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Bob Funk Sr. (born 1940 in Duvall, Washington) is the co-founder and president, as well as a board member, of Express Employment Professionals, an employment agency company headquartered in Oklahoma City. He owns various enterprises, including sports teams, through his Express subsidiaries, and is a philanthropist who sits on the governing boards of several organizations. He also served as chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City.

Shae A. from Phoenix, AZ complaints about terrible customer service at Express Employment Professionals in a review posted by YELP: "It's amazing how many companies don't understand how customer service works. I went to Express Employment the other day and met with a recruiter who clearly didn't want to be there. I was sent to take the assessment test and did poorly on one part. After the test, the Recruiter didn't even come out and explain anything to me. She stayed in her office while she told the receptionist to give me a list of other temp agencies in the area. I would recommend going to literally any other temp agency if you want to feel like a human and not a number"


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