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Fused deposition modeling (FDM) is a technology where the melt extrusion method is used to deposit filaments of thermal plastics according to a specific pattern. Similar to 3DP, the layout for FDM consists of a printhead able to move along X and Y directions above a build platform.

A person said this in a review: "The FDM is useless and all the money that has been invested for its research has been a loss".


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Junior Developer (Former Employee) says

"2 year minimum contract. If you aren't being sub-contracted to a company, you are still on the hook with the contract BUT make nothing! With Toronto's cost of living plus the AWFUL pay even if you are being sub-contracted, I cannot recommend this to ANYONE. Cons: 2 year contract, huge fine if you break it, No pay if you aren't being subcontracted, Below market salary."

Java Developer (Former Employee) says

"As a new Graduate or as a Jobseeker your worth is more than you know. Concentrate on other companies and don't waste your time here. It's all business and all they care about is their profits. Despite less salary, there is no respect in the company for the employees. All the senior managers and everyone in the higher post they all care about themselves. if you are a part of the company now consider yourself lucky to be fired. I know how it feels to be jobless but this company will completely ruin your career and add bad remarks on your resume."

Business Analyst Consultant (Former Employee) says

"If you are a graduate please stay clear of this place. I have never worked for such a terrible company in my entire life. They are not clear about anything they do and the whole process will make you question your life. It’s unpaid training (7 weeks) and you sign this ridiculous contract which states you have to work for them for 2 years or you have to pay a fee of £15000. The training is not even worth £10.00 so I have no idea where £15000 came from.after the silly contact you have to wait 90 days to get placed UNPAID but the account managers don’t even look for roles for you. I spent 7 months in this place doing absolutely nothing and when I chased them up they always had ‘roles’ which fell through. It was the the worst mistake of my life and I regret it everyday. I would give them -5 out 5 if I could."

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"In short, they only want you if you can 'make money' for them otherwise they will thrown you out. I managed to spend some time there. below are some incidents i experienced. Cons: see above"

IT Consultant (Former Employee) says

"They need to protect employees, stop using people like pawns, it's inhuman and unethical. Bunch of Hypocrites. Useless excuse of a company that promotes abuse. Cons: -They don't care about their employees, you report abuse and they cover up for the client and falsely accuse you, and dismiss you with no evidence. - They took 5 months to plot the dismissal, due to lack of evidence of allegations they were trying to pin on me, as a way to cover up for the client. - They try to buy you out, for your silence. - They don't pay good salaries."

Employee (Former Employee) says

"I worked in the Reston office for almost a year. To make a very long story short, the work environment is very hostile and you will feel like your job is in jeopardy almost every morning you walk in. The company prides themselves in helping college grads jump start their careers. False. What they will do is humiliate, exploit, and take full advantage of you for 2 years by placing you in a role that does not align with the training program or the candidates career goals. The turnover in the Reston office is rampant - a constant revolving door. Don't be fooled by the positive comments on here and Glassdoor. The positive ones are posted by internal employees to filter out the truth (you will be instructed to do this or it's bye bye for you). You will find a much better opportunity in the DC area, trust me! Cons: i think i made my point"

DevOps Trainee (Former Employee) says

"I find it quite funny after being a fresh grad student in CS. That they fired me based off of one presentation. Very sketchy management. Funny thing how I was the one who got fired first based off my presentation on the dumbest topic ever, my redid resume, and another tech writing when most my class were disabled vets who didn't know how to code, people who could barely speak, and people with no coding experience in their life. Loudest nonsense work environment I have ever been in. Like hello!!! Fake it to make here. Manager was very hostile and rude. For any real talent, you are wasting your time here, I promise you. Funny thing, I got a call from the main office in New York after they fired me offering me an interview thinking I was still in the program. But I will say the recruiters and teachers were quite personable and nice. Do I hear sketch?"

IT Consultant (Current Employee) says

"I have worked in the US Academy and would not recommend unless you're desperate to enter the IT field. Account Managers treat the trainees as products and managers pressure trainees to fulfill roles that the trainee may not be interested in. This is a big deal considering that contracts are 2 years long. Job placement is also extremely random and little to no transparency on how the process works. Some trainers have little IT background trying to teach technical courses and this shows. Little things here and there such as grammatical/spelling errors in material and inconsistencies throughout the company."

