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Falck A/S is a Nordic-based organization with activities in most areas of Europe and representation on five continents. It has four business areas: healthcare, assistance, safety services, and emergency assistance. The firm has 24,000 employees in 46 countries. The company's current CEO is Jakob Riis.

On September 2019, a former Emergency Medical Technician wrote on INDEED about working on Falck:

"Hired on with Falck when they took over the Salem contract from Rural Metro. As an EMT with experience, found out later that they started me at a lesser pay rate than fresh EMT's out of school. The schedule was horrible as expected. Have had several friends discharged from the company because management won't stand up for their employees. The supervisors seemed nice at first. The best part of the job was actually doing the job and working directly with the Salem Fire Department. Pay was garbage. They get a steady influx of new paramedics and EMT's who work for a year or two before going to get a better job. They don't take care of their people. This is not the way to run a successful business."


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Senior Assistant Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"No structure and management won’t follow protocol. Everyone is involved in politics. No chance to rising within company. Very high turnaround for staff and management.Politics"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Patient care is paramount to this company and strive to deliver, but staff are left behind and not looked after and most issues brought to senior management are watered down and dismissed. HR doesn’t really exist and are never available when needed."

Ambulance Care Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Not good pay, they treat you like you’re nothing, management not good, I had 2 screws put under my tyres by one of the trainers just because I parked in the yard, as I was on overtime for them and there was no where to park on the industrial estate, kept asking manager of cctv footage of who done it, didn’t bother kept promising, but failed, joke not a company"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Worst place to be they just like to fire you or write you up for minor things with no given notice. The office had lots of surveillance cameras in every department and even for the lunch room lol. They only hired 10 customer service assistants to answer over 100+ patients as inbound callers each day with not enough staff to cover them all with their emergency situation. Clients thought we had 50 assistants. This was only an experimental job that quickly went downhill don’t bother getting a job here is the worst pace to be you have to work holidays and no time for family RUN"

Overnight EMT/ Paramedic GT & 911 Dispatcher (Former Employee) says

"As a dispatcher it was very stressful. Too many "Chiefs" not enough "Natives." There's one person in particular named Alyssa that makes work life hard from other employees. Management isnt aware that she's the #1 reason for turn over in the department. I would have stayed if I wasn't her. My "manager" always had outside family issues that affected her from being available."

Medicinsk sekreterare (Former Employee) says

"Hopplös arbetsplats som har stora problem med att följa gällande avtal och lagar. Hela arbetsplatsen genomsyras av dålig stämning till följd av dåligt ledarskap."

Assistance Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Company pays below the minimum for a position with as much responsibilities as the Assistance Coordinator position entails. Work environment is the most toxic considering the pettiness of co-workers and management. The worst employees get rewarded and the best employees always leave in one way or another. Work/life balance is virtually non-existent. Employees are treated like they are expendable no matter the effort they put into their work. Employees are told of night differential payment and never receive the nightly pay rate. The employee turnaround is so high that some trainees end up resigning on the first day of training. Guidelines are never shown in writing, and being terminated is the only way to find out about the guidelines.Clocking out for the dayEverything else"

Paramedic (Current Employee) says

"First off, you do not learn that Fire is always scene-command until you've already started and moved. And due to the other problems, fire is slow to warm up to you and trust you, if ever; but I don't blame them, Falck has some bad medics. Second Management is money focused and not patient care. Fire is primary scene-command so they expect you to roll over and please them. Put your certs and license on the line even if you do not agree with the treatment. Performance reviews are based on demographics and signatures. How billable are your patients? Patient care and treatments are not considered. The pay rate is based on how long your shift is. If you work a 24H shift, the less safe and relatively more dangerous and unhealthy shift, you are paid less not more, than the 12H shift. Management is also a fan of the micromanagement methodology. Deciding when you are ready to clear a hospital, deciding if a scene is safe or not without knowing anything about it. You will hear "It's policy at least once a shift, working nights. RIP to the day crews. automatic write-ups for calling out on holidays, the recognized holidays do not align with the holidays in which you are written up. NONcompetitive wages, no employee retention incentives. EMTs are expendable to them and they make it clear. Safety is not a concern. If you die or get injured, they will replace you; they will be fine, so do not worry about them.You get a regular partner, this could go either way, but MOST of the employees are nice, even if they are badThey exist. TLDR: money>patients, Fire is in charge, micromanagement"

