding onto our money and not paying what is owed. We contacted United Airlines today to see if they could update us on the status of the flight refund from them to Flight Centre and they explained that FC hadn't even requested a refund yet. Despite flight centre telling us on numerous occasions that they had requested and not received that money from United. Thousands of other UK customers in the same position with similar experiences and their money is being hoarded by flight centre. Absolutely do not book with flight centre because despite what they say they do not care about their customers."

Mick Johnson says

"Worst experience i have had with a company. Do not answer emails do not ring back. if someone was abroad and needed urgent assistance do not trust these. When i booked i would have gave them 5 stars but now i would give them no stars."

Sadie Cooke says

"I have had no correspondence and waiting months still for my flight refund due to covid. Their rep told me we are all in the same boat......due to the fact I have lost family members and my income due to the pandemic, I find this highly insensitive and completely not within her job to tell me she is still waiting on her refund to for her ski holiday. Same storm - different boats!"

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