IT Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The FDM Group is a sham of a company. They hire quite literally anyone on the condition that you have a stringent contract that locks you in with threat of extreme monetary punishment if you want out. All this while underpaying you greatly while they rake in significant amounts of overhead. Cons: Horrible staff, horrible living conditions, horrible compensation, horrible ETHICS."

Consultant at BMO (Former Employee) says

"They take advantage of young job seekers fresh out of college/university. They tie you to them for 2 years with a terrible contract. You are underpaid (much less than market), treated with a lot of disrespect by the dishonest FDM team, and are not allowed to leave your job until you done the contract."

Instructor / QA Test Lead Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Train you to be a lackey for as long as you are willing, two year minimum. Would not ever recommend this to anyone. Will send you where they need you, not where you want to be."

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Do not go there. They are not what they preach. I went to interview then later got a job and was told that I would be placed that never happened."

Business Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The worst company I have ever had the misfortune of "working" for. It is unpaid and you get treated like absolute dirt. Management are useless and the culture is so awful. If you are ever contacted by a recruiter to work here, decline!!!!!"

Java Developer Trainee (Former Employee) says

"There is job no security. They will fire you any time without any mistake. please don't go."

Software Developer Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The training is really technical, you will learn more hands on than university but the contents are not modern technologies. FDM advertises what clients do they have but in fact they don't have enough job to the trainees. Cons: Account Managers have too much power, FDM doesn't care are you happy or not in the client side, they need you head down and keep working that's it."

Risk, Regulation & Compliance Analyst (Current Employee) says

"• The head of the Risk, Regulation, & Compliance stream (ex-army guy) is incoherent and unable to articulate common advice to trainees. He just waves his hands about and blurts out noises to try and reach his destination in an explanation. I have never seen someone his age and seniority be so incompetent at communicating. Every graduate I have ever met has easily surpassed his skills in that area."

Graduate Trainee (Former Employee) says

"wouldn’t recommend the graduate scheme be pretty much forced to stay for the 2 years or get hit with the training fees left to pay off in the 20k area Cons: company and pay itself"

IT Consultant (Former Employee) says

"PROS Cons: As above"

IT Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I have worked in some hard places in my time but this was just wrong. Sacrificed almost everything to go through tough testing and training and drilling, just not get placed for companies I qualified for them they breached their own contract just to fire a most of us left over because we refunded to work beyond the area we chose."

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"They will charge clients for 140k whereas you only get 40k out of it. Can you imagine living on a poverty income for 2 years? No decency at all. Avoid at all cost"

Former Employee - Consultant says

"I worked at FDM Group full-time Cons: Pays less that other companies"

Former Employee - ITSM Consultant says

"I worked at FDM Group full-time for more than a year Cons: No guaranteed placement location. Very low pay for high cost of living cities. Training was a joke. Not guaranteed interviews with clients. Sketchy pay stubs. They don't have enough jobs for the amount of people they're training. You're on your own if after 2 yrs, the client that you're contracting for doesn't decide to hire you as a full time employee. No on client site support."

Former Employee - N/A says

"I worked at FDM Group full-time Cons: Pay is not sustainable for living costs, especially if you are placed in a city. You do not get overtime benefits. Once you leave the academy, you do not get in touch with FDM staff. Any concerns or issues submitted to FDM take weeks to hear back from someone."