Critical Care RN--Ambulance (Former Employee) says

"Hires staff with no qualifications, generally put patients in danger by hiring staff that lack basic skills needed for patient care. Management stupidity, incompetence and failure to provide safe and workable equipment to complete your job safely24 hour shiftsManagement will throw you under the bus rather than help you"

Haztec Carpenter (Current Employee) says

"this company was great back in the early years.not much to say about it now.its offshore when they have woekthey dont have much work"

Transfer Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This was one of the worst employment opportunities I ever had. Management was overly preferential, looked down on employees and treated us like children (even yelling sometimes). They did not care one bit about employee well being or overall morale. DO NOT Apply they will act as if you are coming into one of the best companies ever yet you will feel unwelcomed, unappreciated and stressed in a matter of days. Best get a job somewhere else. TAKE MY WORD FOR IT.Good Steppingstone JobEverything else"

Emergency Medical Technician (Former Employee) says

"Falck upper management is chaotic. Stations are poorly funded and uncared for outside of the regional station. Dispatched is viewed as a higher figure than its running crews and they regularly harass crews; you pray they are in a good mood during your shift. Despite having a system that already constructs an organized schedule, Dispatchers are paid significantly more.Other EMTs employed are some of the nicest people and the suppression from upper management creates a tight knit family. Note, they will promise you improvements but know they are empty. Rigs will not be maintained or serviced, old manual gurneys will always be recycled through BLS, PCRs will be on the same broken tablets and on a 1990s program.Pro: they will hire you if you breathe.Con: they will shut down a region because they are incompetent at negotiating hospital/911 contracts despite being the largest EMS company with the most capital in the world. Sad. Overall the company is a joke, if you’re able to put your head down and wade through the feces you gain decent experience and can move up the chain quick due to their high turnover rate. You must be highly adaptive and flexible because Murphy’s law runs wild with the company’s variables. Great for experience, sure hire, nice coworkersUpper management, oppressive dispatch, barely functional sprinters and equipment"

Feuerwehrmann (Former Employee) says

"Bereits im Vorstellungsgespräch wurden Versprechungen gemacht, die im Nachhinein nicht eingehalten wurden. Mitarbeiterzufriedenheit zählt bei Falk Fire Services nicht, im Gegenteil. Wenn man sich irgendwann nicht mehr alles gefallen lässt, wird einem ein schlechtes Gewissen gegenüber der anderen Mitarbeiter eingeredet. Zudem wird versucht Druck auszuüben. Ich rate jedem davon ab sich zu bewerben."

Paramedic (Current Employee) says

"Incorrect pay for months. Lack of communication in management. Management tries to ignore and go around our union CBA. Promotions based on popularity, not for who is qualified. They will run you into the ground all shift, pay you incorrectly, than tell you lies to make you go away. Horrible company. Wish they never got the 911 contract here."

Emergency Medical Technician (Current Employee) says

"Northern California employee. We used to have a good culture, everyone got along well and supported each other. Regime change led to complete change in culture. Everyone is only out for themselves, no one cares about the job anymore. There is a general sense of not my problem. Went from a small company feel to corporate cutthroat seemingly overnight. Over worked, underpaid, and extremely stressed has become the new workplace culture perpetuated by our corporate overlords. 0/10, would not recommend.Good stepping stone to a better paying jobHigh stress, low morale, even lower pay."


"Management, Management, Management It's so much favoritism they forget about the job itself. If the management like you personally then your in the in crowd. They talk about politics and religion in the office just unprofessional. HR definitely isn't any help when you report issues. I personally felt racism. The company might be good but the department I worked for horrible. Ifnininmicromanagand picked on. There is no over time pay is low. Overall if you want health problems this is the"

Ehemaliger Mitarbeiter (Former Employee) says

"Mitarbeiter werden mit zahlreichen Versprechungen geködert, z. B. Bezahlung nach TVöD, Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten, attraktive Dienstzeiten usw., davon wird jedoch nichts eingehalten: Bezahlung nach veralteter Lohntabelle (2017), Keine fachliche Entwicklung aufgrund Personalmangel, zahlreiche 8 Stunden Schichten bei einer 48 Stunden Woche. Viel zu wenig Persönliche Schutzausrüstung, (Jacken). Insgesamt eine Mogelpackung, selbst die Pflichtfortbildung kann nicht zuverlässig sichergestellt werden. wobei"

EMT (Former Employee) says

"Very unorganized. Management certainly didn’t know how to manager their employees. Very disgusted with the experience. Pay is horrible for the responsibilities that are required of employees. Would never consider employment again with Falck. NaNa"

EMT-Basic (Current Employee) says

"I’m sorry what I’m about to write. Because this place is not worth working for. Working for AMR is a better choice because they care about you more there than this place. They make no effort to listen to the employees. And the pay and benefits are no worth it at allI get a pay checkHourly pay is low and benefits are low"

Passionate Emergency Medical Technician (Former Employee) says

"Its Private EMS in a busy 911 system. Take what you hear with a grain of salt, Fire has medical control, if your are new this is the best place for you to start out, but you might want to consider looking fro something new even if you get the job. As the GM has made it clear, they dont intend for you to stay with the company for long, they want you to move on.911 ambulance, busy, lots of Pt hand onhard work, lots of work, low pay"

Former Employee - Coordinator says

"Management is unorganized. No support or respect from upper management."

Current Employee - Paramedic says

"Where to start...pay issues, pto issues, sick leave issues, benefits issues, incompetent management and the WORST HR ever. That's just the tip of the iceberg. The issues go on and on. Since Falck took over, there has been nothing but problems. They have proven over and over again that they only care about the bottom line, and will do anything, including screw the citizens of my county over, to get that bottom line. HR has broken the law with regards to how PTO is used and there are constant labor law violations. Persistent union busting tactics are used. The company has lied to its employees and drags everything out, hoping we will tire and just accept whatever they want to do. just a few days ago, in Alameda County, the company sent out a 14 day notice to furlough employees, amidst the COVID crisis. They make us use our own PTO if we suffer an on duty exposure and will not financially support us if affected by COVID."

Current Employee - Paramedic says

"Pay, Management, Stupid Policies, Uncaring, ungrateful."

EMT-B says

"Toxic managers (Captains/Lieutenants/Chiefs) - you will be talked down to, disrespected and verbally abused by 20-30 year old Emt supervisors. Inconsistent work schedules - come to work and expect to be thrown all around the Bay Area. Constant micromanagement Broken rigs/equipment - most of them aren’t up to par for CHP/LEMSA’s. They will put you in broken rigs, and risk your patients/crews safety If you complain to HR, they will sweep it under the rug. I personally know cases of discrimination and sexual harassment that were swept under the rug due to the other party being a manager. You are just a body to them, they will treat you as a commodity - not a human being."

Current Employee - EMT says

"Hi, thanks for providing feedback on your working experiences at Falck. I would be very interested in exploring your feedback in more detail. Can I request that you contact me directly please - kim.hunter@falck.com"

Former Employee - Paramedic says

"Thanks for sharing your experiences and offering feedback on your previous role at Falck. I'm disappointed to hear your feedback regarding management and the difficulties you had regarding shift patterns and pay and benefits. At Falck we continually strive to be a great employer and your comments are not reflective of Falck as an organisation. We always accept that there's always room for improvement in everything we offer our employees and this will continue to be in high focus for us. I will be sure to forward your feedback to the relevant location."

Former Employee - EMT-B says

"Thanks for sharing your experiences. I'm saddened to hear your feedback and would like to invite you to discuss your experiences in more depth. Can I suggest you make direct contact please - Kim.hunter@falck.com"

Former Employee - EMT-Basic says

"EVERYTHING, pay is min wage or just over. Management doesn't answer the phone when you call for help when you're on shift. They're flat out rude and do not listen to employee's concerns. Can't say enough awful things about this place, unfortunately."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poorly managed, unrealistic expectations, quality equipment, training, etc sacrificed to save a buck"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Totally disorganized - from the benefits sign up to employee training."

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