Former Employee - IT Consultant says

"I worked at FDM Group full-time for less than a year Cons: I really would advise you against this, most 5 star reviews are from trainees who became trainers and internal staff. even the luckies consultants at the end of the day aren't happy with how they got treated, eventhough they got the opportunity. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Two-year commitment - Start out at $12/hr. or $15/hr. if you are in New York because the minimum wage is $15 - They give you a two weeks option to opt out but during that time they treat you well they give you longer breaks, you basically didnt need to use your own personal unpaid time. - After finishing the foundation courses, the pressure is unbareable. you have different courses to train for which usually takes a couple of weeks to learn but they do that in 3days and give you a huge assignment for the next two days of the week. they are always cutting days of training because there main goal is to send you out to a client. - You need to commit at least 20/25 hrs. of your own unpaid time to go over what you learned - I can see this being a pro but for me it’s a con. you have a zoom and Microsoft teams meeting depending on the trainer and spend around 9hrs of your day doing that. which sucked because some trainer did whatever they wanted. started class at 9:30 and finished at 6:00. you get 1-hour of unpaid lunch and two paid 15 minute breaks at 11 and 3. Just like that your day is over. - After the foundation classes which includes unix and sql with a project at the end. shi* gets real. three days of web application and boom its create your own website from scratch. - Very Fast Paced, unless you are really knowledgeable in Java, you are going to struggle to follow fellow trainers. Every trainer is different some are good and some are bad. I had one trainer who went over things in two days and asked the trainees if we had questions? most of the class doesn’t even understand the chapter enough to ask a questions. He then threw a project at us and said you have three days figure it out. if you fail a project they tell you to fix it on your own time. - They have their own way of shaping you into becoming what they want you to sound. They have a thing they call the S.T.A.R method, situation, task, action and result. They would ask you tell me about a project you worked? tell me about a difficult time while working with a group setting? It ends up being a scripted version of you they want to hear. - if you fail Quality gate three times, they let you go without any fees. - Academy Managers treat you like a piece of meat. Their salary depends on you finding a contract, after that it’s hard to get in touch with them. - No control on placement (Which means you can be thrown anywhere). - if you don’t find a job after training, you will be tasked in doing some development project for $12/hr. until you get placed. - If you are lucky enough to find a job you want when training is done you get paid $44.5K (around $32,000 salary and + $38 a daily bonus for working that day). so if you are sick you aren’t going to get that daily bonus. They charge the client 3/4 times more than they pay you. - if you don’t pass your interview with a client a couple of times they let you go and threaten to sue you for $30,000 for the training they provided. - The benefits are not worth it; you will be paying out of pocket for most medical expenses."

Current Employee - Contractor says

"I have been working at FDM Group full-time for more than a year Cons: Everything. quite literally ruined my career path"

Former Employee - IT Consultant says

"I worked at FDM Group full-time for more than a year Cons: Where to begin..? Pay is absolutely criminal. No matter what client you work for and where you work, pay remains the same. That is to say a person working for a health insurance organization based out of Tennessee will make the same amount as a person working for a top tier financial institution based out of NYC. This bodes better for the person in Tennessee but not for the person in NYC that has to struggle to make ends meet on a 30k-45k salary. Complete and utter lack of professionalism. The management and those in charge of the clients see you as a commodity rather than a person. They could not possibly care less what happens to you as long as they get you to work onsite with a client so you are making them money. They give up on their employees rather than work with them. I saw people let go for failing too many interviews rather than working with those people to understand why they are failing at interviews. An entire group of employees were laid off because they all received the same exact mediocre review from a client. FDM never questioned why multiple people received the same exact review, word for word, from a person at the client company that did not work with those FDM employees at all. Exploitation of employees. If you find yourself unlucky enough to be in between placements, you are given the "choice" to either study up on PEGA, or to do development work for FDM. Rather than hire developers at a reasonable salary to do any infrastructure work they need, FDM uses their consultants to get this work done and pay those employees a whopping 33k a year to do these tasks. Benefits are not worth it, you will be paying out of pocket for most medical expenses so either stay on your family plan, or look for your own insurance."

Former Employee - Consultant says

"I worked at FDM Group full-time for less than a year Cons: Racists and time wasting people"

Current Employee - Consultant says

"I have been working at FDM Group full-time for more than a year Cons: They sue you for 30,000 if you quit."

Former Employee - Software Developer says

"I worked at FDM Group full-time for more than a year Cons: Pay is abysmally low for a programmer. One of my friends who worked for them told me FDM got paid around 120k per person that got hired I got maybe a third of that. No overtime pay. My contract was for a year and a half. After that, I had to stay at FDM getting paid around minimum wage while still coming in every day. The only way to leave was to pay 20,000. Which coming from college grads (their main audience and me) is pretty harsh. Management is terrible here, they constantly were saying things were my fault when they lack proper communication and were their fault e.g. if they lost my documents and then telling me I am giving them an attitude after telling them that they lost them. Also, there are ongoing lawsuits I heard around them, with them over not paying overtime, the exit fees and probably a few others that I am unaware of just an FYI."

Current Employee - IT Consultant says

"I have been working at FDM Group full-time for more than a year Cons: Overall, living in NYC sucks (unless you are already here). Here is everything you need to know before coming here !!! Remember that the cost of living here is expensive. You are better off joining other companies like Revature that does the same thing instead. They pay you at least 10-15 grand more for living in places like NYC and Chicago. I've lived with people in large portion of my life. In NYC, forget about roommates unless you know them. Otherwise, it will be very hard to find any decent people in this place. I looked at around 15 apartments. Most the time, it will be an old and run down place with shady roommates. Oh, and most apartments will have like 3-5 people with 1 or 1.5 bathroom. There will most likely not be laundry, so you will have to walk to the nearest laundromat every week and spend 2-3 hours doing your laundry. And most importantly, with your budget, you won't find any neighborhood near your work that is decent. There will be homeless, mentally ill, and a lot of sketchy people. Your commute to work will most likely be 40 minutes minimum to 2 hours. Expect to spend a lot on transportation. Subways, buses, and on so forth. And remember, if you are young and have no one over here, you will be all alone with no one to help you with moving, driving in NYC, or anything. Hotel99 Pro: It is at a nice place right next to central park, hudson park, and columbia university. Overall, the location is safe and at hub of everything. Subway right next to the hotel so it is very convenient to go to work and everything. Cons: This hotel is complete BS. They will try to give you the worst room they have. The windows will be facing a brick wall. There will be some cockroaches. And if you are living with someone else ............... JUST DON'T. The room is very very small for 2 people. It will smell very bad if two guys are living there together. Imagine with all your belongings and someone else's belongings altogether in one small space. You will be sleeping 1.5 feet away from him. Yes, I measured. No kitchen and bathroom. It will be shared by the entire floor. There is 3 bathrooms and 1 small kitchen. Each bathroom can be used by 1 person at a time. I woke up at night time because of the odor trapped in the room at like 3 a.m to walk outside for some NYC fresh air. You can't open the window because bugs will just march right into your room. I had to open the hotel door that leads to the hallway to get some fresh air. Almost forgot, there is no closet. There is just a hanger that is 2 feet in length that is it. So you will be keeping 80% of your clothes in your bag. You will have to share the 4 drawers with your roommate. And no desk. So imagine hearing your roommate you just met that snores at night time, smell of shoes worn all day from 2 guys, no closet, bathroom shared by like 30 people, small kitchen (very small mini fridge that sometimes don't work) so you will have a terrible diet of eating fast food, or some sort of unhealthy food, and you don't know anyone in NYC, you have to find somewhere to live in 2 months, you get payed $15 an hour in like the most expensive city in the world, ................. As a person that lived in a lot of terrible conditions ( I really mean it), living in that hotel with 1 other person is just the worst experience. If you get the hotel by yourself though, it can be manageable though I did ask them for you already, and they won't budge. Lastly, if you are truly desperate, then you can work it out. However, expect everything I said above. Most people in FDM are out of college, so young in their 20s. If you are having hard time finding a job, I'd suggest go to the library everyday and study on your interviewing skills and learn your profession. I promise you everything is there online. FDM Group They are like all other companies. They will try to keep give you bare minimum, and get most out of you. Apply to other companies like FDM that pay you more !!! It is exactly the same process. The $1000 they pay you upfront and $2000 Reimbursement is really nothing at all. You will most likely not be using the $2000 because they have strict rules to how you can use it. The HR is there to protect the COMPANY from YOU. Not the other way around. You can learn valuable skills here, but you can also learn them yourself if you just put the work into it. If you are moving here, they won't help you out with anything. DO NOT use public transportation coming here. Use UBER>>> Make them pay for it. Let them know you have TOO much baggage to carry through like 3-5 transportation systems. Otherwise, if you are desperate and in need 1) Try to get your own hotel room. Probably won't happen. Make up some excuse. You have really bad BO, snore loud, and other stuff maybe. 2) Try to find work somewhere else besides NYC, NJ, California, and Chicago. 3) Get your OWN apartment. I can go on about this all day, but really............ get your own place I promise it will be worth it. 4) Study hard!!! It really isn't hard. You just need to completely focus. 5) Look nice 6) Be professional at all times 7) Keep negative things to yourself. 8) Engage with your account manager and other people in charge."

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